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Zenith Defy Inventor – The Revolutionary Zenith Oscillator now Commercialized (Live Pics & Video)

Zenith Defy Inventor – The Revolutionary Zenith Oscillator now Commercialized (Live Pics & Video)


More than three centuries after the innovation of the sprung balance (by Hooke/Huygens), the oscillator is back in the spotlight. Investigating new outskirts and innovative achievements in mechanical watchmaking, the oscillator is viewed as the delegated wonder for the most creative and handy watchmakers. Only a couple days after the introduction of the Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt (still an idea watch) and its imaginative 3D suspended oscillator, Zenith gets back with the commercial form of the progressive Defy Lab … Meet the Zenith Defy Inventor.

The way watches and clocks are directed has not changed for quite a long time. The sprung balance has been the selective time reason for the mechanical watch. Paced by a flimsy looped spring, the motions of the equilibrium wheel control the speed at which the cog wheels of the watch turn and along these lines its rate. The sprung balance has been advanced to the best conceivable degree yet its standard stayed unaltered – until very recently.

As a development of the idea introduced in September 2017 with the Defy Lab , the essential component of the Zenith Defy Inventor is a solitary adaptable part made of monocrystalline silicon. The enormous solid compliant instrument combines high recurrence (18Hz or 129,600 vibrations/hour) and low plentifulness (6°). With it, Zenith had the option to supplant the around 30 sections comprised in a standard controller by a solitary part. The shortfall of mechanical coupling wipes out contact, grinding, wear, grease, and scatterings. Its solid construction and the utilization of silicon likewise makes the development for all intents and purposes inhumane toward temperature changes, gravity, and attractive fields – in this manner taking out key shortcomings of conventional hairsprings. This isn’t just overly great actually yet similarly entrancing to watch. Given the development’s high recurrence, the seconds hand gives off an impression of being running easily without any jerks – look at the video toward the start of this article.

The escapement anchor is incorporated inside the oscillator, working related to a getaway wheel currently highlighting silicon adaptable sharp edges – which is one of the obvious upgrades made on this Defy Invertor over the Defy Lab models. The exhibitions of the improvement are triple guaranteed (with ‘standard’ certificates) for attractive inhumanity (ISO-764), thermal heartlessness (ISO-3159) and chronometric exactness (TIMELAB).

The oscillator is joined in the programmed Zenith Caliber 9100, what imparts a large portion of its qualities to the Defy Lab models. Curiously, on the new Zenith Defy Inventor, the recurrence has been expanded from 108,000 vibrations/hour to now 129,600 vibrations/hour. As a result, the force save is currently marginally decreased at 50 hours. This is very amazing given the recurrence and this is clear proof of the controller’s effectiveness. The development is 32.80mm in width and 8.13mm in stature. Likewise noticeable through the presentation caseback, the Caliber 9100 highlights a blue, star-molded rotor (Zenith’s signature). The scaffolds reverberation the state of the oscillator and of the skeleton dial.

This progressive motor is entrancing to see. Its heart highlights delightful reflections as it throbs underneath an openworked blue dial. The facetted hour markers make a striking feeling of profundity. Wide hands with brilliant material scope over the system. The thin seconds hand has a star-molded counterweight.

The precise 44mm instance of the Zenith Defy Inventor is molded out of brushed titanium and fit with an Aeronith bezel, a creative aluminum composite made of open-pore aluminum froth and solidified with a polymer. This is a more rich arrangement than a portion of the Defy Lab models that highlighted cases completely made of finished Aeronith. The Zenith logo is moved on the sapphire crystal.

The Zenith Defy Inventor is worn on an elastic tie with a blue crocodile covering. The twofold collapsing catch is titanium.

As we clarified in our inside and out article about the Defy Lab , the Zenith Defy Inventor and its oscillator are among the most imaginative improvements we have seen over the previous years. Introducing models of another oscillator or escapement is a certain something. Taking it from idea to advertise is very another… Price is set at CHF 17,900 – compared to CHF 29,900 for the 10 Defy Lab models, which is very great given the detail of this turn of events! More data on .