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Your Feedback on Selling Watches on MONOCHROME

Your Feedback on Selling Watches on MONOCHROME

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Shortly before the beginning of Baselworld 2018, we began a giveaway. You could win a Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Diver 40mm. All you needed to do was to address a couple of questions in regards to our webshop and, all the more explicitly about selling watches on MONO, and that cool, yet entirely moderate, retro-enlivened jump watch could be yours… Last Friday we shut the giveaway for certain 1,300 passages, and here’s a recap of what you told us. 

Of course, we generally watch out for the competition, despite the fact that we unquestionably don’t generally conform. MONOCHROME is and stays a lot of what it was decided to be in any case, to be specific a great watch magazine focussed on very good quality (mechanical) watches. One that teaches, moves and helps in decision-making. Furthermore, obviously, a magazine that permits we all to shares our passion for the best watches with every one of you. Gracious, and obviously we’re eco-accommodating, as MONOCHROME isn’t accessible on paper and no trees must be sliced to draw our latest stories out into the open. Simply buy in to our free bulletin, which you can do in the irritating spring up (max. once every month when you don’t erase your treats) or beneath in the footer, and make the most of our photographs and stories.

To offer watches or not to sell watches

One of the most significant late advancements is that one of our competitors began selling new watches. I’m not talking about the restricted editions that they’ve been selling for some years and I’m additionally not talking about their vintage offerings. Since a couple of months, they’re selling a little selection of the collection of a few brands. With an ever increasing number of retailers entering the online field of watch deals this is getting pretty intriguing for consumers (and for brands the same). My question: how should we respond, follow after accordingly or perhaps not?

The question whether our webshop increases the value of the whole “MONOCHROME” experience was addressed decidedly, and over 70% of you said it adds esteem (16% says no, and 13% doesn’t have an opinion.) I’m content with this outcome! Of course, we attempt to offer the frill that make your life as watch devotee simpler and more charming. However, don’t stop for a second to tell us what you might want to see more in our webshop.

The next question was to gain from you, whether you believe that selling watches impacts our publication autonomy. (53%) of our perusers say it does and that’s an unmistakable sign. It is likewise the very reason why we have not begun selling watches. I’m considering it, however I’m additionally hesitant in doing as such. I realize that our article autonomy won’t be compromised, as that’s the factor that we, as a group, are guarding each day. It is the main factor why MONOCHROME is doing so well – we’re the third greatest watch publication on the planet, in view of the quantity of perusers. Yet at the same time, should we begin selling watches (new, utilized or restricted editions), it can undoubtedly make the picture that our autonomy has been compromised, so I needed to hear your opinion.

As said, 53% figures the article freedom will be affected, still, 36% thinks it won’t, and that’s consoling. Twelve percent had no opinion. Presently the following question is whether there’s an apparent contrast in article autonomy when selling new watches compared to used watches or restricted editions.

More than half of the respondents, 55% to be exact, believe that selling new watches is unique in relation to selling used watches or the occasional restricted edition. This versus 36% of respondents who say there’s no distinction, and 9% who has no opinion. Presently the enormous amazement accompanied the last question when I found out if we should begin selling watches and provided that this is true, should we sell new watches, utilized watches or restricted editions…

  • 21% says we should avoid selling watches
  • 56% figures we should sell utilized watches
  • 50% figures we ought to do restricted editions
  • 27% figures we should sell new watches

While one-fifth of our perusers say we ought not beginning selling watches, 56% say we should sell utilized watches and half say we ought to do restricted editions. Only 27% of you figure we should sell new watches. Let’s say, that’s one thing we won’t do within a reasonable time-frame. Yet, we will view prospects of restricted editions and the do’s and don’ts of the occasionally cloudy universe of utilized watches. I’ll keep you refreshed on how we sail along, and definitely, don’t spare a moment to tell us what you’d like to find in our webshop (contact structure is underneath in the footer, or straight through the webshop.)

For now… I’d like to congratulate Stewart Connel with his new (practically new, as I needed to photo it) Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Diver 40mm. Congrats!