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VW’s Record at the ‘Ring, Sci-Fi Airless Tyres, Bond 25 Interrupted by BMW Club and Classic Beauties in London

VW’s Record at the ‘Ring, Sci-Fi Airless Tyres, Bond 25 Interrupted by BMW Club and Classic Beauties in London


Every Saturday MONOCHROME presents to you a week after week fix of fuel-injected perusing and viewing… Even however this week’s scene won’t be such a huge amount about consuming petroleum – one needs to adjust to his occasions (clearly). So affix your safety belt and let’s take a gander at the absolute most engaging vehicle related stories we found around the web.

Volkswagen Sets New Electric Nürburgring Lap Record (and second quickest lap, all vehicles included)

That exemplary picture of folks gathering around vehicles and saying “gentlemen, turn over your motors and let’s consume some fuel” is going to become history. As tragic as that sounds to me, as a genuine petrolhead and a person driving exemplary vehicles, the period of the oil/fuel motors is going to be supplanted by the time of stopped vehicles. All things considered, electric vehicles CAN be cool too… I mean, isn’t there something astonishing in the beneath 3-second 0-to-60mph accomplished by a Tesla? A couple of days prior, Volkswagen showed us that the fate of electric vehicles can likewise be imbued with fun and performance.

6:05.336 to play out a 22.8km (or 14.1mi) lap… Yup, Volkswagen Pikes Peak winning vehicle, the ID R, found the middle value of a speed of 206.96km/h (128.6mph) making it the quickest electric vehicle ever and second quickest vehicle ever on the Nürburgring Nordschleife – a race followed that some have named “the Green Hell”, absolutely quite possibly the most requesting circuits on the planet (Niki Lauda would concur). In fact, this 680hp track eating up beast beat the past electric record by over 40 seconds, and furthermore beat the 1983 Porsche 962 record (in 6:11.130), leaving just the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo up there with its 5:19:546 record.

And for those who are as yet distrustful about an electric vehicle fit for making feelings, take a gander at the record lap… You may change your mind!

Read the full story on DriveTribe here .

Airless tires will be a thing in 2024

Obviously, there’s still some work to do regarding styling (truly, they look truly odd). In any case, apparently Michelin’s most recent innovation is going to carry an answer for that especially irritating issue of the punctured tire (we’ve all been there), notwithstanding a few other advantages.

Michelin, top-level tire maker, in relationship with GM, is at present creating and testing what could be our new kind of tires starting at 2024. The Uptis tire, which is produced using composite elastic and tar implanted fiberglass, can “bear a vehicle’s weight at street going rates” on account of material and design upgrades. The advantages of a tire without air are numerous and differed: the danger of penetrates and victories will be completely wiped out and tires can be supplanted substantially less often, so less can be created – the crude materials, energy and outflows needed to do so saved. Yet at the same time, if it’s not too much trouble, make them a touch more alluring outwardly speaking!

Read the full story on Top Gear here .

Bond 25 Filming in Norway Disrupted by BMW Club

Filming the most recent James Bond film, Bond 25, has not been going easily, no doubt! Dany Boyle quit in August 2018 refering to imaginative contrasts making the film be deferred, the content must be re-composed, the film’s star Daniel Craig endured a lower leg injury in May and a controlled blast at Pinewood studios made harm one of the buildings… But that’s not the end for Bond 25.

The most recent in a progression of various grievous undertakings happened this Sunday in Norway… “ Norwegian newspapers are announcing that a vehicle club from Møre og Romsdal made harm the landing area of a scaffold Bond 25 wanted to use as an area for the film.” What should be the greatest GTG occasion of BMWs in Norway wound up in a progression of burnouts for a few kilometers of the course, which left weighty dark lines along the celebrated Atlantic Road among Molde and Kristiansund… This clearly made very some irritation at the creation company behind the film, as this will make some harm to the visuals of the film. “Norwegian specialists invested a lot of energy attempting to eliminate the imprints yet have had little luck.

Well, James ought to have brought his own rocket-stacked DB5 and exercise authority over those careless drivers is!

Read the full story here, on GT Spirit .

Classic vehicle paradise in the city, with the third London Concours

This week was the third London Concours, a genuine paradise for exemplary vehicles aficionados, which occurred at the Honorable Artillery Company, directly in the core of London. Other than being encircled by glass, elevated structures, there is something absolutely British about this event… A wide determination of vehicles – 70 participants, themselves isolated into seven classes including ‘The Icons’, ‘The Outlaws’, ‘The Innovators’, and two ‘Incredible Marques’ classifications for Ferrari and Jaguar.

The occasion, supported by Breguet , gathered excellent vehicles, going from Mario Andretti’s 1978 Lotus 79 to Lamborghini Miuras, Peter Sellers’ ex-Aston Martin DB4GT or noteworthy youthful clocks, for example, a 288GTO or a silver Bugatti EB110 Super Sport. For having just gone to the occasion ourselves back in 2018 , it truly is an incredible spot to appreciate some past, style motoring.

You can peruse the report of the 2019 edition and appreciate some dazzling photographs here, at Classic Driver . More subtleties as well, at .