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5 Cool Watches By Indie Watchmakers Launched Next to the SIHH

Voutilainen TP1 Only Watch 2019 – a Pocket Watch, a Collaboration, a Voutilainen


At the hour of mass-delivered everything, one of the shrouded jewels of Only Watch 2019 is a creation by Kari Voutilainen, perhaps the most adored specialists in the whole watch industry. The Voutilainen TP1 stands apart for being a pocket watch and … the primary joint effort between Kari Voutilainen and his girl, Venla, 20 years of age, newly moved on from watchmaking school. The plan of the case and dial was made by Kari; Venla picked the tones and the design of the movement.

The Voutilainen TP1 Only Watch 2019 is a delightful, shockingly current open face pocket watch. Its TV screen case is designed out of titanium. It is 50.3mm by 50.3mm and it highlights cool three-opening security screws. Produced using strong silver, the excellent motor turned dial is engraved with various mathematical examples. It comes in dim/light blue with differentiating orange accents.

The show caseback offers an eminent perspective on the development outlined by a blue guilloché ring with the subtitle ‘Kari & Venla – Voutilainen’. The development depends on a vintage LeCoultre ébauche. As you have come to expect with any Voutilainen work, it is hand-completed to a level that is rarely seen. An authentic blowout for the eyes, it highlights awesome subtleties including a huge Guillaume balance wheel (a bimetallic thermo-compensating balance wheel) with Phillips overcoil hairspring.

The slick and wonderfully made Voutilainen TP1 Only Watch 2019 comes with an earthy colored hand-sewn leather dandy with a titanium screw. Given that Kari Voutilainen produces just nearly 50 watches each year, we anticipate that it should sell higher than its pre-closeout gauge of CHF 50,000 to CHF 70,000. For more data kindly visit and