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Visiting the Panerai Manufacture, the Brand’s Highly Efficient Production Site (With Exclusive Live Pics)

Visiting the Panerai Manufacture, the Brand’s Highly Efficient Production Site (With Exclusive Live Pics)

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Preliminary Note: Until now, next to no has been communicated about the creation strategies of Panerai watches. We had the chance to visit the brand’s best in class manufacture and were dazzled when and exertion put resources into quality management.

The Panerai manufacture was completed in 2014 and is right now headed by Jean-Marc Pontroué. Situated on the edges of Neuchâtel, the 10,000 sq m structure was built with eco-compatible principles. It gathers all item advancement and creation groups under one present day roof to work the brand producing exercises (parts, developments and packaging). There, 250 individuals complete their expert work. Notwithstanding the Swiss manufacture, Panerai’s central command are situated in Italy where key corporate capacities, like plan and advertising, take place.

The Panerai manufacture is an ideal illustration of an advanced watch creation site and, regardless of whether very little has been communicated about these establishments, it is by and large what one would trust from a brand worked in making hearty, top of the line apparatus watches – in short anything other than your average watch manufacture. You need to go that additional mile to make extreme clocks… The Panerai manufacture gives a bleeding edge, exceptionally effective setting to create the brand’s watches. The emphasis on quality is obvious all through the visit of the front line facility.

Development and homologation

Quality begins with a decent plan. The establishment is item and development improvement. With their moderate plan, Panerai watches are intended to be dependable and practical. From one perspective, the brand has built up a comprehensive arrangement of mechanical developments since 2005. More than 25 unique types have been planned, going from base developments to complicated components with chronographs, minute repeaters or winders. Then again, the interests in the field of the habillage (the dial, hands, case and lash) have been critical as well, with an attention on the improvement of new materials and coatings over the previous years (think BMG or Carbotech, for instance).

One of the features of the visit to the Manufacture is the region where watch and development models are tried and homologated. The brand’s research center is outfitted with noteworthy apparatus to test items inside before they go into creation. Also, Chronofiable outside affirmation can be done with the Laboratoire Dubois. (The Chronofiable test is utilized all through the business and subjects watches to various preliminaries: maturing cycles, test cycles on the crown and pushers, protection from attractive fields, stun obstruction and water-resistance.)

Inside the Laboratory

In the primary ‘dungeon, watches and developments are exposed to a full arrangement of stuns and mechanical anxieties, including the mouton pendula, a pendulum slam sway testing machine. Increasing speeds and revolutions of 500G are reenacted on another gadget. Watches likewise need to remain totally utilitarian after a stun test comprising in dropping a watch from a tallness of one meter on to a wooden surface comparing to 5000G. Footing and twist tests are performed on lashes and arm bands presenting the watches to conditions that far surpass the most extraordinary needs.

Below: Testing the cutoff points on cases, presenting these to limits they are never liable to encounter.

Several machines are utilized to reenact many years of use. Among the maturing tests, there are the beginning stop-reset cycles for chronographs (up to multiple times) and a twisting test for developments. In a similar room, watches are likewise tried to guarantee activity in attractive fields of 4,800 A/m and even 40,000 A/m for watches with a soft iron case.

Below: Ageing tests on developments, start-stop-reset cycles on a chronograph.

Another room centers around maturing tests for watches and their openness to various outside elements, including climatic tests (with temperatures going from – 5 to +55°C) or protection from salt water and salt fog. The inner respectability of the material can be tried gratitude to these cutting edge processes.

Below: Climatic tests in the laboratory.

Manufacturing and quality tests

After the advancement stage, quality administration frameworks target guaranteeing compliance with the brand’s prerequisites. Normally, further minds creation are completed along the assembling cycle. In the event that it is difficult to list every last one of the numerous controls performed, yet the bleeding edge CLA chronométrie cell is unquestionably worth a mention.

After packaging, the development is controlled again to guarantee consistency and the exhibition is constant.


As you would anticipate from a brand with a marine foundation, the water-opposition tests are performed with twisted consideration. As expressed before, everything begins in the advancement stage where models are stretched to the edge to guarantee water-opposition rating.

Then during creation, every watch is exclusively tried to guarantee a 25% higher water-opposition than as far as possible. A few tests are acted in progression. These incorporate the customary ‘water drop’ test in which a drop of cold cascades on a warmed case that has been recently submerged in a water tank; on the off chance that it isn’t waterproof, buildup structures inside the case. Extra tests reenact different circumstances: gaseous tension, low water pressure for an all-inclusive time, and high pressing factor recreated with Roxer gadgets permitting to test water-opposition up to a limit of 250 bar/2,500 meters, with a testing strategy enduring 3 hours in this instance.

As you can see, each and every Panerai watch is thoroughly tried before it is permitted to leave the manufacture and settle for an existence of steadfast assistance on your wrist.

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