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Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052 – Fresh and Unique

Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052 – Fresh and Unique


Making a name in the watch business when you’re not Swiss and don’t have a 150-year family isn’t a simple assignment. Aside from the typical quality and value viewpoints, the key is separation – which can prompt making things in an overstated manner. Finding the harmony between this requirement for being unique and delightful, exquisite and immortal plan will be salvation. Has Dutch brand Van Der Gang discovered this equilibrium? We’ll attempt to discover with one of their exemplary offerings, the Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052. (Spoiler… They did)

Van Der Gang background

Van Der Gang watches was made by Wybe van de Gang, a Dutch business visionary. Subsequent to completing his schooling at the exactness engineer school in Leiden in 1990, he set up his own company: Exakt Fijnmechanika – a worldwide part in the field of creation strategies for the littlest potential parts, providing items to the flying, aviation and clinical industries.

With such knowledge in exactness mechanics, close by an enthusiasm for watches, Wybe van de Gang began the production of a watch make in 2002. In 2002, Van der Gang started planning watches and in 2004, the main model, “the Original”, went onto the market.

The thought behind the watches at Vand Der Gang is about class, immortal plan with a bend. No shockingly complex developments or unbelievable plans to separate the brand. The assortment for the most part comprises chronographs, with or without extra complications, in light of exemplary plans enhanced with circumspect subtleties to make them novel. Despite the fact that developments depend on existing ébauches, much is revised to achieve the ideal degree of completing, with complications being created and delivered by Van der Gang themselves.

Van der Gang Watches offers a scope of assortments, from time-just to complications, from dressy chronographs to Vlieger (pilots) watches, and even a women’s watch.

Design first and foremost

It isn’t our first experience with Van Der Gang watches. We’ve previously investigated its modern and sportier offering, the Vlieger watches – which was important for an occasion report by Robin here . We’ve likewise evaluated another chronograph watch made by this Dutch brand, the reference 20019 . This watch is to be considered the foundation of the assortment while being the most work of art and the least demanding of the part. Yet, today’s theme is about reference 20052, a watch with a marginally more irregular plan, which anyway is the one that conveys the most heritage.

The Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph is the modern re-understanding of Wybe van de Gang’s first watch, presented back in 2004. After fifteen years, the brand actually depends on this extraordinarily planned watch, which has been somewhat refreshed to acquire in modernity and to be more steady with current interest. The Van Der Gang Original 20052 is a combination of chronograph and complete calendar, however the fundamental theme with regards to this watch is about design.

At first, the VdG 20052 shows up as a traditionally planned watch, with the vast majority of the credits you can anticipate from a somewhat exquisite watch with a couple of traces of vintage claim. Indeed, from a bigger point of view, it could appear to be very nonexclusive, absent a lot of separation factors… But then comes the nearer assessment, uncovering various subtleties to set it apart.

Case and tie are positively not the main focuses here. The dial, then again, is the thing that makes this watch remarkable thus wonderful (as I would see it in any event). First is the tone. The silvered dial is warm, light and exquisite, with pleasant off-white reflections and extremely adjusted plan. It is complex, very stacked and conveys different text styles and tracks, and yet, this gives a unimaginable appeal to the dial.

The fringe of the dial is committed to the sign of the date – the date by hand is a mark complication at Van Der Gang. It is demonstrated by blue numerals and pointed by a sickle molded hand. Then comes an overlaid seconds track and applied rhodium-plated Arabic numerals. For sure, it is a great deal of markers for simply the outskirts, yet it really feels consummately balanced.

The focus some portion of the dial is left generally spotless, with a matte silver completion and text adjusted on the 3-to-9 pivot. Leaf-formed, gold-plated hands show the time, while the focal seconds hand is blued. Then once more, numerous shapes and colours… But fascinate. The chronograph sub-counters are diverging from a concentric example. Both are larger than average and adjust on the 12-to-6 hub, bringing about a reasonable presentation. The counter at 12 o’clock incorporates calendar signs – week-day and month.

So indeed, the Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052 is somewhat scattered when clarified along these lines. This might have effortlessly come about is an uncontrolled wreck, however eventually, the utilization of numerous tones and plating, the various surfaces, the situation of the signs, the utilization of text, the entirety of that bring about a fair, neat and for the most part enchanting watch with a unique plan. Some could point a specific likeness with an IWC Portugieser Automatic Chronograph – which I won’t totally deny – anyway the hotter plan of the VdG sets it apart.

A exemplary allure, mechanical robustness

The rest of the Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052. When building up this new form of the Original chronograph, the brand zeroed in on the solicitation of its customers to build up a watch with a considerably lower case – a programmed chronograph with calendar signs can undoubtedly be over 15mm, not the best for an exquisite watch. To outwardly thin down the watch, the brand selected a domed dial, a similarly domed sapphire precious stone and caseback, coming about in casebands that can be made thinner.

The case is rather exemplary, with a 41mm distance across and a combination of cleaned and silk completed surfaces. The drags are generally short and bended, making the Chronograph Ref. 20052 comfortable. Remember that this is a programmed chronograph and, accordingly, it can’t be a super slight watch. A few lashes are proposed (crocodile, ostrich, calf or nylon).

Originality is, in any case, found on the pushers and crown. The chronograph start button is executed in red, adding a bit of shading. The crown is larger than average and finely indented, again giving the watch an extraordinary allure. At last, there’s the screwed pusher at 10 o’clock, used to set the week-day. This by one way or another breaks the unbending nature of the case and adds an offset to the crown/pushers on the left half of the case.

Powering the Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph is a notable, attempted and-tried base: a Valjoux 7751. No compelling reason to go into subtleties, this may be the most notable mechanical chronograph development available. Be that as it may, Van Der Gang takes uncommon thoughtfulness regarding change the development to add the calendar signs and their unmistakable change pusher for the week-day – the remainder of the calendar signs are changed through the crown.

The development is pleasantly finished, with perlage, blued screws, Geneva stripes and a customized rotor. It bears 48 hours of force reserve.

Note that the Van der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph is likewise accessible with a steel case and a dial with blued highlights, just as in 18k red gold.


So, did Van Der Gang figured out how to make a watch adequately original to be diverse yet at the same time ageless? As I would see it, they truly did. The Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052 is rich, pleasantly planned, first rate and offers a limited originality that won’t ever stun. The watch has a lot of appeal and elegance.

The cost and the absence of brand mindfulness outside The Netherlands may be tricky for a few. Be that as it may, restrictiveness and originality come at a price.

Price and availability

The Van Der Gang Original Calendar Chronograph Ref. 20052 can be found at Dutch retailers Goudsmederij Van Bruggen (Utrecht) or at Amsterdam Watch Company (Amsterdam), yet in addition straightforwardly from the assembling and its webshop . This watch is estimated at EUR 8,100 (incl. charges) with numerous lashes offered. An individual etching on the rotor of the watch can be needed for an extra EUR 200.

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