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Van der Gang 20019 Chronograph – A Stylish, Balanced Chrono from The Netherlands

Van der Gang 20019 Chronograph – A Stylish, Balanced Chrono from The Netherlands

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Balance is key in watches, from a designing viewpoint as well as a set of accepted rules with regards to plan. Wybe van der Gang, namesake and founder to the Van der Gang watch fabricate situated in Dokkum, the Netherlands, has made this the center of his image. Adjusted, trendy plan, with charming subtleties and highlights, through all the assortments. We go top to bottom with one of their striking watches, the Van der Gang 20019 Chronograph.

The look for the ideal harmony between practical detail, straightforwardness in plans and usability has been available from the start of this watchmaking story. Dispatching an accuracy designing company committed to aviation innovation, precision, clinical and research center innovation businesses, which immediately developed into a global prestigious part in the field of fine mechanics, a definitive dream for Wybe van der Gang was to in the end utilize his insight and experience gathered throughout the years with his Exakt Fijnmechanika (Dutch for Fine Mechanics) to deliver watches.

Designing the principal watch in 2002 and dispatching it as the Van der Gang Original, in 2004, close to 250 duplicates would be made. The commitment and belief that there is consistently a business opportunity for a delightful mechanical item taught him a thing or two and the 250 pieces are a distant memory and definitely no more will follow, as indicated by the creator. His way of thinking of the last five percent is the place where he believes he separates himself and his items, in that last push for flawlessness. What’s more, truth be told, he made considerable progress and can hold his own when compared to a few regarded brands from Switzerland, however more on that later.

Since 2008 as of now, strength hardware was introduced in the workshop, to deliver however much as could be expected in-house. Furthermore, despite the fact that developments depend on existing ébauches, much is improved to accomplish the ideal degree of completing, with complications being created and delivered by Van der Gang themselves.

Van der Gang Watches offers a scope of assortments, from time-just to complications, and even a ladies’ watch. For the present, we center around the chronograph, the Van der Gang 20019 to be exact. Its chronograph watch comes in a few forms, even with an extra moon stage sign if desired.

Case and Strap

The case for every Van der Gang watch is made in-house and created with a cycle called wire disintegration. It begins with a 1kg square of steel and winds up with a case that weighs just 18 grams when wrapped up. Wire disintegration is a method that utilizes high-voltage electrical releases to slice the steel to a nearly completed part, with a smooth and point by point result. All openings, taps and strings are processed after the cutting, and a bit of hand completing and cleaning is applied to accomplish the most ideal outcome and solidified prior to being assembled.

The steel instance of the Van der Gang 20019 estimates 41mm across in spite of the fact that it at first seems, by all accounts, to be somewhat bigger. Some portion of that impact is because of the previously mentioned balance in plan, with generally long yet thin drags, and a super-flimsy bezel with a dial as extensive as could be expected. At the point when it comes down to estimate, the Van der Gang 20019 seems, by all accounts, to be a serious considerable watch, yet the case is really slimmer than the numbers would persuade – much the same as the IWC Portugieser Chronograph for instance (a watch that you may have as a primary concern in the wake of perusing the start of this review). The IWC is known to be rather slight for a programmed chronograph – 12.6mm thick – and the Van der Gang estimates 12.65mm. Once more, this is the aftereffect of its plan, with high flanks for the case, curved caseback and strongly calculated hauls. When wearing the Van der Gang 20019, this rather enormous appearance dissipates and it becomes a truly comfortable companion.

The crown development for all Van der Gang watches is another in-house created strategy and is intended to be additional durable in everyday use. The enormous level crown holds effectively and is coordinated with two traditionally styled chronograph pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock, and offset esthetically with the additional pusher at 11 o’clock, utilized as a brisk set for the date.

Design for all watches by Van der Gang are traditional, yet with modern contacts. The enormous crown for example, or the arrangement of an additional pusher, and even the utilization of shading on a dial. Light green on the dial and hands of their Vlieger (the Aviator watch) or the red date set on an ivory white dial is another model, something that got our attention.

The Van der Gang 20019 comes on a Cognac gator leather tie, yet can be conveyed with a choice of extra ties whenever wanted. Van der Gang has a webshop-area on its site with a variety of lashes accessible in different materials and shadings. Croc, calf or ostrich leather or maybe a two-section nylon tie, definitely something will accommodate your style. All lashes are fitted with a collapsing fasten, similar to the nylon straps.

Dial and hands

The dial of every Van der Gang looks perfect, cleaned up, in spite of often showing more than just time. Whether it is in this 20019, or even a Chronograph with a moon stage, the dial is unobtrusive, limited, yet never exhausting. The dial of the Van der Gang 20019 Chronograph is planned in-house yet provided by an outsider. No issues here, dial-making is often rethought. The even white dial shows the chronograph work through the focal seconds and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The other sub-dial shows the running seconds sign and on top, you can locate the red-on-white date in a somewhat slanted window, which is a welcome change from some standard positions we see, accompanied by the brand name.

The sub-dials are done with a fine round example. The blued leaf-molded hands balance pleasantly with the white dial. The Arabic numerals are rhodium-plated by Van der Gang prior to being applied to the dial. The way that all hands are blued is a pleasant touch, no unequal tones or other inconsistencies. Outwardly of the dial, you see brief track which gets reflected by the cleaned edge of the bezel. This expands the dial considerably more, at any rate visually.

The dial is done with the name of the brand, as referenced, and furthermore the words “Chronograph” and “programmed” at the bottom. The most awesome aspect is that these additional markings are done finely, not meddling to the significant pieces of the dial. It is covered by a sapphire gem with against intelligent coating.


The Van der Gang 20019 Chronograph is outfitted with a Valjoux 7753 programmed development, with an in-house date complication. The Valjoux 7753 is an attempted and-tried chronograph development, for all intents and purposes bulletproof and effectively overhauled. The actual development estimates 30mm across and 7.9mm thick. On a completely wound fountainhead, it will run for 48 hours without the need to tie it on once more, in the event that you can take it off in the first place.

From the beginning of Van der Gang, creating however much as could reasonably be expected in-house has been essential for the brand’s way of thinking. Wybe van der Gang has even decided to build up his own unending schedule development, a genuine confirmation of his watchmaking expertise. This development has been being developed for quite a while at this point and clearly, a working model is being tried, so how about we trust he prevails in his main goal and can introduce it soon.

The development is worked through the crown to set the time and date, the chronograph is begun with the pusher at 2 and halted or reset with the pusher at 4 o’clock. The last pusher, situated at 11 o’clock is utilized as a fast agent for the date. The enormous breadth of the Valjoux 7753 development fits the case rather well and is obvious through the sapphire precious stone caseback.


To be straightforward, this Dutch-made watch dazzled us. The execution and enumerating and styling are comparable to, for example, the previously mentioned IWC Portugieser Chronograph. From the case machining to the subtleties of the dial and hands, this watch overflows quality. The Van der Gang 20019 is a strong, comfortable watch to claim and wear, and unquestionably worth your consideration.

The level of in-house assembling of the case and (portions of the) development, combined with the exquisite plan and a portion of the intriguing highlights, make this a strong bundle. The cost for a Van der Gang 20019 beginnings at EUR 8,600 for the steel form and moves to EUR 21,500 for the rose gold with moon stage function.

To be straightforward, being Dutch and all, it does right by us that something on par with what this is being delivered in our country. In the course of recent years, we have seen different intriguing, exceptionally unique brands in the Netherlands, and it is comforting to see the degree of watchmaking a few group can bring to the table. Consider Holthinrichs Watches , with the 3D printed steel or gold cases, the Grönefeld’s , obviously, being at the extremely top-finish of the scale, yet additionally a brand like Van der Gang. A brand with a creation run of around 150 watches each year, Van der Gang has been soldiering on for a very long time and discovered its place on the guide. More data on .