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Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V Black Dial – The Paradigm of the Luxury Sports Watch

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V Black Dial – The Paradigm of the Luxury Sports Watch

Perfect Replica

As part of the magistrate of extravagance sports watches brought into the world during the 1970s, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas satisfies all the requirements of the class. On account of its misleadingly basic compatible lash framework the Overseas presents a component of flexibility lacking in the Royal Oak and the Nautilus. Presently in its third emphasis , the Overseas is a completely fledged family and the model we are looking at today is the most straightforward, section level, time-just watch in a 41mm steel case with a dapper black dial and Vacheron Constantin’s in-house type grew explicitly for this watch. The inconspicuous plan changes and the standout completes looking into the issue and arm band enrapture the easygoing style of the main Overseas watches combined with the powerful ascribes of a games watch.

The Genesis of an Icon

Flashback to 1970. The Beatles have disbanded, the Concorde makes its first supersonic flight, exhibits against the Vietnam War are held in Washington D.C. furthermore, numerous men embrace the most popular trend of ringer base pants. It’s additionally a time of outrageous pressure for Switzerland’s watchmakers as modest quartz developments are making them bankrupt. Something must be done to revive the market. Not all men during the 1970s need a particular gold dress watch like their father’s or, so far as that is concerned, a tough apparatus watch. Something lively yet upscale, something on top of the laid-back mind-set of the day…

Luckily, Audemars Piguet was tuning in and taken advantage of the zeitgeist with the progressive Royal Oak. Planned by Gérald Genta, the 1972 Royal Oak denoted the introduction of the extravagance sports watch. Described by its steel frame, a commanding octagonal bezel, uncovered screws, a coordinated wristband and a super slim development, the Royal Oak caused a commotion prior to settling down to appreciate the situation with a watchmaking symbol. After four years, Patek Philippe came out with the Nautilus , and in 1977 Vacheron Constantin presented the 222 . Intended to correspond with the 222nd commemoration of the brand, the 222 was Vacheron’s interpretation of the extravagance sports watch and would become the otherworldly grandfather of the Overseas assortment. With its screwed-down indented bezel and caseback, the 222 ensured water-protection from 120 meters and was situated as a watch for men with a functioning way of life yet who appreciated refined contacts, similar to the super flimsy movement.

The first Overseas assortment saw the light in 1996 and from that point forward has gone through two significant updates in 2004 and 2016. For a nitty gritty history of the advancement of this watch, don’t miss our two recordings (covering the root of the assortment and the current assortment ) with Christian Selmoni, Vacheron’s legacy and style chief. The third and most recent Overseas assortment, dispatched in 2016, is the nearest in soul to the original with purposeful vintage contacts and a checked accentuation on elegance.

Luxury Finishes looking into it and Bracelet

With its juxtaposition of various mathematical shapes and surfaces, the 41mm hardened steel case has a unique character yet has been tempered to catch the more exquisite, smoothed out outline of the Overseas I.

Rounder, more slender and less precise than its archetypes – to put it plainly, a lot more pleasant – the unmistakable bezel highlights six scores instead of the eight indents of the first and second era models and is intended to help us to remember the Maltese cross that structures part of Vacheron Constantin’s character. What is exceptional however is the great degree of completing working on this issue with rotating silk brushed and cleaned finishes.

In the video, Selmoni clarifies how the group went through very nearly three years “to locate the most ideal completions working on it and wristband” concentrating how the light considers the surface. Unobtrusive yet amazingly viable plan changes were attempted on the wristband regarding the half Maltese cross example however softening it for a more exquisite look. The smooth wristband additionally has a keen in-constructed augmentation framework (dead simple to utilize) allowing you to adjust it to your wrist size that can extend in the warmth and agreement in chilly climate. Consistent with its unique livelihood as an extravagance sports watch,  the case is water-impervious to 150 meters and can withstand attractive fields of up to 25,000 A/m gratitude to the soft iron packaging ring.

Sleek Black Dial

Handsome, slick and simple to combine, a black dial was brought into the assortment recently . It’s difficult to turn out badly with a black dial and the inky black lacquered dial of this watch is drop-dead ravishing. It’s likewise extremely reviving to see a black dial after such countless long periods of blue dials. Right now accessible with a blue dial, an earthy colored dial and a silver dial, the most beautiful and simple to-combine choice must be the black dial.

According to Selmoni, a ton of time was put resources into the dial. “We preferred the marginally vintage bit of the Overseas and got propelled by dials of the 1950s and 1960s with the two-tone completes and depth… we endeavored to build up the dial of the Overseas 3 and made in excess of 100 examples to get the tone and completes we needed.” The spine is silk completed and the hour markers and hands are made from 18k white gold and faceted for extra volume.

Multiple Personalities

Another winning characteristic of the Overseas is the DIY tradable arm band component. One of the simplest and quickest components available that even a youngster could dominate, the framework allows you to change the character of your watch in seconds without any apparatuses required. Presented on the dazzling metal arm band, the watch comes with a keen black crocodile tie and a lively black elastic strap.

The metal arm bands are domed and include a silk brushed completion just as cleaned inside points evoking the half Maltese Cross theme; the elastic tie likewise bears a theme enlivened by a similar well known Vacheron Constantin insignia; while the crocodile leather lash has a level tip and a smooth nubuck lining highlighted by a miniature punctured impact. Indeed, even the collapsing catch for the ties is a snap to attach.

High-Performance in-house Caliber 5100

Below deck, the Overseas flaunts an in-house automatic development made-to-gauge for this group of watches. Type 5100 has 172 components and is fitted with Vacheron’s own personal in-house balance spring running at 4Hz with a force save of 60 hours.

The sapphire caseback uncovers a perspective on the 22k gold swaying weight engraved with a breeze rose to summon the movement theme and shows sandblasted, cleaned and grained wraps up. As you would expect, the watch brags the Hallmark Geneva certification.


No stone has been left unturned in getting this watch perfectly and it is loaded with refined subtleties. The arousing completions of the case and arm band, the smooth black lacquered dial, the unpretentious implications to the brand’s emblem Maltese cross, the vigorous in-house development, or more all the adaptability managed by the lash changing framework lift this watch to its legitimate spot in the sacred trinity of extravagance sports watches.


The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Black Dial 4500V retails for EUR 20,000 and is introduced on a hardened steel arm band with two extra ties, one in croc leather and another in black elastic. If it’s not too much trouble, counsel the official site at more data and costs in your area .