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Vacheron Constantin Égérie, a Luxurious New Watch Collection Just for Women

Vacheron Constantin Égérie, a Luxurious New Watch Collection Just for Women

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Named after Egeria, the Roman water sprite, Égérie is Vacheron Constantin’s most recent ladies’ collection. Presumably picked to summon the exemplary demeanor of this new collection, Égérie has additionally taken motivation from the universe of Haute Couture with rich, creased plans on the dial. Accessible in two diverse case sizes, three distinctive case materials (counting a high gems jewel pavé adaptation), with moon stages or date and Vacheron Constantin’s flexible lash evolving framework, the collection gets off to a promising beginning and will be accessible from March 1, 2020.


Unlike other collections at Vacheron, similar to the Overseas or even the Patrimony that take into account both genders, Égérie is obviously devoted to ladies. Be that as it may, this isn’t the first run through Égérie shows up. First dispatched in 2003 with a well proportioned, tonneau-molded case, the solitary enduring trait of the previous Égérie are the skewed Arabic numerals that showed up on a portion of the models.

Family Traits

Housed in ladylike, rock molded cases with smooth, cleaned forms and 58 round-cut jewels on the bezel, the main individuals from the Égérie collection are a 35mm self-twisting model with date and a 37mm model with moon stages, both offered in 18k pink gold or hardened steel cases.

The first subtleties that grab your eye are the off-focused date or moon stages, the odd situation of the crown and the captivating surface of the dial (excluding the full-set jewel adaptation). Vacheron Constantin has consistently had an inclination for imaginative, off-focused showcases and the Égérie proceeds with this custom by putting the periods of the moon or the date – contingent upon the model – in a roundabout precious stone set edge somewhere in the range of 1 and 3 o’clock. A strange position, it adds quick interest and innovation to the dial. This off-focused component on the dial is emphasizd again looking into the issue with the crown at 2 o’clock, featured with either a cabochon-cut moonstone or a rose-cut diamond.

All five models likewise share the exquisite Arabic hour numerals that incline to one side and are produced using red or white gold and applied to the dial. The numerals are very like those utilized on the Les Cabinotiers “La Musique du Temps” model . The fragile leaf-molded hour and moment hands demonstrate the hours and minutes and a meager focal seconds hand focuses to the fringe seconds track, additionally chose with a creased material motif.

Inspired by the volume and polish of creased textures and the sensitive embroidery of Haute Couture manifestations, the dial includes a superb arrangement of surfaces. To accomplish this texture impact, the gleaming opaline foundation of the dial has been finished in the Manufacture’s guillochage workshops utilizing the chronicled ’embroidery’ procedure. Craftsmans depend on a 1904 pantograph-type machine to recreate the striking curtain on the dial.

égérie Self-winding 35mm

I’m shocked Vacheron chose to call this model ‘self-winding’; the moon stage model is likewise ‘self-winding’ and the name doesn’t suggest the principle highlight of this watch, which is its date window.

The round precious stone set casing for the date work is situated somewhere in the range of 1 and 3 o’clock. A cut in the dial uncovers a lower plate showing the odd days of the month (same inclining Arabic numerals as hour markers), blended with specks for the even days and a bolt molded marker.

An in-house programmed development – type 1088 – offers a self-governance of 40 hours. The development and its openworked gold rotor looking like a Maltese cross can be seen through the sapphire caseback. The 18k pink gold models come with three tradable leather ties (raspberry pink, night blue and sugar coated chestnut). The steel model is matched with a cleaned metal bracelet.

Quick facts: 35mm measurement x 9.32mm thick – 18k pink gold or treated steel – bezel set with 58 round-cut precious stones – crown set with moonstone – 30m water-opposition – opaline dial with creased design – applied gold ring with 34 round-cut jewels outlining date – programmed make type 1088 – 28,800vph – 40h force save – hours, minutes, focal seconds, date – gold model conveyed with 3 compatible leather ties with pink gold ardillon clasp – steel model with steel wristband and triple-sharp edge collapsing fasten – ref. 4605F/000R-B496 pink gold EUR 29,800 – ref. 4605F/110A-B495 steel EUR 21,400

égérie Moon Phase 37mm

A somewhat bigger case size than oneself winding (date) model, and furthermore accessible in steel or pink gold, the moon stage is off-focused and featured by roundabout jewel set edge. The moon, in either white or pink gold, travels against a brilliant blue night sky. The curiosity of this specific moon stage is the joining of surging white mother-of-pearl clouds.

The common luminosity of mother-of-pearl plays flawlessly with the light. The wide range of various subtleties on the watch, including the lash choices are indistinguishable from oneself winding model. The development fueling this moon stage model is Vacheron’s in-house type 1088 L with a 40h force hold and refined finishes.

Quick facts: 37mm width x 10.08mm thick – 18k pink gold or treated steel – bezel set with 58 round-cut jewels – crown set with moonstone – 30m water-obstruction – opaline dial with creased design – applied gold ring with 34 precious stones for moon stages – programmed produce type 1088 L – 28,800vph – 40h force hold – hours, minutes, focal seconds, moon stages – gold model conveyed with 3 exchangeable leather ties and pink gold ardillon clasp – steel model with steel arm band and triple-cutting edge collapsing fasten – ref. 8005F/000R-B498 pink gold EUR 34,600 – ref. 8005F/120A-B497 steel EUR 26,200

égérie Moon Phase Diamond Pavé

A high adornments translation of the Égérie moon stage model, this precious stone pavé watch comes in a 37mm white gold case with 292 jewels. The dial is composed of concentric circles and enriched with an extra 510 precious stones. Rather than a cabochon moonstone, the crown includes an enormous rose-cut jewel. The moon is produced using mother-of-pearl and the mists are clear, on account of the utilization of sapphire gem. Two ties are furnished with this model, one in leather and another one in glossy silk for more proper events, both furnished with a precious stone set pin buckle.

Quick facts: 37mm distance across x 10.53mm thick – 18k white gold set with 292 round-cut precious stones – crown set with rose-slice jewel – water-impervious to 30m – full-set dial with 510 round-cut jewels – mother-of-pearl moon and sapphire gem mists – programmed fabricate type 1088 L – 28,800vph – 40h force save – hours, minutes, focal seconds, moon stages – conveyed with a blue leather and a blue glossy silk tie and 2 white gold ardillon clasps set with 21 jewels – ref. 8006F/000G-B499 EUR 65,500

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