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Urwerk UR-111C Black Cobra – Le Rouge et Le Noir

Urwerk UR-111C Black Cobra – Le Rouge et Le Noir


The 2018 dispatch of Urwerk’s UR-111C created a considerable amount of buzz among the watch community. A dissenter from the signature meandering hours complication, the UR-111C displayed bouncing hours, straight retrograde minutes, a novel roller crown, and optical fiber-expanded seconds at the same time staying dedicated to Urwerk’s Sci-Fi plan ethos. Making its presentation in two case materials – matte gunmetal steel and a cleaned and brushed steel form – Urwerk welcomed a third UR-111C to the club during Baselworld 2019 with this smooth, secrecy Black Cobra rendition. As a relative of the UR-CC1 King Cobra, the name of this new red and black model is an immediate recognition for its ancestor.

Aerodynamic case

The instance of the Black Cobra is produced using black-covered steel and titanium with smooth sandblasted and silk completed surfaces and offers the very same measurements as its brothers: a case length of 46mm, a width of 42mm, and a tallness of 15mm at the thickest point. Not a little watch in any way shape or form, however truly, would anyone putting resources into a Urwerk watch need something demure and relaxed? Be that as it may, the matte black case causes the measurements to appear to be more modest. Combined with the smooth cambered plan and liquid curvature of the case, the watch sits high yet comfortably on the wrist.

The vertical scores on the top piece of the case reference the American Streamline Moderne development of the last part of the 1930s described by streamlined lines (simply think Greyhound transports) to highlight speed. Towards the backside of the case and smack in the middle is the novel barrel shaped roller, additionally scratched with profound furrows, which replaces the crown. The thought was to offer proprietors another interface and another approach to cooperate with the watch; by rolling the roller (sorry), the watch is wound. To set the time, a little switch got into the correct side of the case can be removed changing the roller to time-setting mode.

Linear, Jumping and Retrograde Time

Obviously, the design of the UR-111C Black Cobra has not adjusted and the hours and minutes are as yet shown in three curved sapphire gem compartments at the front of the watch. The hopping hours are on the left half of the dashboard, the huge window in the middle exhibits the retrograde minutes, and the window on the correct rehashes the moment readings in a turning show. Up until now, no changes. The principle configuration update is the new shading plan used to feature the numerals of every one of the three showcases. Rather than utilizing white numbers, the Black Cobra joins splendid red ones and has subbed the first red hour long marker for a yellow one. The thought behind this inclining time show is taken from the 2009 King Cobra , a drivers style show permitting you to counsel the time without contorting your wrist.

Moving up to the aperture over the roller, we can likewise see a comparable shading plan on board the seconds lodge. Urwerk has utilized optical strands, situated 1/10th of a millimeter over the seconds numerals to make the fantasy of nearness. On account of this optical hallucination, the amplified digits seem to touch facing the glass. Likewise to the hours and minutes, the previous white seconds have been supplanted with splendid red numerals and the 60th second is presently chosen in yellow. These might seem like little plan overhauls however when combined with the black case, the watch takes on a more obscure, more covertness personality.

Complex Movement

To vitalize the amazing presentations on board the UR-111C, fellow benefactor and expert watchmaker Felix Baumgartner needed to come up with a lovely great development. The extraordinary development of the development implied that the case must be worked around the development. In addition, the surprising state of the development likewise implied that it couldn’t be cased up in the ordinary manner and must be presented through the side of the case. The caseback is embellished with equal vertical grilles that proceed with the theme of the front side of the case. Shockingly, the repairmen are not uncovered on the opposite side however the programmed development fueling the hopping hours, retrograde straight minutes, computerized minutes and seconds has a 48h force save and a 4 Hz (28,800vph) recurrence, and has been embellished with roundabout graining, Geneva stripes and features cleaned screw heads.


This third interpretation of the UR-111C is more confounding, hazier, racier and strangely produces more effect than its steel partners. The replacement of white for red numerals and the smooth black case adds a cool retro touch. Does it help any to remember you of the blazing red grille on KITT, the Knight Rider’s vehicle? Also, I don’t mean this disparagingly. In those days, it was the stature of cool.

Price and availability 

The UR-111c Black Cobra is a restricted version of 25 pieces and retails for CHF 130,000 (excl. Assessments). More subtleties at .