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UNDONE Basecamp – A Truly Affordable and Customizable Tool Watch (Review)

UNDONE Basecamp – A Truly Affordable and Customizable Tool Watch (Review)


UNDONE is a genuine contextual analysis in bespoke. A microbrand certainly, yet one that is proceeding to offer charming, customizable mechanical watches at moderate costs. We as of late reviewed its Aqua plunge watch and customization for that part was quite amazing. Different case completes, bezels, more than two dozen dial alternatives, with or without date, more than 30 hand combinations guaranteed that you could arrange precisely what you needed, directly down to the shade of the date plate on the development. I left dazzled. The story doesn’t end here, as there’s another watch following this rather cool technique. It is named the UNDONE Basecamp and here’s our review of this new watch.

The UNDONE Aqua was plainly a plunge watch. The new Basecamp is a smidgen more adaptable. It’s more modest and lighter first of all, and through customization choices can go about as a field watch or a jumper, contingent upon the bezel (in spite of the fact that I’ll address the last further down). Notwithstanding alternatives, it has a vintage military esthetic that harkens back to the 1950s and brands like Rolex. This is the third line in UNDONE’s portfolio, following the Urban and Aqua assortments, and it’s an exceptional offering that actually keeps up the brand’s character. It’s additionally a fantastic incentive that sits somewhere close to a Seiko 5 and Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical . We should investigate UNDONE’s most recent tool watch.


Founded in 2014 by Michael Young, this arising brand is about customization. Prebuilt models are accessible for each line, yet delving in with the sizeable, separated rundown of choices takes into consideration a piece as exceptional as you. Youthful was never intrigued by brand marks, accepting that genuine extravagance includes an item being customized, whether it’s a suit, household item or a watch. Youthful reestablished vintage Rolex watches before UNDONE, so he likewise knows some things about extravagance watches. The company is situated in Hong Kong and, dissimilar to most of microbrands, a large portion of the tasks are completed in-house. Innovative work, component assembling and get together are done inside the brand’s office, leaving minimal more than the precious stones and developments being rethought. This commitment to in-house advancement and creation is more in-accordance with brands from Switzerland and Europe, yet costs are shockingly sensible, particularly with a particularly bespoke setup.

The two past assortments, the Urban/Mystique chronographs and Aqua jumpers, are very distinct.  The previous uses quartz (mixture) developments, while the last uses a demonstrated Seiko NH35A programmed. A similar Seiko type runs the UNDONE Basecamp and keeping in mind that customization choices remain galore, similar to the new plan itself, they’re restrained a piece. That might be something worth being thankful for as the Aqua jumper’s alternatives were practically overpowering. Effortlessness is the situation with the Basecamp and I think UNDONE found the ideal offset with its most recent piece. The watch I have for review is by and large as I would’ve requested, save two or three minor subtleties. As I had recommended with the Aqua, don’t be in a surge when planning one on the web (and maybe plan a few variations before committing).

Case and design

The 316L treated steel case is a comfortable 40mm in distance across and 15mm in tallness. It’s unquestionably not super meager but rather wears slimmer than the tallness recommends. This is down from the Aqua ‘s 43.5mm distance across and 16mm tallness, and the weight is decreased fundamentally (the Aqua was a powerful tank). The Basecamp is vastly improved appropriate for every day wear and can go from the meeting room to the hiking trail to an evening to remember without avoiding a beat.

The reviewed piece has a cleaned steel case, albeit either a PVD-covered dark or gold completion is likewise accessible. A decent chamfer additionally ranges the top edges from one haul to another. The bidirectional bezel is a clean dark ring with a solitary three-sided marker (with lume), albeit a standard graduated “diver’s” bezel is accessible also (beginning in May 2019). It pivots quietly and easily without a tightening activity and is both tight and exact. The case is appraised at 50 meters of water-obstruction, making it a sketchy decision as a genuine jumper’s watch, however rumors from far and wide suggest that UNDONE tests these to 100 meters and rates them moderately. The marked screw-down crown, similar to the Aqua, is a smooth octagon and there isn’t a crown monitor this time around.

The gem has a tall, 3mm arch that adds to the retro vibe, comprised of LEXAN Polycarbonate rather than sapphire (maybe clarifying the moderate water-obstruction rating). What is LEXAN precisely? Indeed, it’s a polycarbonate thermoplastic found in headlamps and bike caps with multiple times the effect strength of glass. I do like the vintage look and believe, and the high curve makes cool contortions at points, however I stress how it will hold up to pits and scratches over time.

The screw-down display caseback is produced using sapphire and shows off the Seiko programmed development, and a customized picture can be imprinted on the underside of the gem. Tasteful and downplayed, the Basecamp’s vintage-propelled case and domed precious stone were two years in the making.

Dial and hands

There is as of now just a single combination of dial and hands, despite the fact that customization alternatives will be accessible in the coming weeks. What we presently have is a matte dark dial with vintage tan/earthy colored lists and huge Arabic numerals printed at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Tan Super-LumiNova covers the four numerals and fundamental lists at regular intervals, which gleam in a splendid green. You can likewise have your initials printed under 12 o’clock (up to three letters/numbers) with the decision of a couple of various fonts.

The hour hand is a huge orange triangle the company gladly concedes is enlivened by the Rolex Explorer II . It appears to be fitting given Young’s experience with Rolex. There is lume inside the triangle and the moment hand, and the white candy seconds hand has a spot of lume in its circle. A date window sits corner to corner somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 o’clock, and there’s a decision of either a dark or white date disc.


The previously mentioned Seiko NH35A programmed manages everything and is UNDONE’s just programmed type, additionally fueling the Aqua arrangement. It has 24 gems, beats at 21,600vph (3Hz) with a 40-hour power save. It incorporates stun obstruction for the equilibrium and capacities incorporate focal hours, minutes, hacking seconds and date. This all around demonstrated workhorse is dependable, effortlessly overhauled and a moderate choice to off-the-rack Swiss developments .

Its appraised exactness is inside 20 to 40 seconds out of each day, despite the fact that my watch found the middle value of just 15 seconds quick each day over a fourteen day time span. It’s unquestionably not a chronometer, but rather more than precise enough for most wearers and by and large comparable to a standard grade ETA programmed (exact to inside 30 seconds for each day).


My piece is fitted with a 20mm Cordura olive green NATO lash with a matte steel clasp and circles, and orange and dark are likewise accessible explicitly for the Basecamp. On the off chance that there’s one thing I don’t care for about the watch, it’s this lash – yet to be reasonable with UNDONE, I don’t care for NATO ties by and large… However, this tie fits the general esthetic well and is water/consumption safe and effectively eliminated. UNDONE has a wide assortment of 20mm lashes accessible with handfuls to look over when requesting, so this is actually a non-issue.


I’ve been lucky enough to wear watches from each of the three of UNDONE’s assortments and the new Basecamp is certainly my top choice. I truly appreciated reviewing the Aqua jumper, yet it was a weighty, deliberate monster that supported genuine water experiences over every day wear. This one is a magnificent ordinary piece with a cool, vintage style and simple 40mm measurement. Despite my interests about long haul sturdiness, the high-domed LEXAN Polycarbonate precious stone is great face to face and complements the tool-ish military vibe impeccably. There are configuration signals from Rolex and Blancpain (the plain bezel impersonates a vintage Fifty Fathoms for combat jumpers), however these are straightforward gestures and not indecent duplicates. The Basecamp is its own extraordinary piece and a cool, moderate expansion to UNDONE’s lineup.

The UNDONE Basecamp begins at just USD 295 and adding initials to the dial or a picture to the back sapphire glass adds USD 20 for each. That is a genuine offer for a particularly customizable piece with a demonstrated Seiko programmed and special high-domed precious stone, and the form quality is incredible at the cost. The Basecamp ships worldwide free of charge inside 7-10 business days, comes with a one-year guarantee and has a 14-day bring window back. For more data and to submit a request, visit .