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Understanding the Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 – with its Historic & Strategic Background

Understanding the Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 – with its Historic & Strategic Background

Best Replica”””> As you can see, there have been watches with the name “Navitimer” imprinted on the dial with entirely unexpected styles. Concurred, this was positively not something common and the Navitimer assortment was most importantly a pilot’s watch assortment – and the new Navitimer 8 is above all else a pilot’s watch. However, on the off chance that you look in more established indexes, not all Navitimer watches included a sliding guideline either. Most were certainly pilot-situated, yet the 1970s and the 1980s brought some more unique watches. For example, take a gander at these two watches underneath – both are quartz/digital, both element interesting shapes, one even comes without the sliding rule.

Naturally, we can discuss the authenticity of these watches. They positively aren’t the best instances of what Breitling has delivered before. However, what we need to exhibit here is that the Navitimer isn’t just one model yet an idea on which the brand presently needs to underwrite: the pilot’s watch. The Navitimer, as an assortment, will surely incorporate the Navitimer 1 – the authentic model with a sliding principle – and the Navitimer 8, an alternate, somewhat more straightforward and more utilitarian interpretation of the concept.

Looking intently at the new Navitimer 8, there are as yet a couple of subtleties that combine the connection between this new watch and the “historical” Navitimer. For example, the drags (that you can unmistakably see above) receive a similar in general shape as the current model, yet they are marginally more compact. We leave you to choose whether or not this “Navitimer 8” sobriquet is important, but rather now you have the apparatuses to make up your mind.

What does the Navitimer 8 

Interesting question… What does this watch mean for Breitling – aside from the way that it addresses deals and edge (clearly)? On the off chance that you take a gander at what the brand is today, you’ll see that it appreciates huge global acknowledgment. It is quite possibly the most impressive names in the watch business. At any rate it is in the Western piece of the world. Breitling is effective in Europe (Germany and France, for example) just as in the US, where enormous pilot watches (the Navitimer first) sell well overall. However, it shouldn’t be failed to remember that the momentum blockbuster in the assortment is the Superocean Heritage II, furnished with a Tudor-based movement.

Breitling, in any case, has a shortcoming: Asia. Watch brands can’t disregard Asia, which is probably the biggest market on the planet, if not the biggest. However, the brand’s deals in this district are a lot of lower than in Western nations. The Breitling Navitimer 8 is a potential response to this issue. More modest, or if nothing else more comfortable on the wrist, less hardcore-flight oriented, somewhat more current and more unpretentious, it is planned (however not just) to acquire piece of the overall industry in Asia. Notwithstanding that, the number 8 isn’t completely blameless (8 is a fortunate number in China).

Finally, the Navitimer 8 is likewise another interpretation of the brand’s roots, still avionics situated, less no-nonsense however. We imply that this watch is a touch more “mainstream”, somewhat even more a group pleaser, ready to converse with newcomers and not simply the individuals who definitely know the brand. Breitling will keep on assembling the exemplary Navitimer with a sliding guideline under the name Navitimer 1 – and we definitely realize that new forms will be disclosed at Baselworld 2018 – and the Navitimer 8 will be acquainted as an expansion with the flight assortment, not a replacement.

The Navitimer 8 B01 itself

Let’s presently take a gander at the Navitimer 8 itself. As we’ve clarified, this watch makes them breitling DNA in its veins and it is plainly propelled by avionics. It is, in any case, another interpretation of the idea. Not any more sliding principle, hooks or completely cleaned arm bands here. The Navi 8 is more downplayed, more in accordance with the current market. This doesn’t imply that we’re not before a hearty pilot’s watch.

The release we decided to take a gander at, the one furnished with the B01 produce chronograph development, best characterizes the thought behind this assortment – recollect that no under five unique models are presented ( see here ). It has a good width of 43mm – and in that, it is as yet a Breitling – notwithstanding, the case is generally brushed and includes more limited hauls. This implies a more utilitarian look and feel, just as a watch that, in spite of its heartiness (13.97mm thick), stays wearable in any event, for men with slimmer wrists or more youthful customers.

This version, which should be the lead just as the most “luxurious” variation, includes a few cleaned highlights working on this issue – pushers and crown, bezel, sides of the carries. This gives a more “upmarket” feel to the watch, without making it excessively showy. This B01 rendition is accessible in a few variations – on a steel wristband, on leather, with a blue or dark dial, or in gold with a bronze dial. A fascinating point concerns the water-obstruction. While more seasoned Breitling watches are known for their helpless protection from outside components, the watches are water-impervious to 100 meters making it a pilot’s watch that can likewise be utilized to hop in the pool.

The dial is a “reversed panda” style – which will be an unmistakable element of all chronographs with in-house developments, while the Valjoux-based watches will have a monochromatic dial. Much the same as the case, a utilitarian decision has been made. No more B on the stabilizer of the second’s hand, no applied files, straightforward yet intelligible numerals, clear railroad tracks. The hands, with their faceted profile and cleaned surface, give a more unique look.

Inside the instance of the Navitimer 8, there are no curve balls. We locate the productive, present day and very much tried B01 development. This in-house type is an incorporated chronograph, with section haggle grasp, an advanced and technically interesting combination that is utilized for top of the line developments. The 70-hour power hold is comfortable and type B01 is, as consistently with Breitling, COSC-guaranteed. The development is noticeable through the sapphire case back and is agreeably completed, with Geneva stripes, perlage, and cleaned bevels.

Note: the watch in this article is a model. The tie gives indications of premature wear, particularly between the carries. This issue will be settled on creation pieces.


What would we be able to finish up about the Breitling Navitimer 8? So, it is an all around thought, very much delivered and all around valued pilot’s watch. It was additionally a significant shock for the brand’s fans, just like a rather emotional difference in procedure, just as being a completely new plan. Surely, this isn’t a watch made for long-term, in-your-face authorities. It is a watch that is intended for people in general everywhere, a watch made to satisfy a bigger crowd, to acquire piece of the overall industry in (nearly) neglected territories.

Before extolling or accusing Kern and his group, we need to perceive what the brand will present sooner rather than later. We realize that the new group is working on both the legacy and the future, just as reproducing the connection between the two. There’s some work to do and finding the correct harmony between satisfying fans and overcoming new customers isn’t simple. More subtleties on .