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Ulysse Nardin Freak X Silicium Marquetry

Ulysse Nardin Freak X Silicium Marquetry

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In 2001, Ulysse Nardin presented a watch – the Freak – that was a complete stun for the business, regarding plan and show as well as essentially in light of the fact that it was the primary watch commercialized with silicium parts – a disputable material in those days, which has now discovered its place in many watches. Today, as such an accolade for that spearheading utilization of silicium in a watch, Ulysse Nardin prepares its new Freak X ( see more here ) with a dial that is actually made of this material, shown as marquetry.

Reminder. In 2001, Ulysse Nardin presented the Freak, a genuine idea piece with a few striking highlights. Its showcase, comprising of a flying merry go round module holding the managing organ and turning around the dial once each hour (going about as brief hand) was noteworthy. The manner in which the watch was twisted (by turning the caseback) and the manner in which the time was changed (by pivoting the bezel) was additionally very novel. Be that as it may, essentially, the Freak was the main watch equipped with silicium parts at any point to hit the market. Dubious in those days (and still today for a few), this material has discovered its place in many watches, depending on its enemy of attractive and exactness characteristics. Recognition for a job well done: Ulysse Nardin is the undisputed pioneer in the utilization of this material and the Freak is a significant watch in current watchmaking history.

A few weeks prior, during the SIHH 2019, the brand presented a pristine and more available adaptation of the Freak, named Freak X – the section highlight the assortment, close by the Freak Out and Freak Vision . Though a considerable lot of similar esthetic and utilitarian components are set up, the Freak X introduces a few updates to make it simpler on the wrist – and on the wallet. A more modest width (43mm versus 45mm), a crown for time adjustment, what breaks with perhaps the most notorious parts of the crownless idea (which amended time by the bezel) and a development dependent on the in-house, yet worked on type UN-118.

However, the Freak X holds the main highlights, including the shortfall of a dial and hands, as the focal extension, otherwise known as the flying merry go round, goes about as brief hand and the hours are as yet shown by a circle on a lower level. The “baguette” development is as yet a merry go round, turning once on itself consistently to demonstrate the time, it actually holds an enormous equilibrium wheel on top of the watch, made of silicon with nickel latent masses. Generally speaking, the Freak X is somewhat easier where it can’t be seen, yet at the same time striking where it checks – and it is evaluated a lot of lower than the remainder of the collection.

inspired by the utilization of silicium in the development, the brand has presented the Ulysse Nardin Freak X Silicium Marquetry. Development, signs and case are equivalent to the model presented during the SIHH 2019 . What changes is the dial, which was gotten subsequent to amassing different pieces of silicium.

Silicium marquetry includes gathering wafers of silicon cut into sections with a plasma quickening agent. All the nuance of this method lies in the expert’s dexterity, given that the silicon utilized is extremely flaky and delicate when controlled. Marginally superimposing the portions one on top of the other, rather than interlocking them, will be sufficient to chip their edges. Amassing by hand a montage of the around 120 sections expected to make these mosaics is a challenge.

Two renditions of the Ulysse Nardin Freak X Silicium Marquetry will be accessible. The first, in titanium and blue PVD, shows a plated “X” on an appearance of shades of blue. The second, finishing the dial of a dark DLC-covered model, depicts a shimmering “X” on a purplish-blue background.

Both watches highlight the in-house Calibre UN-230 (programmed with 72h force save) and are worn on gator ties with ‘point-de-bride’ stitches. Cost will be EUR 29,500. More subtleties at .