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Tom van Wijlick from Lebois & Co. about a New Watch and a Surprising Collectors/Shareholders’ Project

Tom van Wijlick from Lebois & Co. about a New Watch and a Surprising Collectors/Shareholders’ Project

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A few years back, Dutch business person and watch lover Tom van Wijlick chose to relaunch an old watchmaking name: Lebois & Co. Which began as a coincidental undertaking established on Kickstarter immediately moved to the following level with multiple relaunch ( here and here ) releases. Today, Lebois & Co. is the thing that we could call a “microbrand” and we needed to talk with Tom van Wijlick around two significant points. First is the dispatch of another watch, the Venturist, which you’ll get a sneak see of in this interview and will before long be assessed on MONOCHROME. Second is the presentation of another (and genuinely intriguing) plan of action, where customers and watch devotees will have the freedom to become an investor of the company… Let’s hear all the details. 

What is your first horological memory?

The absolute first horological memory I have traces all the way back to 1987 when I got my first Swatch (guide), which I in reality actually have. I truly cherished it. In school, Swatch watches were hot around then. I additionally recall the time Swatch Pop watches were mainstream, in spite of the fact that I never possessed one. After some time I purchased a few more Swatch watches including a James Bond edition.

What carried you to Lebois & Co?

I began exchanging Swiss made mechanical watches in 2011 and (co-)established both single and multi-brand online extravagance watch stores from 2012 to 2014. During that time, I met with a few extraordinary free watch brands and it was then that I understood that I needed to be on the other side of the table; I needed to begin my own watch brand. While looking for motivation with my better half Eveline we went over a photograph of an exquisite vintage watch that was sold at Christie’s. The watch was a Lebois & Co. chronograph. We were struck by the excellence of the watch so I printed the photograph and took advantage of our cooler. Then we began our examination of this new brand and their previous proprietors. The rest is history…

Who is behind the brand?

Being a microbrand and a beginning up, our group is still tiny so we will in general work with self employed entities essentially. I’m helped by a planner and right now we are sorting out some way to shape our future deals team.

How has the excursion been up until now?

To state it in single word: fascinating. The extraordinary thing about Lebois & Co. is that we are spearheading. Nothing is unchangeable. We can be creative in our items, advertising and deals. For example: we are working on a tick and-mortar concept; an omnichannel concept that will permit customers to check the accessibility of their #1 watch at their neighborhood retailer or buy on the web and orchestrate nearby pickup. This likewise implies that we should permit ourselves to commit errors. The last isn’t in every case simple yet we’ll get there.

You’re beginning to offer customers the chance of becoming an investor. What would you like to accomplish with this? 

From a business point of view we need assets to execute our strategy and by doing it along these lines, we desire to get incredible diplomats for the company and the Lebois & Co. brand. Consequently, we offer advantages to our investors like discounts on future watches and even free watches or a seat on the warning board. Of course, this is up to the investors. They can be pretty much as included as they want.

How do you manage your investors? What is the relationship with them?

First of all, the degree of venture chooses the conventional degree of association of the investor. While the proper rules are yet to be concluded, we notice that of the investors that are as of now ready there are some that need to assist us with the ability and information they have. I trust in these sorts of collaborations since the two players have a similar objective here; a more effective Lebois & Co. would profit both of them.

What are the greatest chances and difficulties for Lebois & Co.?

Being the microbrand Lebois & Co. still is, it comes with the disadvantage that we can’t dispatch as numerous watches and however many advertising efforts as the huge brands. In any case, this doesn’t imply that we can’t offer watches with comparable quality, which we demonstrate with the new Venturist. Likewise, I figure a customer will get a watch that is more one of a kind since it won’t be seen on everybody’s wrist. A little watch brand additionally has the advantage that the customer’s relationship with the brand can be closer.

What is the fate of Lebois & Co.?

I would say – energizing! Yet, truly, there is still a great deal that must be done yet I am convinced that our diligent effort and steadiness will get us where we need to be. Our objective: we need to present more items as options for those of the set up request of extravagance watch brands by combining the accepted procedures of horology and data technology.

If there was just a single Lebois, which would be on your wrist?

Oh kid, that is an extreme one! I trust that I won’t ever need to settle on that decision! Of course, I have all the variations of the Avantgarde  and there are likewise some vintage Lebois & Co. watches I wear periodically. At present, I am wearing number 079/100 (my introduction to the world year) of the Avantgarde date – 3rd re-dispatch release (dark dial, cognac earthy colored tie) consistently. I truly love it. In any case, when the Venturist is prepared I will authoritatively be wearing that one for some time. Along these lines, to respond to your inquiry; since I am so amped up for our freshest watch, I would say the Venturist (yet in the interim I would expect to have the option to keep my other watches).

Soon on MONOCHROME, we’ll have a hands-on glance at Lebois & Co. new watch, the Venturist – so stay tuned.