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The Tree Of Life From Kneijnsberg & van Eijk with a Unique Display of the Seasons

The Tree Of Life From Kneijnsberg & van Eijk with a Unique Display of the Seasons

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As affirmed watch nerds, we often invest more energy fixating on the exact estimation of time, rather than noticing the marvel of its real passing. It’s a whimsical idea, maybe, sentimental even, however one that we as a whole encounter from the day we’re conceived. To praise this extraordinary connection among life and time, newcomer Kneijnsberg & van Eijk presents its first watch, the Tree of Life. We invested a few hands-on energy with this unconventional excellence, finding another appreciation for the changing of the seasons and the section of time.

Kneijnsberg & van Eijk is the brainchild of Brendan Horneman, who wears the caps of organizer, proprietor and watchmaker. The brand, which gets its name from the individual grandmothers of Horneman and his significant other, was set up in 2016 and the Tree of Life is the primary model to come to fulfillment, following various models. Notwithstanding Kneijnsberg & van Eijk, Horneman additionally fills in as watchmaker/activities supervisor at Revolo Custom-Made Watches, another beginning up we have expounded on here and here .

As you’ve presumably seen effectively, the Tree of Life isn’t care for most watches we cover here on MONOCHROME. I would even go as far to say it’s more similar to a piece of dynamic workmanship for your wrist that likewise ends up telling the time. Introduced in a delightfully etched steel rectangular case, with brushed completions and stunning points, it estimates 51mm long x 38mm wide and is 14.8mm high.

The case tallness is comparable to practically every 7750-based chronograph, yet the rectangular shape and the absence of slanting sides appears to make it stand out. That is the reason on the wrist it looks somewhat stout. All things considered, it wears less than it shows up and is certainly more comfortable than we anticipated.

The genuine drawcard here however is the staggering Mother of Pearl dial, complete with tree and lavishly cut-out leaves. As per Horneman, the motivation for this watch came when he was driving home in the wake of having his subsequent youngster (which was a troublesome birth). Driving down his tree-lined street in pre-fall, he encountered a solid sensation of coming home and needed to by one way or another catch that in a visual manner. The outcome is a watch showing a tree and its leaves changing tone with the evolving seasons. A completely eccentric complication and one that adds no functional worth and yet we love it anyway.

Built on a solid Swiss made ETA 2892A2 programmed development, the Tree of Life includes an extra module on top with a circle completing one full turn like clockwork and showing the changing seasons through the changing shades of the leaves. It’s actually very striking outwardly, particularly related to the MOP dial and gives a moment update that time is passing us by and reminding us to not to zero in on what everything looks good at this point. I envision it will be especially decent for those desk area inhabitants working extended periods who often don’t see the seasons changing before their eyes.

The customary retail cost will be set at EUR 6,950, which is a ton of cash and so I think Kneijnsberg & van Eijk is truly must depend on pulling at the heartstrings with regards to selling this watch. All things considered, in the event that you truly love this model, the company is offering a restricted pre-request creation of 55 pieces at an intensely limited cost of EUR 2,950, which is ostensibly somewhat more sensible, particularly for a unique idea like this one. Regardless, I acclaim the inventiveness and having as of late become a father interestingly myself, can surely value the feeling behind it. More subtleties on the brand’s site here .