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The Seiko Prospex Street Series Enlarges with ‘Urban Safari’ Tuna-Inspired Watches

The Seiko Prospex Street Series Enlarges with ‘Urban Safari’ Tuna-Inspired Watches

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Inspired by the first 1975 Seiko diver’s, this new watch includes a similar notable external defender, in a more compact plan ideal for urban living.” Seiko’s discourse with respect to these new models, a whole assortment of no less than 11 watches, says everything. Take one of the brand’s most significant professional detail dive watches, extricate what makes a difference (the case, its one of a kind plan and its particular architecture), make it current and less instrumental, add a bit of contemporary tones and surface and you end up with the new Seiko Prospex Street Series ‘Urban Safari’ collection.

While the brand has just declared that the Automatic Professional Diver 600M ‘Tuna’ will be reissued in the not so distant future in a reliable, undeniably more costly way, there are more watches from the brand bearing the first 1975 look. In those days, Seiko was at that point grounded as one of the top individuals from the ace dive watch community , close by the typical speculates Rolex, Omega, Doxa and others. That very year, in any case, the brand showed that in addition to the fact that it was equipped for creating solid and effective watches with a hi-beat development and a 300m water-obstruction , it additionally showed a feeling of advancement. The watch being referred to was the world’s first diver’s watch with a titanium case, a watch formed like no other with an outside ‘shroud’ to secure the internal case, somewhat covered in dark. This watch, because of its abnormal architecture – not rich but rather genuinely performing – was nicknamed ‘Tuna Can’ and would motivate many watches to come. Furthermore, the story goes on today, with the new Seiko Prospex Street Series ‘Urban Safari’ collection.

Seiko’s watches may have a long history as professional instruments, yet the brand likewise realizes that today these watches work more as style embellishments and proclamation pieces. Hence, and without forfeiting its jumping limits, the brand has infused an incredible shot of cool into a portion of its assortments. Made for present day life, impervious to most circumstances, the new watches are as yet enlivened by the 1975 Tuna and still depend on this particular architecture with its supported outside case. This new urban assortment highlights camo tones, monochromatic plans and surfaces to bring coolness, while likewise having more modest cases to make them wearable consistently. Altogether there are two programmed models, nine Solar watches, five styles… Here are the Street Series Urban Safari models.


Being MONOCHROME we need to begin with the SRPE29K1 & SRPE31K1, the two programmed variants. These 200m divers are made of tempered steel with hard-covering and highlight the notorious defensive outer case. Estimating 43.2mm in width and 12.7mm in tallness, they aren’t little watches fundamentally, yet the exceptional state of this case permits them to be compact (44mm haul to-carry). They are furnished with a screw-down crown and a Hardlex crystal.

There are two tones accessible, khaki beige for the SRPE29K1 and light dark for the SRPE31K1, utilized for both the dial, the leather-finished silicone accordion tie and part of the bezel’s embed. The rest is dark – initial 20-moment of the bezel’s scale and external case. Controlling these two models is the exemplary passage level programmed development, type 4R36, with 3Hz recurrence, 41h force save and day-date work. Both will before long be accessible from retailers and estimated at EUR 580.

SNJ029P1 & SNJ031P1

The second model is addressed again with two watches, references SNJ029P1 & SNJ031P1, and is the boldest and biggest of all with an unmistakable instrumental plan. This watch is propelled by the well known ‘Arnie’, the ref. H558-5009, as worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1985’s Commando, and 1987’s Predator.

Available again in khaki beige and in dull military green, these two Arnie-roused Seiko watches are 47.8mm x 14.4mm and made in a combination of tempered steel and shaded plastic (for the outer defensive parts). Water-impervious to 200m, they include a unidirectional bezel and a screw-down crown.

Powered by the type H851, a sunlight based development, these watches combine computerized and analogical showcases, just as various capacities – caution, chronograph, full-auto schedule. They are worn on a silicone accordion lash matching the shade of the dial. The SNJ029P1 and SNJ031P1 will be evaluated at EUR 530.

SNE545P1 & SNE547P1

Certainly, the least device situated watches in this new Seiko Prospex Street Series Urban Safari sub-assortment, these two watches highlight the brand’s notorious case architecture and are incredible dive watches with a 200m water-opposition and all the fundamental hardware – screw-down crown, Hardlex gem, screwed caseback and unidirectional bezel with an hour long scale. While the khaki green model is exemplary, the second form in white with red accents and dark dial feels like a pleasant summer choice (or even one for ladies who like a bigger games watch).

Both the SNE545P1 & SNE547P1 are worn on stripe-finished silicone accordion tie and measure 46.7mm x 12.6mm – yet with a sensible drag to-carry of 46.1mm. They are sun based fueled watches, with Caliber V157, fit for a ±15 seconds precision each month and a 10 months power hold. They show the time on three hands just as the date. These two Tuna watches are evaluated at EUR 439 (SNE545P1) and EUR 449 (SNE547P1) and are currently available.

SNE533P1, SNE535P1 & SNE537P1

Blue (SNE533P1), green (SNE535P1) or dim (SNE537P1)… your decision. Three watches, three monochromatic shading plans, loads of surfaces and surfaces to take a gander at, these three new models are outwardly engaging and planned more for the city than for the profundity of the seas – despite the fact that they actually are 200m water-safe, furnished with unidirectional bezel and screw-down crown. These three models are urban, with a disguise design on the dial, a shading coordinated metallic bezel, with engraved scale and a leather surface silicone strap.

Once once more, the distance across is very noteworthy at 46.7mm yet the drag to-carry measurements, at 45.8mm, will make them simpler on the wrist than anticipated. These sun oriented watches are fueled by the Caliber V157, equipped for a ±15 seconds precision each month and a 10-month power hold. They show the time on three hands just as the date. Very cool looking watches that are estimated at EUR 399 and are currently available.

SNE541P1 & SNE543P1

Last however not least, the decent and marginally more rough SNE541P1 & SNE543P1. Indeed, the regular Tuna configuration is available with a profoundly scored bezel and a marginally more forceful, very manly plan. The extents – 46.7mm x 12mm, with a carry to-drag of 46.1mm – are along these lines as the remainder of the assortment, as is the 200m water-obstruction, the Hardlex gem and the screw-down crown. Two forms are accessible, one in dark and silver (SNE541P1) and one in dark and green (SNE543P1).

Both models in this Seiko Prospex Street Series Urban Safari sub-assortment are furnished with a similar Solar development, Caliber V157, as above, and with a leather-finished silicone accordion tie. The SNE541P1 is valued at EUR 369 and the SNE543P1 at EUR 399, and both are presently available.

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