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The Seamaster Chronicles – Part 2, How the Omega Seamaster Became an Icon (With CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and Auctioneer Thomas Perazzi)

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Last week, we dispatched our new video project in relationship with Omega, “ The Seamaster Chronicles “, which you’ve most likely speculated, brings a profound jump into the universe of the Omega Seamaster. This follows our other venture focussed on the Moonwatch, the Speedmaster Chronicles . In our first portion of the “The Seamaster Chronicles”, we investigated the historical backdrop of the Omega Seamaster, a watch brought into the world on the establishments of the military watches conveyed to the Royal Air Force, a watch that advanced to become a whole assortment of rich or rough games watches. A “war-tested” watch commercialized as a “child of peace”. Today, we’re pleased to present the second part of “The Seamaster Chronicles”, in which we investigate how it achieved its notable status.

In this subsequent portion, our visitor speakers are in all honesty President and CEO of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann, and Auctioneer Thomas Perazzi from Phillips.

In the video, we ask Mr Aeschlimann inquiries like: How did the Seamaster create from one watch to become a whole assortment? How did this assortment become so significant for Omega? How did a portion of the watches in this assortment become genuine symbols of the watchmaking business? How might one keep up this status following 70 years of steadfast help? How did the Seamaster Diver 300M become the James Bond 007 watch?

Our other visitor in this “The Seamaster Chronicles – Part 2” video is Thomas Perazzi, one of the fundamental barkers at Phillips and we examine themes like collectability, shortage and alluring releases. Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913, Seamaster Ploprof, prototypes… The Omega Seamaster is certainly one of the watches to keep an eye on.

No more words, it’s time for the video “The Seamaster Chronicles – Part 2” which you can watch at the highest point of this article.

Enjoy and stay tuned for our last scene of “The Seamaster Chronicles” next week!