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The Rolex Regulator, or How “The Crown” Makes its Watches “Superlative Chronometers”

The Rolex Regulator, or How “The Crown” Makes its Watches “Superlative Chronometers”


Two realities educate a ton concerning how Rolex manages quality and accuracy. In the first place, Rolex tests the precision of its Superlative Chronometers with resistances that are double those for the COSC official accreditation (to which the Rolex developments are deliberately submitted at any rate). Second, in 2015, the brand set another industry benchmark by offering an entire 5-year guarantee… How does the brand accomplish such accuracy and dependability? The appropriate response lies halfway in the regulating organ.

Naturally, these outcomes are not coincidental. Rolex has a one of a kind way to deal with assembling its watches and developments. Things are done the “Rolex Way”. The Crown fabricates all the fundamental components of its watches inside. Frequently these consolidate explicit specialized arrangements that are reliably used all through the whole reach. At the point when an answer demonstrates successful, it is used as another norm… thus, a Rolex development can be perceived from the start – despite the fact that it is covered up under a plain caseback. Just by looking at the controller you can recognize a Rolex development on account of its particular mark highlights…


The regulating organ is the pulsating heart of a development, and all things considered, it is among the main pieces of a watch. Comprising the escapement and the oscillator, it characterizes the speed at which the watch runs. Accordingly, it is the “watchman of time”. Therefore, it should come as nothing unexpected that Rolex has built up its own answers in that field. Here are probably the most average Rolex development highlights (or striking ones that will no doubt discover their approach to more Rolex types) zeroing in on its heart, the regulator.

Free-sprung offset wheel with Microstella nuts

There are two principle methods of regulating a mechanical development. The most common path comprises of utilizing a controller component. The dynamic piece of the hairspring is lengthened or abbreviated sliding the controller record holding the spring – read our specialized viewpoint about the regulating organ of the watch here .

The other arrangement is to utilize a free-sprung balance. The length of the hairspring stays as before, subsequently as opposed to playing with its length, watchmakers change the idleness of the equilibrium by changing screws or loads. This is viewed as a high-grade arrangement as free-sprung balances are intended to improve accuracy by taking out specific mistakes. Likewise, they are less influenced by stuns that may cause the controller record to move.

This is the arrangement utilized by Rolex. A high-exactness machined balance wheel (for improved balance) is fitted with two sets of ‘Microstella’ nuts. These mark Rolex gold change screws take into account exact guideline. Changing these (consistently two by two) around within decreases the inactivity of the equilibrium for a rate gain and bad habit versa.

In-house Parachrom Blue hairspring

The inner pieces of a watch can get polarized. For long, watchmakers have attempted to battle attraction lodging the development in a soft iron enclosure. This arrangement is, notwithstanding, inadequate for extreme focus attractive fields and adds thickness and weight to the case.

More as of late, research has zeroed in on the actual development, all the more explicitly on the choice of key components for the equilibrium haggle climate. In this regard, Rolex is one of the not many brands creating hairsprings in-house and is important for the confined club of makers approaching paramagnetic/hostile to attractive materials.

Rolex built up the licensed “Parachrom Blue Hairspring” and presented it in 2000, into the type 4130 (inside the Cosmograph Daytona). Its elite composite highlights hostile to attractive properties and gives extraordinary soundness when exposed to changes in temperature. In 2005, Rolex overhauled the material with a thicker blue surface construction with Parachrom blue. In 2014, Rolex likewise presented silicon hairsprings in its type 2236 (for ladies’ watches). Normally, the endeavors of Rolex to battle attraction go past the hairspring. For example, the equilibrium staff is likewise intended for enhanced protection from attractive fields.

Rolex Overcoil

The shape and connection of the hairspring decide the manner in which it extends and contracts. A dominant part of watches utilize level winding springs, however there are other shapes. Breguet had bowing the external loop of the spring and connected it close to the equilibrium staff. This permits the spring to ‘breathe’ evenly and uniformly, and, improve isochronism. This prevalent arrangement is executed by Rolex, with a Rolex overcoil, an improved Breguet overcoil (everything has its own name in the Rolex nomenclature).

Transversal balance bridge

Traditionally the equilibrium wheel is gotten under a “chicken”, held set up toward one side. For current Rolex developments, the equilibrium connect is cross-over, implying that it is in a bad way down at the two finishes. This takes into consideration steady and exact situating of the oscillator. The scaffold’s inflexibility significantly improves stun resistance.

Rolex Paraflex against shock

The rotates and gem orientation of the equilibrium haggle (other basic parts) are particularly delicate and were often harmed after effect. With hostile to stun frameworks, the gems are mounted on springs permitting them to move in their setting, to assimilate stuns. Two significant enemy of stun frameworks are utilized in the Swiss watch industry – Incabloc and KIF. A couple of creators utilize their own framework. In the event that Rolex had supported KIF against stun framework for quite a long time, in 2005, it created and licensed a restrictive safeguard called Paraflex, unmistakable gratitude to its exceptional calculation. The brand expresses that it “increases the safeguard’s productivity by up to 50 percent while saving the chronometric properties of the equilibrium wheel”.

The 4Hz recurrence as a standard

Theoretically, the more you increment the recurrence of a development, the more exact it will be (what is important first is a steady rate). Be that as it may, expanding the recurrence of a development comes for certain disadvantages – for example, more grating or less force save. The developments found in each and every cutting edge Rolex run at a 4Hz recurrence – or 28,800 vibrations each hour – which is seen by Rolex as the best compromise between high accuracy regulating and unwavering quality. This clarifies why during the 1990s, when the Daytona was controlled by an altered El Primero, Rolex tuned it down from 5Hz to 4Hz.

Chronergy escapement

First presented in the type 3255 (2015, for the Day-Date 40), the Chronergy escapement is Rolex’s enhanced adaptation of the Swiss switch escapement. The objective of Rolex engineers was to upgrade the proficiency of the escapement while saving its unwavering quality. The length proportions between the departure wheel teeth and the bed stones have been turned around. While the bed stones are presently just half as thick as in the past, the contact surfaces of the break wheel teeth have been multiplied. Additionally, the escapement components are not, at this point adjusted however are somewhat off-set, to build the switch impact. The getaway haggle are produced ultra-absolutely utilizing LIGA innovation, their openwork configuration decreasing dormancy. These nickel-phosphorous parts are likewise obtuse toward attractive obstruction. Rolex states that the effectiveness of its escapement has been expanded by 15 for every cent.

Lubrication – Epilamage-coating

Master watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet supposedly said: “Give me the ideal oil and I will give you the ideal watch!” As Rolex doesn’t often communicate on its specialized turns of events, there is an intriguing piece of data on its site that states: “Rolex has developed selective new greases, synthesized in‑house, whose helpful life and steadiness over the long haul have been extensively improved.” We will not know more than this, as the brand has stayed quiet on this turn of events, yet the work on oil and Epilamage-covering is for sure of prime significance at Rolex.