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The REC x RWB 901, Inspired by World-Famous Japanese Porsche Customizer

The REC x RWB 901, Inspired by World-Famous Japanese Porsche Customizer

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When it comes to tweaked Porsche vehicles, there’s a name that will come normally to most fans. RWB and Akira Nakai probably won’t be known by a standard crowd, yet in the little community of custom 911, this man is a remarkable individual. Celebrated for his super intense wide-body arrangements dependent on more seasoned Porsche models, this is the soul that REC Watches, a youthful company with an unmistakable car foundation, has decided for its most recent manifestations. Meet the new REC x RWB 901 Rotana and Stella – which contain bits of metal from Akira Nakai’s individual RWB Porsche 911’s.

Akira Nakai is viewed as a craftsman and underground marvel in the vehicle and floating community, having worked in the establishment of custom wide-body packs and outrageous bumpers on exemplary Porsche 911’s. Doing a large portion of his work by hand, Nakai-san’s RWB changes are indisputable and disputable. His rough, confused methodology is the antithesis to Porsche’s prudent, cautious overhauls of their notorious vehicles. His change projects are complete groundbreaking encounters and the introduction of something new and extraordinary. For his undertaking with REC Watches, two of his own vehicles have been wellsprings of motivation as well as ‘donors’, since parts of the vehicles have been utilized to make the dials.

Two models are dispatched by REC, named Rotana and Stella. The first depends on Akira Nakai’s individual RWB Porsche 911: Rotana – a totally silly, practically profane, purple super vehicle. The second is designed according to Akira Nakai-San’s own RWB Porsche 911: Stella Artois – a vehicle 12 years really taking shape and the genesis of all RWB projects. Stella Artois was Nakai-san’s first full change: An exemplary dark 1985 Porsche 930 transformed into a thundering monster.

With this as a primary concern, you couldn’t anticipate that REC should dispatch little, exquisite dress watches. The REC x RWB 901 are strong games watch with complex shapes, wide-body cases with ‘large kits’ on the sides and tones that coordinate the vehicles they are designed according to. The two models share a similar case, with a 44mm (46mm with body-unit) breadth and 14.50mm tallness, outfitted with shaded parts on the sides. All the tones – whether the dark covering, the purple or the gold accents – are the aftereffect of a PVD covering. The cases have a complex shape, yet compact haul to-carry measurements – 45.50mm – because of an all around incorporated strap.

The dials of both the REC x RWB 901 Rotana and Stella are cut directly from body boards of his own vehicles. These metal sheets have been left with a crude completing, just covered with an unmistakable finish to secure the surface. While close in plan and specs, the two models show slight contrasts in the dial’s design. The metal on the Stella variant is simply noticeable close to the moment track, the focal zone having an example propelled by the 911’s pedals. The Rotana form shows the metal in the focal territory. Contingent upon the form, the dials are featured by purple or gold accents. At last, these watches are furnished with a complete schedule with date, work day and month. Rotana adds a force save sign at 12 o’clock.

The casebacks additionally honor the vehicles, with laser-engraved themes that portray amalgam edges. Under these fixed casebacks is a recognizable, reevaluated development, the Japanese-made Miyota 9100. This programmed type is often utilized as a (attempted and-tried) option in contrast to Swiss nonexclusive developments. It thumps at 4Hz and stores to 40 hours of force hold – here with a given precision of – 10/+30 sec for every day.

The watches are worn on a dark elastic lash with a debossed surface and a RWB logo. They highlight brisk delivery spring bars and are shut by a PVD-covered pin buckle.

Availability and price

Given the way that the dials are delivered from unique parts sourced on Akira Nakai’s own RWB vehicles, the creation is restricted to 305 pieces for every model, whether the gold-shaded REC x RWB 901 Stella or the purple-covered REC x RWB 901 Rotana.

The watches would now be able to be pre-requested on the brand’s site, and you can pick your own chronic number. Shipment of the watches is normal in July 2020. The two renditions are evaluated at USD 1,795. More subtleties at .