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The Online Watch Market – Philipp Man from Chronext

The Online Watch Market – Philipp Man from Chronext

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Today marks the fifth portion in our arrangement of meetings zeroing in on translating the universe of online watch marketplaces. Today, we take a gander at Chronext and converse with somebody we’ve know for certain years as of now, CEO Philipp Man (who was highlighted in our “Collector’s Series” here ). As he gets a kick out of the chance to say, “the new extravagance purchaser is online” affirming how significant this particular point of the market is. What makes Chronext unique? Own stock, checked watches, authenticity ensured, security in purchasing watches online… all clarified in the accompanying interview. 

Can you give us a brisk history of Chronext?

My prime supporter Ludwig Wurlitzer and I built up our business thought during our college considers and established CHRONEXT straightforwardly a while later, in February 2013. We were both 22 years of age. We currently utilize around 130 individuals and boat extravagance watches to 130 nations. Our foundation records 31,000 watches from eminent retailers and brands straightforwardly including new, used and vintage pieces. Each CHRONEXT watch goes through an assessment for authenticity and quality in our in-house ace workshop before it is sold.

But we are not simply an online retailer: with our central command in Zug (Switzerland) and further areas in London, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt, we are situated as a worldwide omnichannel retailer. In January 2018, we reported our last financing round of over US 34 million. The absolute capital raised since we began CHRONEXT has been US 52 million.

What carried you to Chronext?

Ludwig and I were fixated on the idea of making watches tradable like stocks. We at first needed to make a stock-trade type marketplace for college books, however as watch nerds, we understood watches were more appropriate. Subsequently the name CHRONEXT – which represents CHRON (time) and EXT (trade trading). This was completely done in a little kitchen in our common level while considering Business Management. We were at that point eager about mechanical, and as watch nerds, we just needed to fabricate a financial exchange for watches as we probably are aware CHRONEXT today.

Who is behind Chronext? (financial backers and management team)

Management Team:

  • Philipp Man: Chief Executive Officer
  • Ludwig Wurlitzer: Chief Product Officer
  • Bastian Stöhr: Chief Financial Officer
  • Ian Tansley: Vice Chairman

Investors: Endeit Capital, Tengelmann Ventures, Partech Ventures, NRW.Bank, JamJar Investments, Capnamic Ventures, Octopus Investments and Inventure Partners.

What is your business model?

70% of the CHRONEXT model is like Farfetch  (an online extravagance design retail stage). We help retailers in 41 nations market more than 26,000 watches and sell their watches online, without building the foundation. We deal with the pre, many deals administration, coordinations, installment and authentication. Simultaneously, 30% of our business is purchasing watches straightforwardly from end clients or allowing them to relegate through us. We simplify it to sell your watch, by taking consideration of all parts of the exchange including photography, delivery and the full deals measure. We ensure authenticity and condition just as giving a guarantee. We consider ourselves to be an exchanging stage that manages the dissemination of extravagance watches around the world for brands, retailers and consumers.

What differentiates Chronext? What do you bring to your clients? 

Most shops just sell watches, however don’t claim the whole quality affirmation measure. Each watch that gets another proprietor at CHRONEXT (whether new, used or vintage) is assessed by our eleven expert watchmakers and, if essential, dismantled in up to 380 sections in our in-house atelier. This implies: checked for authenticity, adjusted and fixed. For the purchaser, there is a two year guarantee and a testament of authenticity.

We help the two merchants and purchasers execute extravagance watches in the most loosened up manner conceivable. This implies that other than the actual quality confirmation measure, each and every watch is likewise purchased from CHRONEXT not through CHRONEXT. What I mean by this is that the agreement of procurement is consistently with us so that lawfully we are the counterparty for all issues, additionally if there should arise an occurrence of guarantee cases or some other concerns. This design permits us to really guarantee that quality is 100% perfect and with more than 30,000 watches offered to date, we have never sold a counterfeit.

What are your key challenges? 

When we began more than five years prior, no one knew us. Creating brand mindfulness with genuine trust is the hardest piece of the condition. The best way to really make a solid brand is a particular company culture, and eventually this is a component of our group. While innovation is at the center of what we do at CHRONEXT, it’s our kin that make us incredible – so the greatest test is recruiting the privilege people.

The watch industry is gradually opening up to online exchanging. The initial 14 manufacturers have gone into participations with us, including brands like NOMOS Glashütte. We are brand accomplices and offer their whole current reach as an approved retailer – something we need to grow even further.

What are your arrangements for the following three years?

To make CHRONEXT the worldwide stage we imagine, we need to enter new markets. Presently, our center is as yet in the EU, however we are beginning to enter Asia with an underlying spotlight on Hong Kong and Singapore, just as the US. We need to guarantee that we are the confided in accomplices for all purchasing and selling of watches online, likewise in those geologies. This implies we are right now building up watch workshops on the ground for authentication and nearby deals staff. I figure you will peruse many intriguing declarations with regards to the following not many months coming from us.

What are the key patterns and points of view for the watch market?

We can at this point don’t take a gander at online and offline independently: The new extravagance purchaser is online, all around educated and makes his buys on a portable or work area gadget just as in-store.

We are additionally seeing expanding demand for vintage watches from 1930 to 1970. This pattern is likewise reflected in our own marketing projections. The pattern towards models that look vintage can likewise be plainly seen in new watches. NOMOS Glashütte, Omega, Cartier, Tudor and Co. are driving the way and reevaluating their icons.

How do you break down the market?

The market is recuperating from a recurrent emergency. We have another portion of purchasers that are carefully organized, that are educated about costs and who even purchase extravagance items progressing with their cell phone. This implies that the merchandise that prevalently lie with offline retailers should be conveyed online. The watch business talks a ton about twenty to thirty year olds, however in all actuality with a particularly online entrance, thus scarcely any carefully determined activities, it is impossible that you will arrive at this objective segment. I think brands are beginning to perceive this and are currently thinking about how to handle this possibly existential emergency. We need to assist with this.

The capability of the auxiliary market is gigantic. As of not long ago, brands had not been doing an extraordinary arrangement about the optional market however are starting to need a slice of the pie. How would you imagine working with them?

Ultimately these are new waters for watch brands. When the potential is in the twofold digit billions yearly, how would you abruptly enter another space you have recently overlooked or even knocked sometimes? The fact of the matter is – brands are incredible at building lovely watches. They are not normally familiar with managing end purchasers similarly a retailer is. Obviously, this is changing to an ever increasing extent, with the ascent of the mono-brand shops, however generally watch brands are item companies first, and dissemination companies second.

The used market has consistently been there, the new promotion just arose because of François Bennahmias comment on the significance of entering this market. I have almost certainly that players like AP are not kidding about this, however I imagine that it’s a great deal of complexity coming at them that can barely be completely perceived until the second that you need to manage it. That is the reason I think brands need to discover stage accomplices &#8211, for example, CHRONEXT – to manage their used tasks, in a look and feel that is brand-accommodating and offers an extraordinary client experience for clients. There isn’t some other watch marketplace that has full control start to finish control of the experience as we do – that is the reason brands are progressively collaborating with us to run their used businesses.

What is your fundamental guidance for collectors?

Never at any point purchase something you don’t adore – regardless of whether everybody discloses to you it will go up in cost. Just purchase watches you genuinely love. I don’t have confidence in exemplary venture standards, as “a watch needs papers”. Indeed, I generally purchase my watches without any papers if their authenticity is ensured by means of CHRONEXT. The value will in general be lower and, regardless, you don’t wear papers and a case on your wrist and you don’t peruse the papers each prior night heading to sleep. So why pay for them?

What will be your next close to home watch acquisition? 

I just arranged another NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit in blue on Sunday, and I am as yet attempting to control myself from purchasing another Omega Darkside of the Moon dark – however I figure it will be past the point of no return regarding controlling myself by month’s end 🙂