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The New Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel

The New Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel

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While the past variant of the  Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton wasn’t precisely what you would call a ‘shy watch’, Ulysse Nardin has chosen to take it to an unheard of level. Still dependent on an advanced and airborne plan, actually highlighting a few great specialized arrangements (something dear to UN), Ulysse Nardin carries a completely new engineering to the development and the watch – both exceptionally interrelated here – with the new Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton “Free Wheel”. Free-skimming components and forefront innovation under a precious stone box…

The new “Free Wheel” is fundamentally another interpretation of the  Executive Tourbillon . Also, regardless of whether a portion of the rudiments are still set up, it is a significant amazing facelift that UN is proposing here. The case holds the trademark incorporated triple drags typically found on this model yet returned to in another, more precise way. The surfaces presently switch back and forth among cleaned and brushed completions, with more precise edges. The screws as an afterthought to hold the lash are as yet present, as is the horizontal plate engraved with the remarkable number of the watch. For the rest, new shapes, more building structure and less metal on show.

Even however the Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel estimates 44mm in distance across, the first “almost-full-sapphire” structure considers an outwardly light and slim watch. Not fundamentally a super flimsy piece, the super domed sapphire precious stone makes the caseband for all intents and purposes missing and in this manner the watch wears less than you’d expect.

One of the significant advancements comes from the new dial/development/case design. Under this sapphire “hood” (which should be a bad dream to create), all the specialized components seem to drift over the dial, with no mechanical connection between them – no evident associating wheels between the barrel and the managing organ, as by far most of the stuff train is situated under the dial/mainplate. Accordingly, the barrel, the tourbillon, the force save and a portion of the mechanical parts are freely gliding over the dial, causing a great vibe of profundity and of technicality.

The Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton “Free Wheel” is accessible in two adaptations. The first, in 18k white gold, shows a perforated network as a dial. The subsequent one, in 18k rose gold, includes a stone dial, 

The downside of this engineering is the general void of the rear of the watch. As all the components are situated dial side, the back is chiefly the mainplate of the development just accentuated by rubies (set in gold chatons) and the pivot of a portion of the wheels. The completing remaining parts charming, with an anthracite dark covering and a grained surface.

The development of the Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton “Free Wheel” isn’t just outwardly great, it is likewise in fact progressed. Considered and made in-house, this development boats 7 days of force save. It likewise depends on innovation created by UN, including silicium – recollect that UN was the principal brand to commercialize a watch with a silicium escapement, with the 2001 Freak. Here, both the equilibrium wheel, the break wheel, the hairspring and the bed fork are made in this inventive material – as you can figure from the purple/blue shade of these elements.

In expansion to that, Ulysse Nardin has furnished this watch with its restrictive steady power escapement, the Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon. In light of the guideline of adaptable instruments misusing the flexibility of springs, the bed fork moves altogether without rubbing (as it is no longer obliged by a turning staff). This new advancement tested the standard of the customary Swiss anchor escapement, executing a round casing with a bed fork fixed in the middle, upheld in space on two super dainty cutting edge springs. Mounted opposite to one another, these are exposed to a twisting power that bends them and keeps up them in a bi-stable state.

This permits the tourbillon controller to stay unaffected by changes in the force conveyed by the solid barrels. As there is no friction, when the bed fork gets back to its unique position, it offers back its put away energy with basically no misfortune, making a practically steady power on the escapement (over the full scope of the influence save). This particular escapement, that we’ve clarified in subtleties here , is presently completely operational and highlighted in the customary collection.

The Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel is worn on a soft, carbon-like crocodile lash with a collapsing clasp. Unlike other Ulysse Nardin tourbillons, the “Free Wheel” is certainly not a restricted version, however a full-run creation dispatch. It will be evaluated at EUR 96,000 or CHF 99,000 for the white gold or the rose gold releases. More subtleties on .