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The New Sumo, the 2019 Seiko Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1

The New Sumo, the 2019 Seiko Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1


Seiko’s notoriety as far as plunge watches is… unquestionable! The Japanese brand absolutely has one of the biggest assortment of plunging instruments, with costs going from EUR 400 to over EUR 5,000 – and all bearing their own moniker: Samurai , Turtle , Tuna or Sumo. Today we will investigate the Sumo, an update of the popular diver introduced by the brand at Baselworld 2019. Meet the new 2019 Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1.

The Sumo, a model brought into the world in 2007

The Seiko “Sumo” is one of the some much-adored and regarded plunge watches that are delivered by the Japanese brand. Vigorous, rather basic, dependable, not particularly rich but rather still gorgeous, it additionally comes (as often with Seiko ) with extraordinary compared to other quality-value proportions you can envision – you can undoubtedly discover one for about EUR 500 on the street.

The Seiko Prospex Diver 200m SBDC031 was dispatched in 2007, as a mid-range offer, over the section level Turtle and Samurai and underneath the MarineMaster 300m. A preferred development over the two moderate pieces on one side, a case with more regard for subtleties as well, yet a lower water-obstruction and no sapphire precious stone like the MM300.

The SBDC031 – the exemplary model with various dials – immediately acquired an epithet: Sumo. As indicated by FratelloWatches and , there a few theories clarifying the source of this name. The first is its moderately massive case compared to its 20mm arm band. Another conceivable clarification comes from the marker at 12 o’clock, which takes after the ‘Mawashi’, the clothing worn by Japanese sumo grapplers during a fight.

This watch was normal of Seiko’s Divers, with an enormous and strong 45mm x 13.5mm case, a crown situated at 4 o’clock and huge markers on the dial. It didn’t advance from 2007 to 2018 and was controlled by the notable programmed type 6R15. In any case, at Baselworld 2019, another adaptation has been introduced.

The new SPB103J1, a specialized and visual update

The new Seiko Sumo – or Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1 – isn’t a complete takeoff from the more seasoned model and keeps a large portion of the ascribes found on the SBDC031. Think about this new form as an update, with numerous upgrades and slight visual developments, rather than a totally new watch. With everything taken into account, the basics are as yet present however the specialized side has been improved, for a superior proprietor experience.

Regarding the case, the Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1 (or SPB101J1, as two shadings will be accessible) adheres to its enormous, average Seiko shape. The steel case actually holds its sharp points and cleaned features and still has its screw-down crown situated at 4 o’clock (Seiko’s trademark). Measurements are indistinguishable, with a 45mm width, 52.5mm drag to-carry and roughly 13.5mm in tallness. (Did you simply pant?) The Sumo was a huge, weighty, massive watch and still is. However, it wears shockingly well and stays adjusted on the wrist (note: my wrist is little, at 17cm). The case is as yet water-impervious to 200 metres.

There are a few updates however, fundamentally for the bezel and the dial. In the first place, the still bezel holds its coin-edge profile is as yet unidirectional with an hour long scale. However, you’ll notice that the addition has new textual styles, without the all-encompassing “fat” numerals. It does, notwithstanding, hold its inward feature. The subsequent advancement respects the gem. Recently made in mineral “Hardlex” glass, Seiko accommodates its new Sumo SPB103J1 with a sapphire crystal.

Some developments can likewise be seen on the actual dial, the most evident being the tone. While a dark form (not captured here) is as yet accessible under the reference SPB101J1, Seiko has chosen to add a second model under the reference SPB103J1, with a green sunburst dial and a coordinating bezel embed. Unique, still exceptionally differentiated, less often seen than blue… It makes the new Sumo very desirable.

The dial of the 2019 Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver 200m just shows some minor updates compared to the 2007 model. As should be obvious, the lists and markers are indistinguishably formed (counting the notable Sumo marker at 12), the date is as yet outlined by a white line and the engravings are about the equivalent. The fundamental distinction comes from the hands, with a slim moment hand and an hour hand that currently coordinates the “Sumo” theme, without the three-sided tip. Lists and hands are still liberally loaded up with brilliant paint.

Last update: the development. While the past form of the Seiko Sumo was fueled by the type 6R15, the new 2019 Seiko SPB103J1 and SPB101J1 highlight the type 6R35. The base remaining parts as before, with a 3Hz recurrence, a focal rotor for the programmed winding, a fast set date, and a stop-second gadget, be that as it may, the force hold has been improved to a comfortable 70 hours (rather than 50 hours). The development is covered up under a screwed steel caseback.

The Seiko Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1 and SPB101J1 are worn on a 3-interface steel wristband with brushed surfaces and cleaned highlights. It includes a security catch and a wetsuit extension.

The retail cost for this 2019 Seiko Sumo will be EUR 850 – compared to EUR 629 for the past rendition. This feels supported considering the expansion of a sapphire gem and a more drawn out force save, two updates that increment the apparent nature of this dearest watch. More subtleties at .