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The New Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection

The New Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection

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As the official watch of the Olympic Games, Omega consistently presents restricted releases devoted to this significant game. With Tokyo 2020 on its way, we anticipated that some new watches should be presented. What’s more, here they are, the new Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection (to acknowledge a job well done, thank you  Fratellowatches and Instagram clients for spreading the news…) Don’t search for these watches on your nearby Omega site, except if you live in Japan. These are Japan-just versions – yet in today’s world, this won’t be a hindrance to someone who truly needs to get their hands on these watches…

Japan has consistently been a significant market for the Speedmaster – and the recent  Speedy Tuesday/Ultraman restricted version , with its Japanese motivation, won’t change the standard. However, rather than the arrival of exceptional Seamaster watches committed to the Olympics, Omega has concluded that for Tokyo 2020, the Speedmaster would be the ideal contender for a progression of uncommon release watches. The new Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection comprises five watches, all dependent on the exemplary Speedy Professional Moonwatch (sapphire gem rendition), with a plan (obviously) propelled by the five shades of the Olympic banner – to be specific the blue, yellow, dark, green and red rings portraying the five continents.

The specs of the base Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Limited Editions will be recognizable to all of you: 42mm asymmetrical case, brushed and cleaned, outer tachymeter scale on the bezel, type 1861 hand-twisted with the 3-6-9 design for the chronograph, 3-connect steel wristband. Nothing truly new at this level, aside from the tones utilized on the dials and bezels, just as the two forms with a two-tone, steel and gold plan. One distinction from the ordinary sapphire gem adaptations of the Moonwatch concerns the caseback;  rather than the standard sapphire caseback, the Olympic models include a strong steel back stepped with the Tokyo 2020 logo.

It’s critical to feature that the Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection may be offered in Japan at official Omega stores and can be seen on the Japanese rendition of here  – yet globalization has its favorable circumstances and those of you who truly need one will presumably discover a way… Each adaptation will be delivered in a run of 2,020 pieces and a bunch of every one of the five watches will likewise be offered (55 models accessible), in a particular introduction box and with five extra leather ties. Costs will be JPY 680,400 (approx. EUR 5,240) for the steel models and JPY 842,400 (approx. EUR 6,490) for the steel and gold models. Let’s presently investigate each of them.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Blue – 522.

The first of the five models – ref. 522. – will feel natural to numerous Speedmaster aficionados who will perceive attributes of the 2006 Gemini IV restricted release (ref. 3565.80.00). It does, truth be told, share a similar combination of a steel case, a blue bezel and a blue brushed dial with white sub-counters. A few contrasts can be valued, including the red Speedmaster logo, the lengthened applied lists, the silver chronograph counters and the red-tipped seconds hand.

The blue-panda look of this Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 is alluring and feels altogether different from the typical dark dial models. Also, since the Gemini IV release is becoming more extraordinary and more costly on the recycled market, this may be a decent chance to procure a blue-dial Speedmaster.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Yellow – 522.

The second model in this Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 collection is a reference to the yellow ring on the Olympic banner. For the event, Omega didn’t go excessively wild with a brilliant yellow dial however settled on a more rich interpretation of the theme with a two-tone gold and steel shading plan. The ref. 522. depends on the exemplary Moonwatch yet adds a steel and gold glance in general, with yellow gold pushers, crown and bezel. Its plan by one way or another reviews the Apollo 15 35th commemoration (ref. 3366.51.00) edition.

An indistinguishable theme is utilized for the dial, a grained, matte dark plate with yellow gold utilized on the rings of the sub-counters, on the hands, on the files just as for all the printing – except for the red Speedmaster logo.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Black (Panda) – 522.

The watch that addresses the dark ring on the Olympic banner will positively be the primary talking piece of this new Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 collection, as it isn’t truly dark (otherwise it would have been a basic Moonwatch) and presentations a supposed panda dial. Speedmaster specialists will quickly see the similarity with the 2004 Apollo 11 35th Anniversary version (ref. 3569.31.00). Then once more, a few contrasts are present.

This ref. 522. highlights prolonged applied records and a red Speedmaster logo. The panda dial converts into a brilliant white opaline dial with dark sub-counters, combined with an exemplary dark bezel. The case is steel. This is an uncommon open door (and an exceptionally pleasant one as well) to add a panda Speedmaster to your collection.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Green – 522.

For the green rendition, Omega decided to keep it inconspicuous. The Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 ref. 522. depends on a steel and gold plan – here with Sedna gold (Omega’s own rose gold amalgam) for the pushers, crown, bezel, just as all the hands, the lists and the rings of the sub-counters.

The dial is a marginally more obscure brushed dark tone. The lone dash of green can be seen on the bezel, with a dim green foundation printed with a gold tachymeter scale. The printings on the dial are dark while the Speedmaster logo is red.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Red – 522.

Last yet not least, the red ring of the Olympic banner is evoked in the Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 ref. 522. By and by, Omega has tried not to go for a completely soaked dial and utilized more tactful contacts and a remarkable plan. This rendition depends on a full steel case and bracelet.

The principle oddity is the sandblasted light dim dial with silver-hued applied lists and hands. Red is included on the addition of the bezel just as on the Speedmaster logo on the dial.