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The New Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies’ Collection

The New Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies’ Collection

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While numerous Omega fans are getting a charge out of the dispatch of the men’s Olympic-themed watches, a mission featuring Kaia Gerber is underway to draw in twenty to thirty year olds to the new De Ville Trésor Ladies Collection. Kaia, little girl of veteran Omega represetative Cindy Crawford, was selected in 2017 as the substance of the “up and coming age of watch fans”.

Kaia’s Choice: De Ville Trésor

Surprisingly modern and brazenly female, the new De Ville Trésor Ladies Collection is portrayed by thin, smoothed out cases, larger than average Roman numerals and precious stone set bezels. Introduced in 36mm and 39mm case sizes, in either treated steel or Omega’s exclusive 18k Sedna pink gold, this isn’t your shimmering little mixed drink watch.

The liberal case sizes of 36mm and 39mm exude presence and character, as do the prolonged Roman numerals that stretch strikingly towards the focal point of the dial. The triumphant reconciliation of somewhat manly qualities – like the enormous case size and calm dial – dodge the watch wandering into cutesy, nostalgic territory.

Thin is in

In Omega’s robust book “A Journey through Time” we discover that the De Ville family was brought into the world in 1960 and was an immediate descendant of the Seamaster, a line of watches prestigious for their one-piece case that must be opened by means of the bezel. The idea behind this irregular technique for getting to the development “provided opportunity to design models that combined the slender refinement of a dress watch with the advantages of hearty water-resistance”.

The one notable element that has streamed down to the new De Ville Trésor collection is the “slender refinement” and the cases gloat lean profiles estimating simply 8.85mm thick for the 36mm models and 9.75mm for the 39mm sisters.

An hourglass figure and other ladylike traits

The tallness of the case may be thin, yet this watch has bends. The ebb and flow of the case and hauls is especially engaging and the line of pavé-set precious stones on either side of the bezel improves its hourglass figure. Rather than simply enhancing the bezel with shimmering precious stones, the tightened setting of the jewels draws the eye towards the shapely forms of the watch.

Another ladylike touch is the red fluid ceramic addition molded like a blossom on the crown with a precious stone in its middle. The tips of the stylised Roman numerals, which are either embellished or moved on the dial, gather to make an ideal circle in the focal point of the dial and are perused by thin, tightened hands. The shut case back has likewise been decorated with an eight-petalled botanical theme and a reflected surface. Probably designed to respect yourself, the reasonableness of a mirror on the rear of a watch is questionable.

A quartz movement

The first De Ville Trésor of 1949 was initially a men’s watch albeit the ‘treasure’ had nothing to do with valuable metal or precious stones. The fortune alluded to the unbelievable Omega 30mm type housed in its slender case. Designed by Henri Kneuss in 1939, the 30mm type with “its extraordinary unwavering quality, its fine managing execution, its strength and simplicity of upkeep,” would become, “a benchmark in the historical backdrop of watchmaking for a fourth of a century, from 1939 to 1963.”

It is peculiar then to see that the new ladies’ De Ville Trésor watches have discarded a thin mechanical development for a quartz development. Fitted with Omega’s type 4061 quartz development, the decision was no uncertainty spurred to contain costs and to interest young ladies who need the look and feel of a legitimate brand on the wrist without the problem of winding a watch.

Since decision is the usable word in watchmaking today, nine minor departure from the theme are accessible. Notwithstanding picking the metal of the case, an elegant range of dial tones – going from an alluring beige earthy colored to iridescent mother-of-pearl and lacquered opaline – is proposed alongside coordinating ties in either texture or leather. Costs start at CHF 4,100 for a hardened steel model and arrive at CHF 8,000 for a 18k Sedna gold model. More details on .