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The New HYT H5, Now with Blue Fluid

The New HYT H5, Now with Blue Fluid

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HYT can gladly profess to be the lone watchmaker today to show time with fluids. With a brand reasoning dissimilar to some other, HYT needs us to comprehend time naturally, as an unyielding, relentless stream. The brand, and its irregular blend of mechanical watchmaking and fluid innovation, has come far since its presentation in 2012. A year ago, HYT presented another development, type 501, uncovering its captivating complexity in another straightforward case known as the H5. The most recent blue H5 model is a restricted version of 25 pieces. Joining two existing H5 models with green and dark fluid, the representative shading blue was picked to commute home the message that time resembles a stream and stops for no man.

Time is liquid

Although clepsydras, or water timekeepers, have been knocking around since days of yore, addressing time with shaded fluids is elite to HYT. The vast majority of you know about HYT’s fluidic portrayal of time; two immiscible fluids inside a glass slender are moved by cries, one fluid addresses slipped by time, the other addresses the future and the position where they meet shows present time.

Erosion as inspiration

The voluminous elements of the (dominatingly) sapphire gem case (48.8mm distance across x 20.08mm tallness) are trademark HYT. Suggestive of logical chime jolts, the domed straightforward covering uncovers every single detail of the development. Taking characteristic disintegration as an analogy, the creators at HYT needed to pare down the layers and get to the ‘exposed truth’. Also, similar to waterway rocks worn out by the steady disintegration of water, the case is smooth and practically natural in nature. Looking down into its profundities, you can value the various layers and differentiating surfaces of the movement’s engineering and displays.

Blue River

Instead of making the distinctive blue fluid radiant, the roundabout cylinder containing the blue fluid is enlightened from underneath by a rail of white Super-LumiNova running under the hairlike. Thirteen hour markers (6 is copied), suspended from a dim metal spine just beneath the fluidic sign are utilized to demonstrate the passing hours. The two cries at 6 o’clock, answerable for pushing the fluids around the hairlike, stand apart with their glimmering loops as opposed to the gunmetal connect and the remainder of the components on the ‘dial’ with their dark matte sandblasted finishes.  A dash of red at 3 o’clock is utilized to feature the force hold marker offset 9 o’clock with a little seconds counter. The minutes counter at 12 o’clock includes a dark openworked hand with a brilliant tip.

Viewed from the side, the H5 offers another captivating vision of the neoralite hour ring with its enormous cut-out Arabic numerals sparkling in obscurity. The way that there are no drags permits the (amazingly thick) watch to sit shockingly well on the wrist. It comes with a tightened, punctured dim elastic lash to coordinate the punctured themes on the crown and a titanium collapsing clasp.

Proprietary 501 Movement

Developed and produced in a joint effort with TEC Group and Eric Coudray, the primary specialized development of type 501 lies in an unpredictably formed cam to synchronize the hour and moment signs with accuracy, which is one of the principle specialized difficulties for HYT. Its 13 positions offer as numerous means to firmly file the two displays.

A hand-wound development, the Caliber 501 works at 4Hz and saves to 65 hours of force hold when completely twisted. Other than the fluidic hour sign, it shows the minutes at 12 o’clock and the seconds at 9 o’clock. The development is done like the dial with dim sandblasted surfaces and the antenna shaft is cleaned like the roars on the dial side.

You can find out about the complexities of the 501 development in Xavier’s article and watch our video with clarifications from vital participants at HYT.

Availability and price

Produced in a restricted version of only 25 pieces, the H5 with blue fluidic hours has similar cost as the previous releases: EUR 55,000. More data at .