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The New Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette

The New Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette

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I typically never expound on ladies’ watches. It is something that I leave to the stunning Rebecca and Roberta – they have considerably more objectivity on this subject than I’ll at any point have. However, now and again, I can see the magnificence of a women’s watch and be dazzled or motivated. This is the thing that I felt when seeing the new Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette – a female watch that nearly made me desirous not to have the option to wear it.

Why this one? For what reason did I feel the tingle to expound on a ladies’ watch? Straightforward: take a gander at the new Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette and you’ll comprehend. Enlivened, novel, precisely fascinating, current, not necessarily girly and dressed with diamonds… As demonstrated by its name, this Chanel piece is roused by the developing idea of the Boy-Friend watch – you know, that second when your significant other gets your watch and you shout at her yet furtively think that its super-attractive…

Modern women are not pulled in by old-school female watches any longer those little, round, jewel set pieces that you may discover on your mother’s wrist. All things considered, they like to wear manly, bigger watches. Chanel, a brand that knows somewhat about patterns and style (no doubt) got this and made the Boy-Friend assortment – rectangular, sharp watches, which could give off an impression of being acquired from a man’s wrist, but showing the class that ladies want.

The new Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette pushes the idea much further with an attractive looking development – and I say that as a man who wouldn’t loathe seeing this development in a man’s watch. This development probably won’t be super complex, however it stands apart as a result of its shape and format. It plays with bends, balance and adjusted extents to make a thorough, yet attractive plan. The case, in 18k beige gold (without or with jewels on the bezel), makes a pleasant difference to the dark beautification of the development, featured with gold angles on the bridges.

Just like the Chanel Monsieur Watch, we can feel the hand of Romain Gauthier here. Truly, I desire to see this development – or a bigger variant of it – in a watch intended for men. The case is rather huge, yet potentially excessively little for men – 37mm x 28.6mm.

This new Chanel Boy-Friend Squelette dazzled me for being creative, actually intriguing and, for once, in accordance with patterns and present day women’s wants. More subtleties after Baselworld 2018.