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The Most Technologically Innovative Watches of 2019 (So Far…)

The Most Technologically Innovative Watches of 2019 (So Far…)


Innovation can be a rather befuddling popular expression in the realm of watches, an industry brimming with custom and some way or another playing on the “old-school” idea. All things considered, the Swiss watchmaking industry proceeds to improve and to shock us – and 2019 previously had its part of insane progressed watches. So here are 5 advancements that take mechanical watchmaking higher than ever and best represent development in the old universe of mechanical watches…

Note: this determination depends on an agreement among the MONOCHROME group. It mirrors our inclinations among watches disclosed in 2019. In the event that there are other watches you’d love to make reference to, don’t hesitate to share these in the comment segment toward the finish of this article.

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT automatic

Bvlgari has quite recently introduced its 5th model in a progression of record-breaking watches. The new Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic in reality becomes the thinnest mechanical chronograph development and watch, with statures of 6.90mm for the case and 3.30mm just for the type. What’s more, it is automatic (with a fringe rotor) and it includes a GMT sign. On the off chance that the development engineering is customary with a segment haggle grip. Bvlgari has utilized an enormous measurement development to lessen the general thickness. The brand’s ability in making super dainty watches and developments has wrapped up. Positively not a similar sort of advancement as found in the remainder of this guide, yet one extremely amazing watch, to say the least.

Quick facts: 42mm x 6.90mm titanium case – water impervious to 30m – automatic type BVL 318 with hours, minutes, little seconds, chronograph and GMT. Titanium arm band – CHF 16,500 –

TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph

Just like the Zenith Inventor, the TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph is an advancement of the LVMH foundation, under the course of Guy Sémon. Past the Chronograph/tourbillon development, the inventive piece of the watch is its hairspring, its material and the manner in which it is produced. This carbon-composite component (likewise found in the Autavia Isograph ) is made inside. It permits the lightweight, low-thickness oscillator to be for all intents and purposes unaffected by gravity, stuns and attractive fields. Its plan guarantees concentric motions for improved execution and usefulness. Also, in contrast to the past watches, it is generally accessible and can be actualized on standard mechanical developments as a substitution part.

Label Heuer’s arrangement depends on a complex

Quick facts: 45mm PVD-titanium case with carbon bezel – water impervious to 100m – automatic type Heuer 02T, hours, minutes, chronograph and tourbillon–calf leather and elastic lash on collapsing clasp – CHF 24,900 –

Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt

Just like the Zenith Inventor underneath, the Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt is managed by a creative oscillator. However, it has been introduced as an idea observe just up until this point; yet Ulysse Nardin proclaimed that it will be consolidated in commercial items before the finish of 2019. Here once more, the inventive improvement depends on compliant components with a tridimensional engineering including adaptable silicon edges. The oscillator is in a real sense suspended in mid-air. As an outcome, the turn point is virtual which permits Ulysse Nardin radically improving energy utilization and effectiveness. It likewise gets rid of the unfriendly impact of gravity as there is no distinction in sufficiency between the level and vertical places of the watch. Normally, such an improvement must be housed in the notable Freak watch, which was the first available to join silicon, back in 2001.

Quick facts: 45mm platinum and titanium case – water impervious to 30m – automatic type UN-25X, hours and minutes–elastic or croc tie on collapsing clasp – idea watch, not for sale –

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar

As its name recommends, an unending schedule monitors the date never-endingly… as long as the watch continues to run! Which is, clearly, not the situation when your watch is put away for quite a while. The appropriate response of Vacheron Constantin to this issue comes looking like a client controlled, double recurrence watch. It highlights two modes – dynamic when worn, reserve when put away – on account of two stuff trains and two isolated controllers. A pusher permits changing from dynamic mode – with a controller ticking at 5hz and 40 hours of force hold – to the “capacity” backup more – with a subsequent controller ticking at 1.2hz, giving an amazing force save of 65 days. A brilliant answer for make a never-ending schedule easy to use and proficient. To wrap things up, the watch is just superb.

Quick facts: 42mm platinum case – water impervious to 30m – hand-wound type 3610QP, hours, minutes, prompt ceaseless schedule, power save and recurrence mode-crocodile tie on pin clasp – EUR 210,000 –

Zenith Defy Inventor

The progressive Zenith oscillator – introduced mid-2017 with Defy Lab idea watch – presently comes in a commercial form, accessible to the general population. Introducing models of another oscillator or escapement is a certain something, taking it from idea to advertise is another… We are managing the actual embodiment of watchmaking and chronometry, however 21st-century style. The equilibrium spring and Swiss switch development have been the solitary time reason for mechanical watches for more than 250 years. Its standard has been enhanced to the best conceivable degree yet its general development stays unaltered. Zenith, in any case, discovered a pristine arrangement, supplanting the exemplary controlling organ. The essential component of the Zenith Defy Inventor is a silicon compliant instrument supplanting the 30 sections or so comprised in a standard controller. Combining low abundancy and super high recurrence, it is practically harsh toward attractive fields, gravity and temperature change. Great, extraordinary and now available.

Quick facts: 41mm titanium case with Aeronith bezel – water impervious to 50m – automatic type 9100 with hours, minutes and seconds – gator lash on collapsing clasp – CHF 17,900 –