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The MARNAUT Dark Surge 300m Dive Series (Review)

The MARNAUT Dark Surge 300m Dive Series (Review)


We’ve talked about the surge of microbrands on numerous events, valuing their creative styling at available value focuses. Dive watches, be that as it may, can be a difficult one to figure out with grounded players like Seiko, Hamilton and Tissot offering reasonable, competitive alternatives at retailers around the world. Indeed, the market appears to be overflowed with divers from pretty much every significant brand, so how could a newcomer compete? Indeed, meet the MARNAUT Dark Surge 300m divers wearing a genuine profundity rating and extraordinary style that doesn’t shout Rolex or Seiko wannabe.

We previously took a gander at MARNAUT’s Dark Surge series back in August 2018 when it dispatched on Kickstarter, yet in the wake of having one on my wrist for half a month, it’s the ideal opportunity for an appropriate review. The watch imparts company to a great deal of compelling late augmentations, like the BOLDR Globetrotter GMT , UNDONE Aqua and Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavor , yet it’s ready to stand apart with a modern dial and generally speaking vibe not at all like whatever else. We should investigate this noteworthy first watch series from MARNAUT.


Although MARNAUT is another company set up in 2018, its first watch series has been three years really taking shape. The actual name has meaning – MARNAUT = Mare(sea) + Nautica. Author Mario Jutronic, a lifelong inventive and deep rooted horology lover, planned the watches in Croatia subsequent to spending his childhood investigating the Adriatic Sea off the Island of Brac. Swimming and looking for ocean imps, the shell example of the barbed, round echinoderms had a permanent impression. The dial highlights many metal files that repeat this example as Jutronic’s objective was to “make an interesting diver that intertwines the brilliant time of sea watches with cutting edge elite.” As the dial is the point of convergence, it turned into a focal objective to make something roused and distinctive as the undertaking created. Being a little autonomous brand, MARNAUT zeroed in on quality over amount, so creation is restricted to under 1,000 pieces over the whole assortment each year. This aides the prospering company firmly oversee supply chains and quality control and makes a touch of restrictiveness for clients too. Each piece can be authenticated by means of the CertiEye application (for both Android and iOS) utilizing a QR code that relates to your particular watch’s sequential number.


The 316L treated steel case has a glossy silk brushed completion and comes in at 42mm in measurement and 13mm in stature. Unquestionably not a little watch, but rather genuinely standard for a contemporary diver. My piece has a coordinating silver aluminum bezel with dark stick markers like clockwork, yet an anodized dark bezel with markers loaded up with Super-LumiNova C3 comes standard on the other two models. The downplayed silver bezel has developed on me and I lean toward it over the more conventional dark/silver combination (there’s likewise an IP-plated dark on dark model).

All bezels are unidirectional with 120 ticks for a full pivot and turning it was both smooth and exact. A domed sapphire gem covers the dial while a strong screw-down caseback has MARNAUT’s logo inside a raised, globule impacted circle. The twofold O-ring screw-down crown guarantees its 300m profundity rating and the company logo is stepped on the end. Seen from the side, the coordinated hauls incline descending in a consistent curve, while the middle segment between the drags bends outward. It’s a very much thought to be, profound case with sufficient unobtrusive plan signals to dodge a nonexclusive aesthetic.


The dial is the champion element with an aggregate of 46 metal lists, 34 of which spread out in a “ocean imp” example to every five-minute record. The deepest of these records structure a circle in the focal point of the dial, encompassing the focal post of the hands. While it sounds complex and even jumbled, the completed plan is spotless, refined and eye-getting. Huge 12, 3, 6 and 9 Arabic numerals are joined by applied stick lists like clockwork, and each of the 46 lists are covered with Super-LumiNova C3. The bolt molded hour hand, moment and candy seconds hands are likewise loaded up with lume.

Look intently and you’ll discover little scope and longitude organizes printed at the base edge of the dial, on either side of the 6 record. They pinpoint Mario Jutronic’s jumping spot in the Adriatic Sea. This is a noteworthy first dial for another company and having every one of the 46 files transmit a splendid green around evening time is a delight to see.


The heart of the Dark Surge is a Japanese Miyota 9015 programmed, including 24 gems, 28,800vph (4Hz) and a 42-hour power hold. Presented in 2009, this is a demonstrated workhorse that is dependable, handily overhauled and achievable by little brands. It includes a Parashock stun insurance framework with focal hours, minutes, hacking seconds and date (albeit the date highlight is covered up by the dial in this series).

Its appraised exactness is inside 10 to 30 seconds out of each day, which is comparable to a Standard grade ETA programmed (likewise precise to inside 30 seconds out of every day). My watch arrived at the midpoint of just 12 seconds quick each day more than about fourteen days of testing and that is above and beyond for most wearers.


The 20mm tie on my piece is standard smooth dark silicone that is ideal for jumping, albeit a subsequent Italian upset leather lash is additionally included with all buys. The last relies upon which model you get – the silver bezel gets a cream leather lash, the dark bezel gets a dim leather tie and the IP-plated dark case gets a dark leather tie. Any of these lashes can likewise be bought independently. The silicone lash is comfortable and fits the esthetic well, and for a legitimate dive watch, it’s most likely the most ideal decision. In spite of the fact that I appreciate the alternative from MARNAUT to switch things up if desired.


I’ve reviewed a ton of dive watches, numerous from little autonomous brands, and most attempt to stand apart with something special. Perhaps it’s a profundity rating past 300m, a GMT hand or customization alternatives. The “ocean imp” dial on the MARNAUT Dark Surge 300m is a commendable champion component and truly isolates this piece from others. The 300m profundity rating and demonstrated Miyota 9015 keep it competitive, yet this current one’s about style. I’ve gotten a greater number of comments by inquisitive spectators than from any watch I’ve worn over the most recent a while, divers or otherwise. That is truly saying something and I acclaim MARNAUT for a particularly energetic first exertion. The bezel doesn’t fulfill the ISO 6425 guideline for a dive watch without printed numbers, yet it’s as yet utilitarian for most water devotees. In case you’re looking for a remarkable piece that can deal with a genuine dive with a subtler esthetic than your normal dive watch, MARNAUT offers an amazing value proposition.

All three models are accessible to buy now at MARNAUT’s online store . The silver and dark bezel models retail for USD 549, and the IP-plated dark on dark model retails for USD 599. Each model is restricted to 300 pieces each year and all come with a two-year guarantee and 30-day bring window back. More data at .