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The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005

The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005

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Few watches can profess to be genuine symbols. The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch is certainly one of them. This WWII-enlivened pilot’s watch needs no presentation any longer. Obviously, the one that everyone knows is the exemplary dark dial adaptation with white records (Ref. IW500912) . Be that as it may, there are more versions offered by the brand – including my top choice, the “Le Petit Prince” ref. IW500916 – with or without complications. As of late, the brand added another, vintage-like subcollection in the Big Pilot line named “Heritage”, which incorporates the watch we’re going to survey, the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005. Patina is going to hit the sky!


In 2002, IWC dispatched a watch that would later become a genuine foundation in the assortment, a watch that many adulated and adored, a watch that would characterize IWC as a genuine pilot’s watch make: the Big Pilot. The main release – the standard dark dial form, Ref. IW5002 – was an advanced re-presentation of a famous German military watch, the B-Uhr. This watch, dating from 1935 and checked ‘Beobachtungsuhr’, was worn by the aeroplane’s navigators.

German Luftwaffe pilots utilized this watch as a genuine route instrument and, for this very explanation, the watch was huge – about 55mm in measurement – and accommodated a gigantic hand-wound pocket watch development. The development was encircled by a soft-iron case, making these watches hostile to attractive, which is fundamental for flight watches. A genuine model is the IWC Caliber 52 T.S.C. (Ref. IW431) that was first fabricated in 1940 (see picture above.)

The 2002 IWC Big Pilot’s watch Ref. IW5002 was an advanced understanding of this idea rather than a steadfast duplicate of a past model. All things considered, it was characterized by its curiously large case – 46mm – and its significant dial, with hands and markers indistinguishable from the 1940s watches. Inside was a super enormous development, this time however with programmed winding and a 7-day power save. Vintage in style, however not in the specifications.

Three ages of Big Pilot’s watches were presented – IW5002, IW5004, and the current IW5009. On the off chance that the idea remained fundamentally the equivalent, a few advancements are to be noted. For example, the midlife model IW5004 was somehow decried by authorities due to a less real dial show. At the SIHH 2016, IWC presented a fresh out of the box new form – Ref. IW5009 – which refreshed the dial and got back to the original plan – with the 9 o’clock numeral once again into the right spot and the dark triangle beneath the 12 o’clock record. Likewise, the development was totally changed, and in the event that it actually has a 7-day power hold, it includes a pristine engineering inside. This is the development that has been utilized for the making of a few restricted (or not) releases, including two “Heritage” watches: the Ref. IW501004 with titanium case and the one that is the talking point here, the bronze rendition Ref. IW501005.

The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005

The as of late introduced Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is a restricted release of 1,500 pieces that IWC dispatched to satisfy the individuals who locate the exemplary dark dial form too specialized, too current, insufficient established in military motivation. I for one can comprehend that a few people need something more “vintage” with regards to such WWII-propelled watches, as the IW5009 genuinely is a cool, instrument-like watch without any ruffles. Things settled, the titanium IW501004 and significantly more the bronze IW501005 are genuinely old fashioned looking.

The development, compared to the standard dark dial rendition, is altogether about the look. Measurements, details and mechanics are the equivalent in the two adaptations of the watch. In any case, the case and dial are new. In 2016 as of now, IWC dispatched some “Heritage” watches (in the casing of the SIHH when the Pilot’s watch assortment was altogether changed) with the IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48mm & 55mm (1,000-piece and 100-piece restricted versions individually). These two were, in any case, rather separated in the assortment, and didn’t include the programmed 7-day power save development and the focal seconds/power save marker show. The IW501005 is more in accordance with what the old style Big Pilot’s Watch should be.

This Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze depends on a similar 46.2mm x 15.4mm case as the standard steel variant. The shape is likewise the equivalent. What changes is the material utilized: a bronze composite with its characterizing dull gold tone – when new – or greenish patina – in the wake of being worn seriously. This decision of material changes the impression of the watch, giving it a similarity to old, military models. Likewise, bronze is an interesting material that lives and changes as you wear the watch. The watch appeared here is now very “aged” and has this unmistakable green oxide everywhere on the case. This is something that some will cherish and that some won’t. This is important for the fun of a bronze watch, so know about that prior to getting one. The watch you’ll have when leaving the shop won’t last as such…

Bronze is utilized additionally on the precious stone molded larger than usual crown however not for the caseback, which is made of titanium for evident skin-insurance reasons. Bronze oxide can cause unfavorably susceptible responses and this material shouldn’t be in direct contact with the skin. The caseback doesn’t include a transparent sapphire (like the steel model). The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch is planned as a genuine instrument made to help route (or not, contingent upon how you need to manage it), and its argument is ensured against attractive fields with a soft-iron pen enclosing the development. Along these lines, the sapphire precious stone on the dial side is secured against relocation by an abrupt drop in air pressure.

On the wrist, no curve balls. The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is and stays a Big Pilot. It is enormous, thick, weighty and is a lot of an assertion piece. No discussion. This is characteristically essential for the model and, similar to it or not, a Big Pilot’s can’t be more modest. The tie is additionally long and thick, which, indeed, finds a place with the entire idea of this watch. Nevertheless, the drags are short and bended enough to make the watch adjusted and rather comfortable once got to the wrist. The watch, because of the bronze case and the new dial, is hotter and more vivacious than the steel model.

Dial-side, a few developments are to be noted as well. The showcase – with focal H-M-S, power save pointer at 3 o’clock and date at 6 o’clock – stays indistinguishable from the steel IW5009. Nonetheless, shadings and engravings are extraordinary. Clear update: the lists, numerals and hands are covered with tritium-hued Super-LumiNova – consequently a smooth, light earthy colored tone. This matches the bronze case well and makes a general classical style. Additionally, in the event that you look carefully, you’ll notice that the moment track, the hour lists, just as the numerals, are distinctively molded. Little subtleties that set this watch apart from the remainder of the collection.

Even however deceptively matured, the watch holds an extraordinary difference and great decipherability – in sunlight or in obscurity. The last update compared to the standard steel model is to be seen on the hands, which are completely blued – a tribute to the original B-Uhr watches. As usual, the presence of the date remains debatable… To every his own.

Inside the case is IWC’s in-house calibre 52110. This enormous, pocketwatch-sized development (38.20mm measurement) was dispatched in 2015 and offers numerous upgrades over the past 7-day motors found in the Big Pilot’s Watch. Above all else, its energy is presently put away in two fountainhead barrels and not just one – which means a more steady conveyance of force over the full length of the force hold. The programmed winding is as yet done by a Pellaton framework, presently with black ceramic winding pawls and white clay orientation. The indexless offset with a recurrence of 4 hertz (28,800 beats each hour) and the Breguet spring ensure most extreme exactness. At long last, despite the fact that imperceptible in this watch, the development is well decorated.


The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is certainly a pleasant watch – at any rate, for the individuals who will like its matured case and dial. Therefore, it is somewhat more segmenting than the steel model and will be less simple to wear consistently. In this setup, it becomes to a greater extent a collector’s piece, clarifying likewise the 1,500-piece restricted version. It is valued at EUR 13,800. More subtleties on .