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The Habring2 Erwin LAB01 – A Bronze Edition from the Newly-Created Massena LAB

The Habring2 Erwin LAB01 – A Bronze Edition from the Newly-Created Massena LAB

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William Massena is one of those inevitable names in the watch business. A previous top of a closeout house, Managing Director of one of the biggest watch gatherings, he is as a matter of first importance an ardent watch gatherer and a genuine connoisseur.  Habring² is a little, free watchmaker from Austria with brilliant craftsmanship and intriguing (yet not overrated) complications. So what happens when you blend these two? The Habring² Erwin LAB01 Bronze, the consequence of William’s new venture, the Massena LAB.

Before we move to the subtleties of this joint effort between Massena and Habring², a touch of foundation is necessary.

William Massena & The Massena LAB Project

William is one of those persuasive characters in the watch business. He’s a functioning member in the realm of horology as an authority, expert and previous barker. He was a retailer with stores in Miami and New York City, and later turned into the Chief Operating Officer of Antiquorum in Geneva. He found the watch collectors’ discussion TimeZone in its most punctual days in 1995 and has been partnered with the site from that point forward, first as a mediator, and now as its Managing Director.

The watch you’re going to see isn’t his first endeavor. Effectively in 2014, he started a cooperation with Richard and Maria Habring to build up the TimeZone twentieth Anniversary Habring² Chrono COS, ref. TZ20. In 2016, William started the second joint effort with Richard and Maria Habring to build up the Habring² x TimeZone Jumping Seconds, ref. TZ21, with a pleasantly planned sector dial and bouncing seconds complication.

Today, William dispatches his new task named Massena LAB, “a inventive outlet to enjoy his energy to work with a portion of the world’s most innovative autonomous watchmakers to make remarkable watches of modern character.” Habring² Erwin LAB01 Bronze is the principal model to come out of this new venture.

The Habring² Erwin LAB01 Bronze

The “Massena” contact is apparent in this new Habring² Erwin LAB01, a watch that stays close in soul to the Habring² x TimeZone Jumping Seconds TZ21. Same base watch, same complication, same thought for the dial, anyway here with an extra contemporary touch, brought by another case and its “trendy” material.

The instance of this new coordinated effort watch has similar extents as the “standard” Erwin , estimating a reasonable 38.5mm in width and just 9mm in tallness. In any case, while the steel Erwin has a level, cleaned bezel, the Habring² Erwin LAB01 highlights a ventured bezel that outlines a huge dial – a tribute to 1930s “Calatrava” watches. For this first Massena LAB watch, bronze was picked for the case – an Aluminum-Bronze combination to be exact, with a cleaned wrapping up. The crown is done in a similar metal and the metal ring around the sapphire caseback is covered in a bronze tone as well (however for wellbeing reasons, it isn’t made of strong bronze).

The dial of the Habring² Erwin LAB01 is in accordance with the vintage motivation of the case. It has a normal “sector” format, with four concentric portions. The markings and numerals of each portion are brought and wrapped up in bronze for profundity. Another identity of the dial is that the external railroad minute divisions are totally lined up with the hopping seconds hand. The leaf hands are gold-plated metal to coordinate the dial. Altogether, the Habring² Erwin LAB01 is an ideal illustration of a “sector/gilt” dial – something that should satisfy more than one collector.

Powering the watch is the in-house calibre A11MS, planned, created and produced in Austria by Habring² and a couple of nearby accomplices. The hopping/deadbeat seconds are the authentic heralds to the chronograph. The complication is known by numerous other names, for example, seconde morte (French) or dead seconds. Alongside the rattrapante chronograph and the foudroyante, it is one of Habring’s signature complications. Concocted by Jean Moïse Pouzait, the autonomous dead seconds instrument adds a different stuff train with the goal that the seconds hand could be halted and begun freely of the hours and minutes hands.

The hand-twisted calibre A11MS of the Habring² Erwin LAB01 is by and large equivalent to the other releases of the Erwin model, which means pleasantly enlivened plates and scaffolds (brushed surfaces, perlage and blued screws), a 48h force save and a 4Hz frequency.

The Habring² Erwin LAB01 is worn on a nectar brown Italian leather tie with a bronze tang clasp. It will be delivered in 50 pieces and just accessible through  at a cost of USD 5,995.