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The Genus Watches GNS 1 and its Incredible Time Display (Live Pics, Video)

The Genus Watches GNS 1 and its Incredible Time Display (Live Pics, Video)


The dominant part of watches delivered show the time in the work of art, standard path – with 2 or 3 hands turning over a roundabout dial once each hour or once each 12 hours. Down to earth without a doubt, yet not the most unique approach to show the time. All things considered, a few watchmakers from the free scene are glad to dispatch watches that don’t utilize traditional hands yet that are intended to only intrigue us. Most recent in the game: Genus Watches and the GNS 1. What’s more, it highlights one of the most great “ unordinary shows ” we’ve as of late seen.

Genus watches was made by Catherine Henry and Sébastien Billières in Geneva. Catherine Henry, a business person with a long involvement with different enterprises, is initiating the improvement of the brand. Sébastien is the watchmaking brains behind this complex turn of events. With more than 20 years of involvement with the business, including Roger Dubuis and Urwerk where he has been engaged with the Opus V undertaking for Harry Winston. In the wake of setting up himself as a free watchmaker in 2007, he co-made GMTI a company represent considerable authority in the production and get together of ‘Geneva Seal’ developments for watch brands. This subcontracting company presently has more than 20 staff working on an assortment of developments going from time-only to complicated types. Sébastien Billières is likewise accountable for the preparation and consulting exercises… But it was the ideal opportunity for him to make his own watches. Furthermore, it is truly worth a nearby look.

“Sui Generis” watchmaking

The round motion of hands has been generally embraced for showing the time. In any case, there are various approaches to show the hours and minutes. This offers unlimited freedoms for watchmakers to communicate their inventiveness, opening up a universe of unique designs. This is the street Genus Watches decided to make a brand in its very own class. Perusing time on their first creation is an alternate encounter…

Starting with the hours, these are shown by records turning at the outskirts of the watch. These records situate themselves in the perusing direction as they sort nearer to the out pointer at 9 o’clock. The most terrific and unique part is likely the indication of the several the minutes. Some sort of mechanical “centipede” (the brand calls this free-coursing component “Genus”) creeps over and around two 30-minute roundabout markers. Moving from one circle to the other, it frames the figure eight, while its first connection or “leading-element” permits perusing the time. Last, the exact minutes are showed at 3 o’clock because of a record on a pivoting circle. Normally, it is somewhat astounding from the outset however this complex mechanical advancement is irregular, imaginative and enthralling. Simply watch the accompanying video which makes things clear.

Sébastien Billières mentions that he has been motivated by his fascination with the number 8. The creation of this horological UFO required no less than 10 years of exploration and three years of improvement. It is secured by two licenses (and clearly Genus is arranging new applications dependent on a portion of the frameworks created). The development alone comprises more than 400 parts.

This complex active figure is housed in an all around planned 43mm white gold C-formed case. The case is worked to augment wearing comfort and the display of the development inside with no bezel and a domed box sapphire gem. The faceted crown includes the brand name G-E-N-U-S in relief.

Turning the watch over, the exhibition caseback permits a perspective on the other side of the hand-wound development. On the off chance that it looks more conventional, it is nevertheless a dining experience for the eyes with first class hand-wrapping up. Sébastien Billières even made explicit tooling to hand-finish a few components to coordinate his expectations. The primary plate and extensions are fashioned out of 18k gold. The escapement and oscillator are essential for a square that can be eliminated from the development which assists the watchmaker with changing the presentation instrument. Ticking at 18,000vph, the enormous equilibrium wheel highlights change screws. The force hold of the development is 50 hours.

The Genus Watches GNS 1 is a restricted edition of 8 pieces in white gold. The hand-sewn naval force blue calfskin lash is coordinated into the situation for ideal comfort. It is gotten to the wrist with a gold pin clasp. A collapsing fasten is accessible upon demand. Cost is set at CHF 288,500 excl. taxes.

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