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The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture – Enough to Convince a Watch Guy?

The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture – Enough to Convince a Watch Guy?

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Recently, Frederique Constant presented a watch it named the “World’s First 3.0 Watch“ . You think about mechanical watches (clearly, if you’re perusing this magazine, you unquestionably think about mechanical watches), you think about savvy watches. The following stage, as per FC, is the hybrid watch, a combination of old fashioned mechanics with an associated module on top. This declaration commanded out notice and we requested a watch to review. The inquiry is basic: is the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture the correct formula to take extravagance watches into the 21st century?

In expansion to reviewing the watch – how it feels, what it does, how it wears consistently – I’ll attempt to offer you a more close to home input. MONOCHROME is typically about the excellence of mechanics and smartwatches are not regularly remembered for our article strategy. However, we can’t reject that associated watches are developing and, evidently, they are setting down deep roots. We can’t disregard this market, however we like to take a gander at it from an alternate angle.


Those of you who read this magazine consistently will realize that I’m enthusiastic about watches. I’ve been gathering watches for quite a while and feel skilled that this enthusiasm has transformed into a task. However, this isn’t my lone enthusiasm. I have another one that will bode well here: vehicles. I was brought up in a vehicle climate, by a man with an outright energy for mechanics, particularly sports vehicles. My father is a genuine petrolhead, an energy that we shared when I was more youthful. On Saturdays at home, the reminder was the shouting sound of Italian treated steel depletes gradually heating up in the lawn. This enthusiasm for simple vehicles has never stopped and is just about as burning-through as my energy for watches.

Recently, I got the opportunity of going through a whole day on the course with the new Honda NSX. I can’t say that I wasn’t, at first, very incredulous about this hybrid vehicle. The combination of a little, turbocharged motor with three electrical engines is rather a long way from my typical norms. I realize that hybrid vehicles (and much more electrical vehicles) are a need. However, I can’t live without the smell of consuming oil and gas. However, I attempted to leave these preconceived thoughts behind and test drive what’s to come. What an unexpected when I got myself ready to find a Ferrari 458 Speciale – which isn’t a sluggish vehicle, accept me!

I finished this track day considering a certain something: hybrid innovation can be acceptable. It can add something, it can improve old-school mechanics, more maintainable and (I prefer not to say it) more performant. I needed to begin with this story for a valid justification. While getting the new Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, I needed to do how I managed the vehicles and dispose of biased ideas.

The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture in the metal

What is the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture? From the start, simply another FC watch. It looks, feels and wears like some other watch in the assortment, with a comparative plan to the other mechanical watches manufactured by the brand. It has a similar 42mm case as other FC watches, it has an easygoing stylish plan with an exquisite dial and nothing on this watch, except for the “HYBRID” notice on the dial, would make you suspect there is a battery-controlled associated module coordinated inside the case. This is a purposeful decision for Frederique Constant, which has just been utilized on the completely associated watches of the brand.

Yet, something has radically changed, compared to what FC was doing previously. This Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture has a mechanical heart. Its hands (hours, minutes, seconds and date) are driven by an in-house programmed development – a similar that can be found in different watches of the brand, like the Worldtimer or the Moonphase . This development, an attempted and-tried type, is noticeable through the situation back and merges the impression of having a genuine mechanical watch on the wrist.

As normal with the brand, the watch is wonderful, marginally dressy with a contemporary vibe. The general quality is in accordance with the remainder of the assortment and once more, nothing shouts innovation. However, in the middle of the development and the dial sits a battery-fueled module – the associated part of the watch. Driven by a battery-powered battery, this module has no collaboration on the pace of the watch, which is left in the possession of the programmed development. However, some extra capacities have been added, which require the utilization of your phone.

What does it do?

The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture offers action tracking (step counter with characterized goals and observing) just as rest checking (again with characterized targets). These are standard highlights of smartwatches. What it doesn’t do – and I’m in reality upbeat about this – is work as an expansion of your telephone, with warnings of calls or messages.

In option to these checking capacities, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture adds a few “horological savvy functions”. On account of the dial at 12 o’clock, the watch can give you a 24-hour marker or a double time work. In the wake of setting the subsequent time region you need to show, because of the effectively thought out application, you can follow your home time or a subsequent time region when working in a global business environment.

The last element is one that I discovered very fascinating: development analytics. It isn’t the first occasion when that we see these capacities on a mechanical watch however. URWERK, a couple of years prior, presented the EMC , where notwithstanding the mechanical development, there was a quartz development and an optical gadget to screen the pace of the development. Despite the fact significantly more complex and costly, the last uppercut was the capacity to self-change the watch as indicated by the outcomes. Much the same as the electric motors of a McLaren P1, the hybrid innovation was utilized to improve the mechanical performance.

With the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture application, you can check the rate, the sufficiency and the beat mistake of the watch. Results are communicated to the Hybrid App by means of Bluetooth and can be found as diagrams – note: wonderfully amazed by the aftereffects of watch we had for review, as you can find in our photos. However, once more, there is opportunity to get better. Observing is the initial step, the association between the associated module and the mechanical development is another. Frederique Constant ought to investigate self-changing or auto-amending possibilities.

The assessment of a watch guy?

I will say it once more: I don’t consider the Apple Watch or any completely associated smartwatch as watches. As far as I might be concerned, these are wrist worn techno-gadgets that can show the time, however they don’t comply with my meaning of a watch – this is close to home, obviously. Then again, I can’t prevent the developing interest from getting clients for these associated wrist gadgets. They address a colossal market – and as we announced, Apple dispatched a larger number of watches than Switzerland in the final quarter of 2017 . Swiss brands have two choices: doing what they’ve specialized in for quite a long time or finding another approach to enter this market. Also, in the event that they can’t compete with Apple or Samsung on the completely associated smartwatch market, they can possibly locate an alternate methodology, on a more sumptuous side.

Did Frederique Constant figure out how to persuade me, much the same as Honda did with the NSX? Indeed and no – a Swiss answer, you’ll concur. Indeed it did in light of the fact that it has adopted an alternate strategy. FC realizes that it is inconceivable for Swiss watch companies to beat Apple or Samsung on their own battleground. The Apple Watch offers significantly more at a much lower cost. A Swiss company will barely have a competitive bit of leeway over a stalwart like Apple. Frederique Constant gets that and brings something which combines genuine mechanical savoir-faire, an exquisite plan, a view on the thumping heart of the watch (which is commercially critical here) and by and large, the look and feel of a genuine watch.

On a consistent schedule, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is most importantly a watch. It gives the time, it ticks, it wears pleasantly with a suit and it has this lovely flimsy feel of the wavering mass. It is just when you pair it with your telephone that the associated some portion of the watch shows up. As a genuine watch fellow, I wound up failing to remember that this watch even had Bluetooth blending and an associated module. Also, this is the place where it probably won’t be completely convincing.

I would say that the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is a decent first endeavor, however which needs works. I imagine that FC could go a couple of steps further, that it could add more functionalities, more associated peanut butter over the mechanical jam. The goal is acceptable, the thoughts and the advancements are here, however I believe that Frederique Constant considered persuading mechanical folks to add associated functionalities to their watch than persuading recent college grads or techno-arranged individuals to appreciate the magnificence of a mechanical movement.

If mechanical-arranged clients are as of now persuaded about spending over 3K on a watch, the test is more about making the desire among youths, twenty to thirty year olds or techno-situated clients, who are now persuaded that associated watches are what’s to come. Adding a mechanical development is a smart thought if the associated part follows. Thus, Frederique Constant, you’re in the correct heading yet add more innovation to your mechanical recipe.

On a more close to home premise, I need to concede that nothing can supplant the pulsating heart of a mechanical development in my psyche. Yet, on the off chance that advancement is important, at any rate the Hybrid Manufacture by Frederique Constant is less destructive to me than the Apple associated gadget. The primary advancement I can consider is about self-changing the rate or an auto-revising gadget which could ensure that the watch runs at the specific time. That is a serious test, however I realize Frederique Constant’s head of developement likes challenges.

Available on the web and soon at retailers, costs for the treated steel Hybrid Manufacture start at EUR 3,250 and arrive at EUR 3,550 for the rose gold plated model. More data at .