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The First Rolex Tourbillon, Created by Customization Brand Label Noir

The First Rolex Tourbillon, Created by Customization Brand Label Noir

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Customization to a remarkable level… We’ve seen many watch change programs showing up as of late – generally on Rolex watches . More often than not, it is restricted to a dark covering looking into it/arm band or an alternate dial. Once in a while, customization can go a couple of steps further, with legacy motivated watches dependent on present day models – see for example Tempus Machina or Les Artisans de Genève . And simply like in the vehicle business, some have chosen to go incredibly, far regarding alterations. This what we have today, with just the main Rolex Tourbillon watch – or possibly, the principal Rolex watch modified to be fitted with a tourbillon – because of Label Noir.

Disclaimer: No, it isn’t April first. This watch exists in reality and can even be bought. Then again, it has nothing to do with an official Rolex watch, aside from the base utilized before the change. Will this watch be affirmed by Rolex? No, totally zero uncertainty about it.

The universe of Rolex watches is brimming with unicorns. Take for example the Rolex Perpetual Calendar… Surprisingly, this one exists – see our article here . Another fantasy watch was the Rolex Tourbillon, something that has never existed (or possibly, something that has seen nothing else than the neon lights of Rolex R&D office). In any case, as customization and mods are developing, it was simply a question of time before one of these custom-Rolex brands chose to make such a watch… And Atelier Noir did precisely that, by introducing the primary practical Rolex Tourbillon – or in a more wary way, the principal Rolex modified to be fitted with a tourbillon movement.

Certainly, some phony watchmakers have attempted to fabricate such a watch previously yet what Atelier Noir has made is, truth be told, significantly more fascinating. The Label Noir Rolex Tourbillon depends on a current steel Rolex Milgauss watch. The rundown of changes remembers a black coating for the case, dark paint on the hands/lists and a marginally unique dial. That was the basic part.

The principle change concerns the development – which depends on the first programmed Rolex type. On this Caliber 3131, 51 components have been eliminated (essentially the escapement parts), 2 components modified (counting making an opening in the mainplate) and 94 components added. From 28,800 vibrations each hour (4Hz), the recurrence has been changed to 21,600 vibrations for every hour. The flying tourbillon is introduced on a metal roller. It makes one turn each moment (traditional one-minute tourbillon). The thickness of the development, just as the thickness of the case, has been respected.

No words yet on the cost of this remarkable illustration of a Rolex Tourbillon – nor what Rolex may say about such a customization. 

Certainly, this Rolex Tourbillon is even more a specialized test, a show of savoir-faire and a talking piece to advance the remainder of the customization programs offered by Label Noir. We consider it to be as a transfer, a medical procedure profoundly changing the substance of a watch. Do we affirm? Not totally, nonetheless, some will presumably like it, much the same as some like customization programs offered by Mansory  on Ferrari or Lamborghini vehicles. An alternate way to deal with watchmaking, yet one that actually shows noteworthy skills.