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The Ferrari Edition – Driving a 250 GTO as it Should Be Driven, Lauda’s 312T to be Auctioned and a Love Letter to the F40

The Ferrari Edition – Driving a 250 GTO as it Should Be Driven, Lauda’s 312T to be Auctioned and a Love Letter to the F40


Ferrari, the Prancing Horse, the “Rosso Corsa” brilliant red tone, the commotion (music), the popularity, the magic… The fantasy vehicle for a large number of us. There’s something extraordinary to Ferrari, an unexplainable interest for these occasionally unbelievable machines, something nonsensical that has made a legend. Today, in this Ferrari-unique scene of “The Petrolhead Corner”, it is about energy, with probably the most amazing models on stage.

Driving a Ferrari 250 GTO as it ought to be driven (which means, FAST)

What you’re going to see here is seven minutes of exemplary vehicle erotic entertainment. Take the most costly vehicle on earth, a vehicle with massive dashing family, a vehicle created in only 36 models, a vehicle that ought to be kept in a safe considering its worth and chronicled importance… and drive it the manner in which it has been worked to be driven: quick, very fast.

But here, the main factor isn’t the 50-million estimation of this vehicle. It’s the commotion, the sensations, the speed, the magnificence of the machinery… and the clamor (once more). No talking, no interruptions, simply a shut down street, a gifted driver, quite possibly the most stunning race vehicles at any point fabricated (for this situation, one of the three instances of the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO) and you’ll appreciate a snapshot of unadulterated bliss!

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Niki Lauda’s title-winning Ferrari 312T to be auctioned

The legend of Ferrari isn’t simply because of the vehicles, yet additionally (generally) to individuals behind them. Enzo “Il Commendatore” Ferrari was the best planner of this interest yet there are additionally the names of the absolute most prominent, most skilled hustling drivers of all occasions. Niki Lauda, possibly the least “sexy” of the 1970s F1 drivers was nevertheless truly outstanding of his occasions, added to the legend. After his accident at the 1976 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, he just missed two races showing up at the Monza GP just a short time after the accident… And around then, he was driving for Ferrari, locally available a 312T.

Behind the wheel of his Ferrari 312T, Lauda dominated two races and scored two platform completes on his approach to winning his lady Formula 1 World Championship in 1975. The vehicle is currently available to be purchased in a deal held by Gooding & Company, at the lead Pebble Beach Auctions this August. The current vehicle is one of only five body worked for Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni for the 1975 Formula 1 season. This undercarriage 022 was instrumental in securing Lauda the first of his three World Championships and Ferrari its first constructor’s title since 1964. This painstakingly reestablished, Lauda-driven Ferrari 312T is required to sell for USD 6-8 million.

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A love (video) letter from a proprietor to his Ferrari F40

And I can comprehend him… As an offspring of the mid 1980s, the Ferrari F40 (close by the Lamborghini Countach) was the authoritative dream vehicle. The one that I was drawing, the one that was on my room walls… Outrageous, practically silly, molded like a Le Mans model, scarcely prepared for street use, especially hazardous to drive and madly incredible, this vehicle was the ideal meaning of my fantasy machine as a kid (and still is today).

In the accompanying video, entitled “My Twin-Turbocharged Lucky Charm”, the proprietor discloses what is it to claim, drive and live with a F40, moving from magazine patterns to make a little glimpse of heaven. Expectation you appreciate this video as much as I did.

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