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The E.C. Andersson Calypso, a Stylish All-Rounder with a Reliable Swiss-ETA Movement

The E.C. Andersson Calypso, a Stylish All-Rounder with a Reliable Swiss-ETA Movement

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A few months back, we got our hands on the North Sea II , the essential watch from Swedish micro-brand E.C. Andersson. A hearty and attractive watch, it was itself based on the first North Sea, the primary model of the brand, which it had successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016 and afterward quickly sold out of. Presently, the company is back with their next model, the Calypso, the production of which it is likewise subsidizing on Kickstarter . Described by the brand as their first “true very good quality watch”, it has already reached its subsidizing objective with 15 days still to go. We decided to take a closer hope to see what all the quarrel is about.

As you may recall, the North Sea II and the North Sea both feature something of a strong, mechanical look and feel. This tied in nicely with the military/marine-inspired theme and gave the watches an attractive yet moderate appeal, very Scandinavian in its design. The Calypso continues in that same vein to some degree however it’s undeniable from first glance that E.C. Andersson are attempting to create something a little more extravagant. Not an extravagance watch per se, but rather a watch with some nice extra touches and a real attention to detail when it comes to finishing.

The most clear first example of this can be seen in the new, energetic yet in vogue looking case, which measures 40mm x 10mm and is made from sandblasted 316L stainless steel. The beveled edges have been reflect polished from drag to-carry, as has the bezel outlining the dial, giving the watch a certain sense of class that would be otherwise absent and making it simply that little piece more versatile for day or night wear. Similarly as with the brand’s earlier models, however, there is as yet a focus on robustness and practical functionality, with a water resistance rating of 100m made perhaps by a strong screw-down crown, and thick sapphire crystal glass on the top and lower part of the case.

Likewise, the new gradient dial likewise has more of an upmarket feel to it. A famous style these days, it seems, the color fades from deep to dull ocean blue with a semi-sparkle finish. As a simple three-hander with a date show, the design is pretty norm however again the attention to detail is evident in some of the smaller touches. For example, the inner ends of the applied polished hour indices have a fine beveled edge which angles down nicely towards the dial, giving some added contrast and depth. Meanwhile, the brand’s signature “Enslinje-Pattern” is inconspicuously engraved around the chapter ring.

The time is indicated by central, bolt shaped hands, which E.C. Andersson refers to as “Bohuslän” hands. Apparently, this is because they were initially designed for the E.C.A Bohuslän watch, in spite of the fact that they have been customized somewhat to suit the Calypso. The hour and minute hands, alongside the hour indices, are filled with crisp white iridescent paint, which shines ice-blue around evening time for easy reading in low light circumstances. At 3 o’clock, there is a date window cut in two layers. The date wheel is white, which may bother some people and yet, it does match with the white iridescent paint on the indices and the hands.

Inside is the Swiss ETA 2824-2 Top Grade automatic movement, a reliable workhorse equipped with an in-house designed rotor featuring E.C. Andersson’s logo, which is visible through the sapphire caseback. This is a step up from the brand’s earlier models, which were powered by Japanese-made Seiko movements and the company has even taken it a step further by setting up its own E.C.A Performance Center. Effectively, this means they have invested in the instruments required to measure things like amplitude, beats error, accuracy, magnetic and pressure resistance in detail and make adjustments where necessary. All things considered, each Calypso watch will come with a direct transcript print-out from the company’s Timegrapher, giving all the relevant details about your specific watch.

All Calypso watches will at first come with a nylon activity lash, despite the fact that there are other choices such as a calf-leather tie with artificial, wide-grained gator leather texture just as an all steel bracelet. The release of these it seems will be dependent on reaching certain milestones on the Kickstarter project, in spite of the fact that it seems like E.C. Andersson plans to make more lash choices available when the watches go into production in the not so distant future. You’ll additionally notice that there is a polished steel interface between the drags and the tie. According to the brand, this ensures a secure fit gratitude to the deep spring bar cut and screw-in bar however it’s important that it likewise means you won’t use 3rd party ties on this watch.

At this stage, it is as yet possible to make an early bird pledge for the Calypso for SEK 9,000 (approx. EUR 915), which is quite discount on the last expected retail price of SEK 15,000 (approx. EUR 1,525). It’s a major price hop compared toward the North Sea II, which retails for EUR 609, thus it will be interesting to see the response. That far seems very positive. Check out the Kickstarter project for all the details.