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The Citizen Calibre 0100, the Most Precise Quartz Wristwatch Ever, Fully Explained


Precision has consistently been key for watchmakers. A long ways past the development of complications, having a watch that shows the time in the most exact conceivable manner was and still is (or ought to be) the raison d’être of watchmaking. Mechanical watches can go up to +/ – 1 second a day; it’s difficult to accomplish, yet conceivable. To outperform these norms watchmakers need to come up with various arrangements. One of them is the Citizen Caliber 0100 – and indeed, this is the most exact quartz wristwatch at any point made, with an announced accuracy of +/ – 1 second… per year!

Quartz watches are not our thing here at MONOCHROME. We love the excellence of pinion wheels and wheels, all determined by the straightforward mechanical power of a loosening up spring. Be that as it may, let’s be practical, mechanical watches are a relic of times gone by, or possibly of energy. There’s no sane motivation to claim a mechanical watch other than our own pleasure and the magnificence of handcrafted extravagance objects. Furthermore, despite the fact that we stand firm with regards to quartz, there is no rejecting that what Citizen has accomplished – but quartz-driven – is a mind boggling achievement.

In the video at the highest point of this article, we converse with Norio Takeuchi, Managing Director of Citizen, to see how it has been conceivable to make a watch that can show the time with not exactly a 1-second deviation each year. Indeed, you read right, 1-second exactness each 365 days, implying that this watch is 99,9999969% accurate… This is, as far as anyone is concerned, the most precise quartz wristwatch at any point made to date, by far.

As clarified in our inside and out article , the Citizen Caliber 0100 is a sunlight based driven watch with another age quartz development. What’s new here is the actual controller, to be exact an AT-cut sort precious stone oscillator rather than a conventional tuning fork gem oscillator. AT-cut gem oscillators vibrate at the great recurrence of 8,388,608 Hz compared to the customary 32,768 Hz resonators utilized for standard quartz developments – hence, multiple times quicker than an exemplary quartz development and a couple millions time quicker than a mechanical watch.

The amazing exactness got is set at +/ – 1 second out of every year, which is multiple times more exact than a standard quartz development (which is about +/ – 15 seconds out of each month) and, obviously, undeniably more exact than any mechanical chronometer watch (- 4/+6 seconds per day) or the all around exact Spring Drive by Seiko (about +/ – 10 seconds for each month).

Because pictures and expressed words are superior to these lines of text, investigate our video at the highest point of this article to see about the amazing Citizen Caliber 0100 and its shocking accuracy. More subtleties at .