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The Breguet La Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 Reviewed

The Breguet La Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 Reviewed

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If Breguet is renowned for its Classique assortment and its pilot’s watch range ( Type XX and others), the index additionally comprises another significant assortment named La Marine. Not exclusively does it addresses the sport(ier) side of the brand – don’t anticipate strong “Hublotesque” contacts, we’re at Breguet – however it is likewise a connect to a lesser-known part of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s history, when he was the ‘Horloger de la Marine’, the official provider of chronometers to France’s Navy. As the new assortment  is now available, we glance back at this third era, with the rather unique Breguet La Marine Alarme Musicale 5547.

Horloger de la Marine

Breguet and marine chronometry are a boring tale. As ahead of schedule as 1812, Abraham-Louis Breguet offered two marine chronometers to the observatory of Florence. In 1814, he was named to the Board of Longitude. During the French Restauration, following the fall of Napoleon, Breguet was delegated as the official watchmaker of the French Royal Navy in 1815 by Louis XVIII, hence becoming the sole provider of marine Chronometers for France’s route adrift. To value the renown of the title and the significance of the duty, one needs to remember the indispensable job that timekeeping played in route, and in the advancement of European powers in this ‘time of discoveries’.  Precise chronometers were vital as they permitted to decide longitude at sea.

In 1840, after Abraham-Louis Breguet’s passing, the chronometer 4367 was the first run through estimating instrument to arrive at the Antartic with the Dumont d’Urville campaign. Up to the mid-20th century, a few many marine chronometers were delivered.

Fast forward to the 1990s when the principal current Marine assortment was introduced. It was trailed by a second era in 2005. In 2018, Breguet honors this long genealogy and commends this heritage with a third era Marine assortment blessing it with a dynamic and contemporary soul. Indeed, the watches of this assortment follow a significant part of the plan of the Marine 5587 Equation Marchante that was presented in 2017. Three models were introduced in 2018: a three-hander , a chronograph, and the ‘Alarme Musicale’ we are reviewing here.

The third era of the Marine assortment: dynamic heritage

With the third era of the Marine assortment, a few conventional Breguet components are combined or rethought with the intend to secure this legacy and heritage in the present. For example, the dial is designed out of gold and highlights another guilloché design. Replicating waves, it is engraved on a rose motor lathe. The applied Roman numerals highlight radiant material. The hands are strong gold. These are propelled by the conventional Breguet hands however have been modernized. The stabilizer of the seconds hand is enlivened by maritime sign flags.

So far, all watches are proposed in three diverse case materials: pink gold, white gold or titanium. Among other reasons, titanium was picked by Breguet as a result of its protection from erosion. The case includes a focal carry. A Breguet signature, the case band is fluted which adds to the extravagance of the watch. Wave-molded gatekeepers outline the crown emblazoned with the Breguet beginning. Last, the security collapsing clasp is motivated by a boat’s wheel.

The 2 o’clock crown has four positions. It permits winding the watch (the time and ringing instrument), to set the date and the time. The subsequent crown sets the subsequent time region and the alarm time. The press button at 7 o’clock actuates or deactivates the alarm. A little ringer shows up in the 12 o’clock window when it is initiated. The alarm rings at regular intervals on the off chance that it isn’t deactivated.

A useful element is that the alarm can be halted and restarted when it is ringing because of a shrewd instrument driven by a segment wheel.

The Caliber 519/F1

The watch is fitted with the type 519/F1. This development is a joint turn of events (2004) by the two very good quality development fabricates of the Swatch bunch in the Vallée de Joux: Lemania (presently consumed by Breguet) and Fredéric Piguet (presently consumed by Blancpain).

Operating at 4Hz, the type 519/F1 is an alarm development including two barrels, both injury all the while by means of the crown or the unidirectional programmed component. The primary barrel controls the time sign and offers a 50-hour power hold. The other forces the alarm instrument. As you would anticipate from Breguet, the completing is first class. The oscillating weight configuration is propelled by a boat’s haggle a practically unhampered perspective on the development. The extensions are brightened with Geneva stripes. An abnormal yet sublime strategy, these are underlined by hand-guilloché lines. Perlage, anglage made by hand or snailing are additionally applied.

The alarm mechanism

Although very uncommon, alarm wristwatches are exceptionally valuable. The main alarm wristwatches were created by Eterna toward the start of the 20th century. Notwithstanding, the commercial accomplishment for this helpful complication truly came during the 1940s and 1950s with the Vulcain Cricket and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox.

Despite the name ‘Alarme Musicale’, it doesn’t play a tune like Ref. 7800 La Musicale – all things being equal, a conventional sledge strikes a gong and not straightforwardly working on it. However, it sounds truly pleasant, explicitly in comparison to the harsh toll of most mechanical alarm wristwatches.

As referenced before, the energy for the alarm component is put away in a subsequent barrel. It is set off by the alarm wheel that falls on the hour wheel at the predefined time. The alarm wheel highlights three openings penetrated on various distances across, while the hour wheel highlights three scores. As the barrel loosens up, it drives the mallet to hit the gong and plate. The section wheel actuated by the pusher at 7 o’clock bolts or deliveries the alarm instrument, and to pause and restart the toll with a straightforward press.

The Breguet La Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 is completed with either an elastic or a crocodile tie got with a collapsing clasp. It retails for CHF 27,900 in titanium and CHF 38,900 in gold. For more data, kindly visit .