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The Best of Indie Watchmaking Seen Through the Casebacks – Part 2

The Best of Indie Watchmaking Seen Through the Casebacks – Part 2

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Following Part 1 of this excursion through the fascinating universe of independent watchmaking, which we distributed a week ago, we continue today with the second piece of this assortment of sublime watches… Instead of looking at the watches in the customary manner from the dial side, we’re looking at them from the converse side.  And seeing what these independent, innovative watchmakers are equipped for with regards to development and beautification, we need to concede that in numerous cases, the view is even sexier.

The determination underneath is a composed of ‘little’ independent watchmakers without mentioning bigger brands like Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne or Audemars Piguet. Normally, this is certifiably not a comprehensive rundown, so don’t spare a moment to specify your most loved specialists or watches in the comment segment below!

Haldimann H11

An absence of the unnecessary and an attention on the fundamental… That’s what Beat Haldimann has been striving for with the watches that he makes by hand. Additionally a high portion of marvelous finishing. His first stainless steel watches, the no-ruffle H11 & H12 transmit authentic, uncompromising craftsmanship. What’s more, in spite of a smooth look, the embellishment is a long way from simplistic.

MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome

MB&F may be eminent for its incredible imagination yet it additionally dominates in flawlessly made movements.The Legacy Machine Thunderdome is a dynamite triple-hub tourbillon created with Eric Coudray… For the finishing of the development, the brand drew in the gifts of Kari Voutilainen resulting in a genuine gala for the eyes.

Montres KF Spirograph Tourbillon Sport type 441

Karsten Frassdorf is, without an uncertainty, quite possibly the most inventive watchmakers of his age. Subsequent to working behind the scene for a few brands, he wound up creating his own image, Montres KF. The development of his Spirograph Sport is really captivating. It is loaded with innovation to make a tourbillon for appropriate every day use, 1,000-Gauss amagnetic and with 5,000G stun opposition… And the openwork honeycomb construction of his new type 441 is genuinely unique.

Moritz Grossman Hamatic

Although A. Lange & Söhne isn’t qualified for this rundown of independent watchmakers since it is a brand possessed by the Richemont Group, we needed to highlight German watchmakers here also! The development of the Moritz Grossman Hamatic is finished in the unadulterated Saxon practice however isn’t your run of the mill self-winding development. A tribute to the soonest programmed watches, it is fitted with a (fascinating) supposed ‘hammer’ winding mechanism.

Petermann Bedat Dead-beat Second

New kids on the square… Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat are most likely a portion of the lesser-known names in this article. In spite of the fact that they are not yet part of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie club, crafted by these youthful watchmaking gifts genuinely merits a more critical look… Visible through the presentation caseback of their Dead-Beat Second watch, the hand-wound type 171 is just magnificent. From their experience with A. Lange & Söhne, the two men built up a genuine feeling of regard for Saxon watchmaking. This is clear with the huge barrel connect (reminiscent of a three-quarter plate), the cockerel with a swan-neck controller and the utilization of untreated German silver, a.k.a maillechort.

Philippe Dufour Simplicity

Philippe Dufour is a living legend. The independent watchmaker is one of most (if not the most) respected specialists in the industry and his watches are viewed as a definitive in conventional hand-finishing. His Simplicity is refined outside and a wonder of craftsmanship inside. The embellishment of the development, completely done by hand respecting the Vallée de Joux custom, is essentially astonishing.

Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor

Romain Gauthier is perhaps the best agent of the Vallée de Joux skill. This implies an extraordinary degree of finishing. For instance, the Insight Micro-Rotor centers around the basics with an extreme manufacturing ethos and master craftsmanship. The development design, built on different levels, is eminent with liquid bends for the extension shapes. The back looks awesome, with round talked wheels, bercé anglages and applied plaquettes.

Singer Reimagined Track 1

Singer Reimagined broke out on the indie watchmaking scene with Track 1, a heavenly focal indication chronograph. This extreme showcase is driven by the amazing Agengraphe. The brainchild of Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, this progressive chronograph is a genuine specialized gala. Redefining central principles that have remained unaltered for quite a long time, this section wheel instrument incorporates a bunch of snail cams storing energy for a whole minute (or hour) prior to releasing it to produce an instant hop. It additionally includes another grip, the AgenClutch combining the most awesome aspect the vertical and flat grasp. The coupling is made on a level plane which requires less space. However the association is made by erosion between wheels with no teeth, much the same as with vertical grips, consequently avoiding the chronograph ‘stutter’.

Tutima Tempostopp

Tutima is known for crafting intense instrument watches with ETA developments… Not actually a name you’d expect in an article about wonderful casebacks. All things considered, the Patria assortment with its in-house development truly merits a more critical look, for instance, the Tempostopp. Its Caliber T659 depends on the Glashütte UROFA Caliber 59 from the 1940s, which must be completely re-engineered, as no plans could be found. It is a hand-wound section wheel chronograph with a level grasp and exemplary development architecture.