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The Battle of Luxury Daily Beaters Part 1 – Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Master Chronometer 41mm

The Battle of Luxury Daily Beaters Part 1 – Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Master Chronometer 41mm


Let’s face it; watch authorities are not the biggest segment out there. Indeed, fortunately, there are a lot of you to keep the business ticking and our site page perfectly healthy, however most men are admitted “monowatchmen”. By this, I imply that most men will likely possess one great watch during their lifetime, maybe two. In the event that you are a monowatchman, you’ve come to the ideal spot. Today we will be looking at a strong contender for the one-gatekeepers of this world, a 3-hand and date watch that you can wear all day every day. Let’s start our “Battle of Luxury Daily Beaters” with the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m by Omega .

Omega’s Aqua Terra 150m is an ideal “all-rounder”, lively without being a solid apparatus watch, rough enough for a round of football – European, not American – sufficiently shrewd to wear to the office and with a motor on board that outperforms most parts in the field. The Seamaster Aqua Terra we have today is the 41mm steel form and has a place with the most recent age models that were revived in 2017 and overhauled with Master Chronometer type 8900 with its significant degree of attractive obstruction. You can find out about the plan changes here .

Editor’s note: this review of the Omega Aqua Terra 150m is important for a progression of three articles where we will compare two of the best extravagance day by day blenders at present available. Two watches with a similar idea, yet two distinct flavors. The third article, which will be distributed after our two separate reviews, will put them side-by-side.

Land, Air and Sea

The Seamaster is the longest-running product offering actually delivered by Omega and was dispatched in 1948 to commend the brand’s 100th commemoration. A non military personnel form of the well known wristwatches Omega had provided to the British Air Force during the Second World War, (in excess of 26,000 water-safe Omegas were dispatched to pilots and groups of the RAF), the Seamaster wasn’t situated as a jumper however as a strong, water-safe watch you could wear in any circumstance. Don’t miss our three restrictive recordings on the beginning of this Omega symbol Part 1 , Part II and Part III .

Over the years, the Seamaster spread out into endless sub-families (counting a short sentiment with quartz) from strong gold dress watches to solid steel beasts for investigating the pit . Maybe the most popular individuals from the Seamaster family are its professional plunge watches, similar to the Omega Seamaster 300, delivered alongside the Speedmaster and Railmaster hit threesome in 1957 . The most recent successes of Omega’s professional plunge watches incorporate th Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Seamaster Professional 300m Goldeneye

surf and turf

Introduced as another individual from the Seamaster family in 2002, the general plan of the Seamaster Aqua Terra got on prompts from the dressier vintage Seamaster models of the mid 1950s and 1960s: on account of the model we are reviewing here, you can unmistakably see the impact of a 1952 Seamaster Calendar with a date window at 6 o’clock and a 1960 Seamaster Automatic with even striped lines across the dial. Despite the fact that there have been some more “complicated” models in the Aqua Terra range, similar to this worldtimer , the blockbusters are the more straightforward 3-hand models.

The Aqua Terra has manufactured a specialty in the Seamaster family as an attractive, off-road, strong, regular watch. In spite of the fact that it isn’t promoted as a professional plunge watch, the Aqua Terra offers the most awesome aspect the two universes with its more than decent 150m water-obstruction (aqua), exemplary great looks and accuracy development to take you from the office and past in style (terra). Indeed, when Bond isn’t being a thrill seeker and needs to fly into the gambling club or spruce up his look, he has been known to slip on an Aqua Terra for certain scenes in Skyfall and Spectre .

A exemplary, unassuming case

The momentum Seamaster Aqua Terra comes in two case sizes, 41mm and 38mm, marking a 0.5mm decrease on both case sizes over the pre-2017 Aqua Terra Co-Axial models without the Master Chronometer confirmation. The model we have here is the tempered steel rendition with a 41mm distance across and a case stature of 13.6mm, despite the fact that there are numerous variants on the site page with steel, steel and Sedna gold, and strong gold cases.

The rotating cleaned and brushed completions help separate the various levels and engineering of the case more obviously than if the surfaces were treated with one completion. You can perceive how the bezel, the outside flanks of the hauls and the focal connections of the wristband get the light with their splendidly cleaned finish. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t seem as though a bad-to-the-bone games watch, the screw-down crown guarantees the 150m water-opposition of the case.

Another great plan update of the 2017 models is the manner in which the wristband is coordinated into the case improving the esthetics and the fit. Like the Oyster wristband in style, Omega’s 3-interface arm band is very much created and, gratitude to the versatile end connections of the arm band (those nearest to the case) it truly sits snuggly on a normal estimated wrist without any indications of cover. The open holes on the wristband permit more air to course, a distinct in addition to in warm weather. The caseback highlights an elaborate wave plan and offers a decent perspective on the programmed type 8900 driving this 3-hander and date.

distinctive Decking on the dial

The dial of the Aqua Terra is on the straightforward side – something beneficial for a watch that is intended to explore various conditions. The particular flat lines navigating the dial are intended to inspire the teak decking found on extravagance boats playing on the “nautical/yachting” ancestry of the Seamaster family. The dark decking on the dial isn’t uniform and the way that the “boards” are thicker and more slender at various stretches gives it a great deal of profundity and authenticity. The dark dial additionally gives the watch a more exquisite, exemplary and formal air than a portion of its more bright partners .

The tip of the moment hand is Omega’s exemplary Broad Arrow style, like the hands highlighted on every one of the three of the main Speedmaster, Railmasters and Seamasters of 1957. One thing I saw however is that in conditions with a great deal of surrounding light, it tends to be difficult to recognize the three hands.

The all around characterized applied three-sided records are loaded up with Super-LumiNova for elevated perceivability and the date window has been migrated from 3 to 6 o’clock, like the design of the 1952 Seamaster Calendar watch referenced previously. Fortunately, the foundation of the facetted date window is a similar tone as the dial mixing in unobtrusively with the general shading plan. In the event that the presence of a date is consistently liable to discuss, with regards to this day by day blender, it makes sense.

The by and large impression is one of balance, intelligibility and perfect, sharp esthetics – the sort of exemplary highlights you don’t become tired of.

Master Chronometer Calibre 8900

Another unshakable contention for the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m is the motor driving its capacities underneath deck. Fitted with Omega’s most recent age programmed Caliber 8900 with Co-Axial escapement, the completely cased development is guaranteed by METAS as a Master Chronometer. This is serious in the realm of chronometry accreditations and outperforms COSC-chronometry affirmation with its emphasis on enemy of attraction. Omega’s development, with hostile to attractive silicon parts for the controlling organ, can deal with attractive fields of 15,000 gauss. On the off chance that your advantage is provoked, you can get all the subtleties of the tough testing in our  video of Omega’s Master Chronometer offices .

In expansion to the stop-seconds work permitting you to set the chance to the specific second, there is a clever time-region work that allows you to set the hour hand autonomously while bridging time regions. With twin heart barrels mounted in arrangement, the watch gives a force hold of 60 hours and stable circulation of force. The machine-completed development is satisfactorily enhanced with jewel cut angled edges and an Arabesque Geneva wave embellishment on the rotor and scaffolds that fans out smoothly from the centre.


The anything is possible with regards to wristband and lash alternatives for the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m. This specific model, with steel case and dark dial, can be requested with an exemplary dark leather tie, a more contemporary elastic tie or a steel arm band. The elastic lash rendition includes an extra bar between the carries to cause the impression of a completely incorporated arm band. Nonetheless, in the event that you become weary of the standard lashes, Omega has more than 46 material or leather NATO tie on its site, some of them decked out with the banner shades of various nations.


The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m steel-on-steel model – ref. – retails for EUR 5,400, comes with a 5-year guarantee and is generally accessible. Five thousand isn’t peanuts, I know, however Omega is offering a ton of watch at what can be viewed as a reasonable, evenhanded price.

The Real Deal

The Seamaster Aqua Terra is a solid possibility for men who are thinking about putting resources into an unrivaled one watch. An off-road, flexible, exemplary 3-hander, energetic yet upscale enough for the office, rough and impervious to water and attraction, outfitted with one of the greatest quality (remotely confirmed) and most dependable developments available today, and with a sticker price that is on top of the exhibition and highlights. It’s increasingly hard to track down a “but”… But sit tight until tomorrow for our review of one more strong competitor in the challenge for the best extravagance day by day beater.

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