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The Battle of High-End Chronographs Part 1 – Patek Philippe 5172G

The Battle of High-End Chronographs Part 1 – Patek Philippe 5172G


When a model is ended and supplanted with another reference at Patek Philippe , two things occur: the old model will in general become much juicier trap for authorities and the newcomer is exposed to exceptional examination. In March 2019, Patek Philippe acquainted the ref.5172G chronograph with supplant the longstanding and much-adored ref. 5170. Fitted with the equivalent in-house manual-winding type CH 29-535 PS as its archetype, the most recent individual from Patek’s chronograph tradition comes in a white gold case with a de rigueur blue dial and an articulated vintage personality. Bigger, bolder, not so much work of art but rather more easygoing than the 5170, the 5172G is one of the competitors in our next clash of chronographs.

Editor’s note: this audit of the Patek Philippe Chronograph 5172G is important for a progression of three articles where we will compare two of the best top of the line, hand-wound chronographs at present available. Two watches with a similar idea, yet two distinct flavors. The third article, which will be distributed after our two separate reviews, will pit them side-by-side.

Move more than 5170, here comes the 5172

Most of you know about the new story of Patek’s hand-twisted chronographs (without extra complications), however a snappy recap may be useful to comprehend the unique situation and meaning of the 5172. Dispatched in 2010 and for a range of right around nine years, the 5170 was the chronograph reference at Patek.

Fitted with Patek’s own personal in-house manual-winding chronograph type CH 29-535 PS – intended to supplant the 5070 and its Nouvelle Lemania-based development –   ref. 5170 showed up in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and in March 2017, an extravagant platinum form with precious stone hour markers. The platinum form was, as many had anticipated, the swansong of the 5170, and adequately sure, during Baselworld 2019, Patek divulged its replacement, ref. 5172G .

Who are you, ref. 5172?

Back in its day, we portrayed the 5170 as a ‘straightforward dressy chronograph, with a work of art, exquisite 39mm Calatrava case, a limited bit of vintage and the joining of Patek’s fresh out of the plastic new in-house manual-winding chronograph development; an extremely serious deal for sure. This most recent individual from the chronograph line flaunts a similar hand-wound chronograph type however is an alternate animal inclining intensely on the vintage card and appropriating configuration highlights from other models in Patek’s broad repertoire.

As you can see, the 5172 has acquired plan highlights from both the authentic ref. 1463 chronograph and the later 2017 ceaseless schedule ref. 5320 . Since its dispatch in 1940, ref. 1463 isn’t just a hot commodity among authorities, yet it was likewise the lone chronograph model by Patek Philippe with a water-safe case and round chronograph pushers. The noticeable highlights that have been appropriated from ref. 1463 are the mushroom chronograph pushers with their guilloché design on the tips.

The other clear wellspring of motivation comes from the 2017 ref. 5320, a ceaseless schedule that made no misgivings about accepting vintage configuration codes. The instance of the 5172G has embraced the rich ventured drags (thusly acquired from ref. 2405 of the 1940s) while the dial includes similar glowing Arabic numerals and the needle hands of the interminable calendar.

A steel illustration of a Patek Philippe Hand-wound chronograph 1463 – credits: Phillips Watches

Eclectic Case

The 41mm white gold instance of Ref. 5172G is bigger than its archetype, which combined with the noticeable cylinder pushers present it a sportier, more easygoing look. In spite of the fact that they are more modest than the rectangular pushers on the 5170 and jab out past the level of the crown, the pushers coast in and out like silk. The case is perfectly executed with astonishing twists that may appear to be at chances with a chronograph. The smooth ventured surface of the bezel is met by four lovely three-layered carries, subtleties that reproduce the smooth, smoothed out ethos of Art Deco styling. Taking care of the watch is an uncommon treat. The weight of the white gold and the sleek activity of the pushers give it the gravitas of a Patek.

Sharp dresser

With the immersion of blue dials right now flooded available, I need to concede that this specific tone of naval force blue, with its marginally grained surface, is very rich. The combination of cleaned white gold, naval force blue and white markings is foolproof and works consummately, much the same as a sharp, all around cut naval force blue suit with an immaculate fresh white shirt.

The white gold applied Arabic numerals and the needle style hands are treated with a lot of lume (indistinguishable from those on ref. 5230G). The two sub-dials for the little seconds and the momentary 30-minute counter are outlined by a white rail route track scale and are situated somewhat beneath the equator of the dial. As Brice calls attention to in his inside and out inclusion of the 5172G , this situating is purposeful to forestall fakes. All the markings, from the fringe tachymetre scale to the engravings on the dial are white, a reasonable decision chasing after neatness. As a last vintage contact, a case molded sapphire gem crowns the dial offering fascinating bends when seen from the side.

Milestone development CH 29-535 PS

Five years really taking shape and covered by six licenses, manual-winding type CH 29-535 PS was a glad achievement for the brand supplanting the Nouvelle Lemania-based type CH 27-70 that PP had been utilizing for its chronographs since the 1980s. Totally imagined and delivered in-house, type CH 29-535 PS  made its introduction in 2009 inside a ladies’ watch (Ladies’ First Chronograph. ref. 7071) and after a year in 2010, on board the men’s ref. 5170J.

The plan of the development depends on customary chronograph engineering with a section wheel, level grasp and manual-winding. Notwithstanding the super exemplary design, type CH 29-535 PS is a cutting edge, actually progressed development with six protected advancements including enhanced tooth profiles, improved change of stuff infiltration and self-changing reset hammers. Pulsating at an advanced 4Hz recurrence, the watch has a generous force hold of 65 hours when the chronograph is separated. Gotten done with extraordinary consideration, with regards to the orders of the Patek Philippe seal, you can see the hand-chamfered and cleaned edges of the extension with Côtes de Genève ornamentation, the round graining, the gold chatons, the totally completed switches and the unmistakable cap covering the segment wheel.

The 5172G in white gold comes on a naval force blue calfskin tie with white sewing and a white gold foldover catch. Not at all like the fancier gator lashes fitted on the 5170, the calfskin tie reasserts the more easygoing, laid-back soul of the 5172 perfectly.

Retail cost is EUR 66,870. More subtleties at