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The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph in Pink Gold

The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph in Pink Gold

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The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph is far from being another watch. Without a doubt, regardless of whether it was updated in 2015  with another dial that actually goes back to (almost) the original plan of this watch, it is a notable and grounded individual from the assortment. New animations were presented at the SIHH 2018 and the 1815 Chronograph is currently available in pink gold . A sufficient reason to take a glance back at this heavenly chronograph – and its staggering movement.

What exactly is the 1815 Chronograph? To place it in practical terms, it is the “entry-level” chronograph in A. Lange & Söhne’s assortment and an almost “accessible” watch thinking about what you get for your cash. I realize I will sound provocative by talking this way about a €50k watch – and I’m doing this deliberately – yet the reality is that this watch has a mind blowing quality/value ratio. Indeed, it is a gigantic amount of cash for a watch, however what a watch it is. Be that as it may, let’s return to more rational subjects: the new A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph in pink gold.

As part of A. Lange & Sôhne’s SIHH 2018 assortment there were several authentic curiosities, including the mightier than mighty Triple Split or the reasonable Saxonia Outsize Date . More cautious, as it can’t be viewed as a genuinely new model however an animation of a current piece, was the 1815 Chronograph, which adds rose gold alternatives to the current white gold models (with a  black dial or with a white/blue dial, as a store version ). The 1815 Chronograph has been gradually updated to become a complete and homogeneous sub-collection.

As an update, the 1815 Chronograph existed in various styles. Launched in 2004 a with small sub-counters and an internal flange printed with a pulsometer scale ( with this plan ), it was updated in the early 2010s with a cleaner dial (not any more inward flange), larger sub-counters and an improved development (longer force hold) – with this plan . However, in 2015 the brand from Saxony started to update the watch and launched a Boutique-just release, with a white gold case, and a white and blue dial and, all the more importantly, the arrival of the inward flange with a pulsometer scale. This watch was the teaser for the advancement of the whole assortment, which got a black dial/white gold adaptation in 2017 (standard assortment) and is currently enlarged with pink gold options.

The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph has made a full re-visitation of basics. Two new models have been presented at the SIHH 2018, one with a black dial, one with a “argenté” (gleaming white) dial – as introduced here . Both feature a 18k pink gold case to complete the assortment along with the white gold forms. No other modifications appear on these 2018 releases. What is there to cherish about the 1815 Chronograph? Isn’t it a poor man’s adaptation (relatively speaking, obviously) of the legendary Datograph ? I will in general disagree for various reasons.

Some will say that the 1815 Chronograph certainly is an easier variant of the chronograph by A. Lange & Söhne. I say it is a cleaner vision. The two watches share the same base development, with the distinction that the Datograph has an extra force hold indicator and a large date. In any case, that’s not where the two watches really vary. The 1815 Chrono is more inconspicuous and more “essential”, drained of any additional complication, as well as being smaller – 39.5mm diameter versus 41mm for the Datograph – and slimmer – 1.5mm less. It is a chronograph most importantly, without anything upsetting the basic concept.

Because of that, the 1815 Chronograph is quite possibly the most recommendable alternatives in Lange’s assortment. It is amazingly balanced, very much situated and offers inconceivable pleasure for the cash (beneath €50k when the Datograph will slow down you over €70k in pink gold). In addition to that, compare this cost to various competitors, including the Patek 5170, another chronograph-just watch, with a cost above €70k. In this particular market section, the 1815 Chronograph is almost unbeatable.

The new pink gold adaptations of the 1815 Chronograph offered at the SIHH 2018 bring a warmer and more sumptuous appeal. We have decided to show you the black dial form, which is admittedly the most striking of the two. The strong silver dial, whose black tone is obtained by a galvanisation cycle, is rich, profound and furnishes instant intelligibility with white numerals and tracks. The case is still truly reasonable in size and weight, making it an ideal daily companion that will look great with a suit or with casual attire.

The back reveals an unfathomable development – Calibre L951.5 – which has almost no competition regarding visual complexity. Not many straightforward chronograph (I mean chronograph-just) developments have a particularly level of detail, such profundity, such lavishness. Because of its rather conservative technical approach, with its segment haggle grasp, the development of the 1815 Chronograph has various levels and a satisfying tangle of switches, gears, springs and wheels to activate the chronograph function.

In terms of decoration, Caliber L951.5 is an artistic feat, with all 306 parts wrapped up by hand: cleaned angles on the extensions, dainty Glashütte stripes, blued screws, straight grained and slanted chronograph switches, several screwed gold chatons, sharp angles and a hand-engraved balanced cockerel. Regardless of where you look, each part is a genuine satisfaction. Again, competition can just come close, however can’t surpass it.

This new A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph in pink gold will frame part of the assortment as of April 2018 and will be valued at EUR 49,000. More details on .