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The 2018 Cartier Santos Large Size, with New Design and Cool Strap/Bracelet Features

The 2018 Cartier Santos Large Size, with New Design and Cool Strap/Bracelet Features

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The Cartier Santos is back! In light of the principal wristwatch made via Cartier in 1904 for pilot Santos Dumont , this amazing model had been in the collection since its presentation in 1978 – in any event, the advanced form of the Santos, with a steel case and screwed bezel. Be that as it may, the Santos was ended two years prior – and for a decent motivation. Another model is going to hit the stores and Cartier introduced its upgraded form at the SIHH. Meet the new Cartier Santos 2018, tried here in steel, large size and with very some cool highlights for the lash/bracelet.

The Cartier Santos needs no presentation. It is quite possibly the most notable watches of the Parisian Maison, and positively the most desired men’s offer of the brand. Made in 1904 to accompany pilot Santos Dumont on his fearless flights, it has stood out forever as one of the primary wristwatches to hit the market. The Santos acquired ubiquity toward the finish of the 1970s when the model was resuscitated in a lively, arm band mounted piece, unmistakable by countless screws utilized on both the bezel and the wristband. Accessible in steel or steel and gold (very chic during the 1980s), the Santos model was a staple in the collection going through updates and facelifts (counting the large and present day Santos 100 ) until 2016, when it was discontinued.

The 2018 Cartier Santos

Cartier typically discloses whole collections at the SIHH: Clé de Cartier in 2015, Drive de Cartier in 2016, the comeback of the Panthère and the 100th commemoration of the Tank in 2017. For the SIHH 2018, the feature was the restoration of the notable Santos and a fresh out of the plastic new collection was presented, comprising steel, steel and gold and gold variants, two sizes (medium and large) and even a skeleton form. Today, we investigate the foundation of this new line-up, the 2018 Cartier Santos Large Size in steel – which will unquestionably be the best choice for most men.

First, the plan. The new Cartier Santos combines trademark qualities with new highlights. The general shape and style of the first are regarded with a squared case with round edges, a cleaned bezel with eight screws, a steel arm band with two screws on each connection, a white dial with Roman numerals and exemplary Cartier blued hands. From the outset, the advancement appears to be negligible. However, when you take a gander at this 2018 Cartier Santos in detail, you will detect the changes.

First, the case (measuring 39.8mm x 47.5mm on this large form) has been reshaped, with more bends. For example, on each side of the bezel, it seems like the Santos currently has two brancards. This is because of the new bezel, which isn’t completely squared any longer however molded to “touch” the wristband. This bezel currently follows the lines of the case, yet it adheres to the cleaned finish to appear differently in relation to the remainder of the watch and still highlights eight screws. The actual case is additionally less forceful than previously, with more bended lines and the presence of a large, cleaned chamfer as an afterthought. This gives the watch a more present day and sumptuous feel.

Overall, the new Santos is very charming on the wrist and is 9.08mm thick – not by and large a super flimsy watch, yet adequate to fit under a sleeve. The case is moderately large however the case back is marginally bended and the hauls are short, giving acceptable comfort. Additionally remember that a medium size exists, with a 35.1mm x 41.9mm case.

Other trademark highlights of the Santos are additionally present. The crown with a sapphire cabochon (Cartier obliges), is as yet secured by a sharp assurance piece. The arm band is additionally in the vein of past adaptations, with its brushed completion and the presence of screws on each connection. A few curiosities – excellent ones – have been added, however we’ll return to this point in a couple lines.

As for the dial, we find a serious exemplary offer on this 2018 Cartier Santos. Much the same as old forms, no guilloché design here, however a more contemporary, somewhat more energetic level dial with a shimmering white completion and printed dark Roman numerals. The printings seem more slender than they used to be before, carrying more style and innovation to the Cartier Santos. The showcase is likewise exemplary: hours, minutes, seconds appeared by blue hands and a date window at 6 o’clock (the past models had a date window at 3 or at 4:30 o’clock).

Inside the case and covered up underneath the steel case back is the calibre 1847 MC,  first presented on the 2015 Clé de Cartier . This passage level, in-house created development is programmed, ticks at a cutting edge 4Hz recurrence and flaunts 42h of force hold. Not all that much, however a development that will do the work perfectly.

Some cunning ties/bracelets

As you’ve saw on the photographs, the 2018 Cartier Santos is presently accessible on a leather tie AND a steel arm band. Indeed, the two choices are conveyed with the watch. To change the lash in the most limited measure of time conceivable (and in the comfort of your own home), Cartier has fitted a fast delivery button on both the ties and wristband, implying that no device is needed to switch. The drawback of this framework: on the grounds that the component is coordinated into the tie, you can disregard reseller’s exchange options.

The arm band – which is truly very acceptable and is completely coordinated into the general plan   likewise comes with a smart framework. To change the length of the arm band, Cartier has built up the SmartLinks. By discouraging a little oval push-piece on the underside of the connections, the bar is delivered without the need of a screwdriver. Push, discharge, eliminate the additional connection, embed it again and voilà. We tried it for a couple of moments and the capacity is straightforward, brilliant and well executed.

The principle explanation behind this improvement is, obviously, determined by functional reasons yet additionally by the increment of online deals. Envision you request this 2018 Cartier Santos on Cartier’s site, you get it a couple of days after the fact, open the container and then… No compelling reason to go to the closest Cartier shop or a watchmaker any longer to have the wristband fitted to your wrist. Cartier just tackled this issue with the SmartLinks.


Overall, whether as far as style, quality, and highlights, this new 2018 Cartier Santos is a serious achievement. It looks great, feels better and comes with present day thoughts, like the exchangeable lash/arm band and the speedy change framework for the steel wristband. The Santos was a significant assertion on the wrist and the 2018 collection feels like an exceptionally adult offer. The cost is similarly intriguing, at EUR 6,600 for this large form in steel (costs start at EUR 6,000 for the medium size in steel). Accessible in stores in April 2018.