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Talking Future of Singer Reimagined with Rob Dickinson & Marco Borraccino (and a look at the new Track 1 Geneva Edition)

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Back in June 2017, we were one of the first media to acquaint with you another brand named Singer Reimagined . The brainchild of Rob Dickinson, author of Singer Vehicle Design , and Marco Borraccino, watch fashioner, the primary watch they introduced, the Track 1 , was a super-cool, 1970s-enlivened chronograph, which reconsidered the manner in which a stopwatch could be shown – on account of an insane development by Agenhor. After we set aside the effort to talk vehicles and watches with Rob , it was the correct second for us to return to Geneva and to plunk down again with these folks, to talk fate of Singer Reimagined with Rob & Marco (video above).

A part happened to the brand in the previous months. Dispatched just 8 months prior, Marco, Rob and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht (the specialized accomplice who made the development) accomplished to give the Singer Reimagined Track 1 an incredible openness. For sure, the brand was officially acquainted with the general population during the Monterrey Car Week. Afterward, they’ve been chosen for the GPHG 2017 in the chronograph class (the Track 1 finished in the 6 finalists), they won the “watch of the year” prize and the “innovation in watchmaking prize” at the occasion in Poland and they’ve been displaying at the Dubai Watch Week.

Back in January 2018 in Geneva, the brand presented its new form of the Track 1, the “Geneva Edition” in pale 18k yellow gold, with a marginally upgraded dark dial. The thought is that few restricted releases will be dispatched around the planet, all named after the city where the presentation will be finished. However, the best to see how the brand is creating and what this new Track 1 Geneva Edition looks like is to take a gander at the video above.

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