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Talking about the Oscars of Watchmaking and new Developments for the GPHG

Talking about the Oscars of Watchmaking and new Developments for the GPHG

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As of January 1st, 2018, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) has a new president: Mr Raymond Loretan. He assumed control over the rudder from his predecessor Carlo Lamprecht, who, together with Mrs Carine Maillard, overseer of the GPHG establishment, has constructed the GPHG to what it is today. What they accomplished in just 17 years is extremely amazing! Notwithstanding welcoming the new president, there are two more prize classifications that we needed to discover more about. MONOCHROME plunked down with Raymond Loretan and Carine Maillard to discuss the GPHG’s past and future. 

MONO: Raymond Loretan, what was your excursion like to get where you are?

Raymond Loretan (RL): An encounter of 30-years in tact, business, media and governmental issues. My way to deal with tolerating a new capacity has consistently been the equivalent: it should be the expansion of my past exercises combined with a new test. It is the situation with the GPHG and I am a lot of looking forward to this new adventure.

MONO: What have you realized, found or didn’t expect when taking over this new position?

RL: First and chief I am grateful to my archetype Carlo Lamprecht, and Carine Maillard, for the extraordinary occupation they accomplished as far as maintainability and internationalization of the GPHG. The establishments are strong. My first year – the learning time – will be a period of perception and trade with the various accomplices. Furthermore, I will push the reflection about changing the determination interaction from a customary jury to a sort of institute roused by the model of the “Oscars” and attempt to shape the present GPHG into an International Grand Prix. This cycle will require a great deal of concertation, incorporating with other associations of the watch business. An extremely persuading project!

MONO: Carine Maillard, after 17 versions, the GPHG is an unmissable occasion of the watch year. What are the following stages, and what is your ambition?

Carine Maillard (CM): To keep filling regarding both standing and representativeness. Considering this, we are working on setting up an Academy for the profession, on the lines of the Oscars and their Academy Awards, which would serve to join partners in different areas of the watch business. The individuals from this Academy will assign the selected watches, filling in as a sort of great jury assuming its part in the first round of voting.

MONO: Could you educate us regarding the advancement of the principles of the Grand Prix?

CM: Two new Prizes are being presented in 2018. To begin with, the Challenge Prize, held for watches retailing for under 4,000 CHF. This honor features the test of making reasonably valued, quality watches. The GPHG’s mission is to compensate greatness on the whole value sections and this new qualification is joining the ‘Unimposing Aiguille’ prize for models estimated somewhere in the range of 4,000 and 10,000 CHF. We trust that this new prize will urge other brands to participate in this competition by giving them a chance for recognition.

The other newcomer is the Audacity Prize, a discretionary honor that will empower the jury to respect an intense, against traditionalist and offbeat model. It means to cultivate innovative freedom. These two prizes are lined up with latest things and furnish us with considerably more broad methods of saluting the greatness of watchmaking manifestations on the whole their wonderful diversity. This year will likewise see the dispatch of our advanced stage that will empower media and brands to appreciate moment admittance to pictures and recordings to guarantee quick course via web-based media and through other channels.

MONO: Any progressions with respect to the organization?

CM: As you referenced, we have a new president. He took up his part in January of this current year, thereby succeeding Carlo Lamprecht who had been leading the Foundation since its creation in 2011. This difference in president can be viewed as marking the beginning of a new period. While holding quick to the course we have set, we are likewise considering new types of participation and new developments.

MONO: Any progressions concerning the jury?

CM: Like each year, a fourth of the jury has been renewed. Our 2018 jury, led by Aurel Bacs, unites the aptitude of 31 individuals from different ethnicities and from a wide scope of foundations. Close by these recognized specialists addressing various areas of the business – including acclaimed watchmakers, gatherers and retailers, recorded as from May first on our site – we yearly welcome somebody bringing an outside vision that one may depict as an esthete’s stance. After planner Philippe Starck, engineer Jean-Michel Wilmotte and style fashioner Chantal Thomass, the current year’s jury is charmed to welcome Swiss entertainer and movie chief Vincent Perez. Through two rounds of deciding on models competing for 17 prizes, the jury will be endowed with the fragile undertaking of recognizing the ability and greatness of overall watch creations.

MONO: Which markets do you intend to visit for the 2018 roadshow?

CM: The 72 pre-chosen watches will strikingly be displayed in Singapore, Hong Kong and Geneva. We will report the full itemized plan for June.