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TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer (Live Pics)

TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer (Live Pics)


The name Autavia previously showed up during the 1930s, on dashboard instruments made by Heuer. The name was conceived from the constriction of “Car” and “Aeronautics”. It would later be related with hustling chronographs and notorious watches made during the 1960s and 1970s. For Baselworld 2019, TAG Heuer is dispatching another Autavia. Leaving from custom, the new Autavia Isograph Chronometer isn’t a chronograph however flaunts some persuading contentions on the mechanical side.


Most watch lovers know about the TAG Heuer Carrera, one of the brand’s most significant verifiable models, in any case, it was the Autavia that was Jack Heuer’s meat and potatoes during the 1960s, 1970s and even in the mid 1980s. It was additionally the absolute first wristwatch that Jack Heuer, at 30 years old, made for the company.

The unique Autavia was a dashboard clock for assembly vehicles and planes, as the name comes from “Car AVIAtion”. In 1958, four years before the dispatch of the absolute first Autavia, Jack Heuer partook in two vehicle rallies, and his involvement with those meetings lead to ceasing the old Autavia dashboard clock, presenting another one – the Heuer Monte Carlo dashboard clock. In 1962 Heuer presented the all-new Heuer Autavia as a wristwatch, planned with a pivoting dark bezel with a selection of markings for various planning functions.

In 2017, the brand once again introduced the name Autavia , with a modernized yet at the same time unwavering watch, outfitted with the advanced in-house Caliber Heuer 02 and dependent on the plan of the ref. 2446 “Rindt”. This watch was a chronograph, with clear auto and aeronautics motivation and old style execution. In 2019, the name Autavia reemerges for certain significant advancements…

The 2019 TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer

The plan of the 2019 Autavia assortment depends on a portion of the components found on early Heuer Autavia wrist chronographs – in the current case, for the most part the early ref. 2446 “Major Eye” with full-lume dial – mixing it with a “advanced gutsy soul”. The model is introduced as a three-hand observe just (a significant takeoff from the first idea) and consolidates some forefront innovation inside: the brand’s Isograph Carbon Composite hairspring. 

The new TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer comes in a powerful 42mm round case reached out by slanted hauls – the state of the case, its turning bezel, and the curiously large crown are all essential for vintage Autavia watches. This new model will be accessible in either treated steel or bronze cases. The bidirectional turning bezel has an authored edge and is trimmed with clay (there is likewise one reference with a steel bezel). The extra-enormous, simple to-work crown is fluted for better grasp and decorated with the TAG Heuer shield.

The dial of this 2019 Autavia, exceptionally intelligible gratitude to enormous Arabic numerals, is introduced in various tones (dark, earthy colored green, blue), all with a “smoked” slope impact and a somewhat grained finish. The date is shown at 6 o’clock. The steel caseback is shut and includes a propeller and tire logo, a tribute to the auto and avionics inceptions of the model. The hands are huge and loaded up with glowing material. Altogether, the watch is lovely, yet the genealogy with more seasoned Autavia watches is less clear than with the 2017 re-release .

Modern mechanics inside

Inside the new TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer is the programmed type 5, a name that should ring a bell, as TAG has often utilized these mechanics. Type 5 typically alludes to a programmed development dependent on the Sellita SW 200. In any case, for this situation, the Autavia sports “another” Caliber 5.

Inside is a chronometer-confirmed adaptation of the SW 200, which includes the front line carbon composite hairspring fabricated inside by TAG Heuer. Among other advantages, it permits the oscillator to be basically unaffected by gravity, stuns and attractive fields. Its plan guarantees concentric motions for improved performance.

The 2019 Autavia Isograph Chronometer isn’t the principal watch to be furnished with this new age of hairsprings, as it’s now being used inside the Carrera Tourbillon Nanograph . In any case, it is intriguing to see that TAG Heuer presently utilizes this innovation into its in-house developments as well as applies it on out-sourced Sellita developments. This is a fascinating and huge move, showing that TAG Heuer is sloping up creation at a high speed, arranging huge amounts of this carbon hairspring (which is expected to deliver it at a competitive cost). More than that, it just brings incredible added an incentive for clients: improved execution and functionality.

Carbon Composite Hairspring

Developed and fabricated in-house by TAG Heuer, the new carbon composite hairsprings are the aftereffect of multi-disciplinary skill. The prominent group gathered by Guy Sémon in the edge of the LVMH Research Institute is however special as it seems to be impressive.

Based on a nanoscopic hexagonal design, the material created by TAG Heuer presents uncommon properties to make hairsprings. The brand states that:

  • The lightweight, low-thickness hairspring is essentially unaffected by gravity and stun. In TAG Heuer’s lab, watches were tried up to 5,000 g/1 m fall onto a hard surface – metal hairsprings twisted, silicon hairsprings broke, while the carbon-composite hairspring remained completely intact.
  • Perfect concentric motions are made conceivable gratitude to the carbon-composite hairspring’s calculation and improve the accuracy of the watch.
  • The carbon-composite hairspring is delivered with the collet previously connected; normally, this little part, which joins the metallic hairspring to the equilibrium wheel pivot, requires complicated get together and produces further inaccuracy.
  • The carbon-composite hairspring is completely against attractive, which wipes out the issue of incorrectness being brought after a watch comes into contact with an attractive source.
  • Optimal thermal conduct and air versatility have been accomplished by blending the carbon composite hairspring with an aluminum combination balance wheel.


The TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Chronometer comes either on a calfskin leather lash with off-white sewing and a pin clasp or on a treated steel wristband with a collapsing fasten. The assortment will be accessible at a sensible value, beginning at CHF 3,400 (steel bezel, leather lash) and going up to CHF 4,200 (bronze on a leather tie). More data can be found at .