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Swiss Watch Exports Up Again in October 2018

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While September 2018 showed a (slight and secluded) fall in fares of Swiss Watches, the FH – Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry – reports that “industry trades have returned to the supported pattern announced previously“. With an aggregate of simply under Swiss Francs 2 billion (1.987 billion correctly), fares of Swiss Watches were 7.2% higher this year than in October 2017. More than ten months, the outcome has stayed at +7.5%, in accordance with the yearly figures. While not gigantic outcomes, the circumstance is by all accounts rather hopeful for 2018.

Even however numbers show an ascent in worth, the circumstance is rather unique with regards to the volume of watches. On the off chance that the worth is up by more than 7%, the quantity of watches that Switzerland has sent out is somewhere near 9.8% in October 2018, with a sum of 2,117,000 units that have left the country. On the off chance that the worth is up however the volume is down, this implies that the normal cost per watch is a higher priority than in the previous years. The biggest development is enlisted in the > CHF 3,000 category.

“Bimetal” watches (steel-and-gold) are the lone classification with an ensuing change in volume and in worth; +24.5% of watches and an increment of 10.6% of the worth. This shows a developing interest for two-tone pieces (and likely a specific lack of engagement for full valuable metal timepieces).

As for the geographic breakdown of Swiss Watch trades in October 2018, we can see that Hong Kong stays the biggest market to date and that its development, drawn in until further notice longer than a year, is by all accounts maintainable – something significant when you realize how ward watch brands are on China and HK. The Chinese market is as yet on a huge rising pattern in October 2018 (+24%) and the American market is still strong.

Source:  Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry