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Stéphane Bianchi, TAG Heuer’s CEO, on the 50th Anniversary of the Monaco

Stéphane Bianchi, TAG Heuer’s CEO, on the 50th Anniversary of the Monaco


During the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, a weekend ago, we plunked down with TAG Heuer’s CEO, Stéphane Bianchi, to discuss the 50th anniversary of a symbol, the TAG Heuer Monaco. I think we’d all concur that the word ‘famous’ is often abused in the realm of horology, nonetheless, for this situation, I believe it’s suitable to assign the Monaco as ‘iconic’. Stéphane Bianchi discloses to us more about the Monaco and how TAG Heuer is commending the 50th anniversary of this unbelievable and profoundly unmistakable timepiece.

In 1969 the Heuer Monaco came around. Under its uncommon case was the main programmed chronograph development (despite the fact that Zenith and Seiko likewise have a case to delivering the principal programmed chronograph). The Heuer Monaco has scoured shoulders wrists with the absolute most incredible race drivers and famous actors and can be perceived structure miles away gratitude to its special square shape. The two components have added to its enduring prominence and particularly the way that the King of Cool wore a Monaco in the film Le Mans.

When I previously saw it in 1998 – at the time TAG Heuer had presented the reissue (CS2111) – it was all consuming, instant adoration. This was the time frame that I got inspired by watches and found out about the mechanics inside. The Monaco, similar to the Monza, was once again introduced to the market and the two watches were vigorously promoted taking all things together watch magazines. These advertisements are engraved in my psyche and incited me to purchase the Monaco and consequently the Monza Caliber 36. I just couldn’t resist…

Later today we’re distributing the meeting with Patrick Dempsey, who discusses his energy for TAG Heuer, about Jack Heuer, the man behind everything, and the famous Monaco.

More information on the Monaco 1969-1979 on the TAG Heuer site .