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Sitting at the Workbench with Karsten Frassdorf and an In-Depth Look at the Spirograph Tourbillon’s Calibre 360

Sitting at the Workbench with Karsten Frassdorf and an In-Depth Look at the Spirograph Tourbillon’s Calibre 360

Perfect Replica

If you are a standard peruser of Monochrome-watches you may be comfortable with Montres KF’s Spirograph , a wristwatch that can withstand stuns up to 5,000G and attractive fields up to 1,000 Gauss. Inside the 45mm Spirograph is the type 360, a hand-wound development controlled by an eye-getting and novel curiously large tourbillon. We sat at the workbench with the German expert watchmaker to dismantle the type 360 and go top to bottom with this unique movement.

The development architecture

The type 360 is a huge development with a column engineering. All parts are fitted in the middle of two plates protected together with columns, rather than having a plate and scaffolds screwed firmly together. This customary engineering is enlivened by that of marine chronometers. Past the gesture to horological custom and exemplary exactness watchmaking, this arrangement additionally offers upgraded stun obstruction, among other reasons since it takes into account a decrease in the heaviness of the development. Nonetheless, this is a requesting arrangement requiring extraordinary assembling precision.

To make the development against attractive, basic parts that ought to steer clear of attraction have been designed out of non-attractive materials.

Karsten Frassdorf additionally utilizes pins to get all parts together, guaranteeing that these are idealized situated. It likewise offers ideal stun opposition as all parts are firmly held together. The development’s effectiveness is likewise upgraded on account of the ideal situating of all parts. Be that as it may, once more, this arrangement requires overly exact assembling. In a comparable fashion,  rather than feet, the dial is held set up by 3 pins and screws.

Chronometry and development effectiveness are major concentrations for Karsten Frassdorf. For example, he has selected CuBe wheels for ideal tribological proficiency (the hardness of CuBe is ~380 Vickers versus ~200 for metal). In general, the movement’s productivity is of 75% as per the German Master watchmaker (Editor’s note, mechanical efficiency measures the viability of a machine in changing the energy and force). This permits the type 360 to save to 70 hours of force hold on only one barrel and to utilize an enormous offset with high latency, which is better regarding chronometry.

The Tourbillon

The first thing to grab the attention with the Spirograph is its enormous one-minute tourbillon ticking at a lethargic, hypnotizing 18,000 vibrations each hour. It is 16mm in measurement with a snapshot of latency of 60. Its unique plan includes no equilibrium edge except for two enormous, weighty loads. It is fitted with 4 controlling screws: the enormous screws are for grouping, the more modest ones are for fine-change (one turn rises to 6 seconds/day).

Fashioned out of Straumann compound, the hairspring has two terminal bends: the inward bend is a Grossman curve and the external a Phillips (or Breguet) curve. This improves the hairspring concentric turn of events. As it breathes ideally, the isochronism of the equilibrium (supervisor’s note: having a steady period paying little heed to the abundancy) is improved. This interesting combination is amazingly fragile to produce and must be made/formed by hand.

A smart development, the tourbillon is not difficult to set up gratitude to the fixed stuff around the tourbillon opening. This fixed toothing is held set up by 4 pins to guarantee ideal situating and effectiveness. The gem bearing for the tourbillon is set with a removable chaton to take into consideration straightforward aftersales administration operations.


Just like for the tourbillon gem bearing, the barrel includes a chaton to take into consideration simple tasks (handshake or gem oil). The fountainhead harness is a T type (or Wittnauer type). This takes into consideration the ideal concentric improvement of the spring inside the barrel’s drum,  upgrading its efficiency.

The keyless works

An unique arrangement, the keyless works are an implicit a module, guaranteeing simplicity of overhauling. The first stuff course of action targets guaranteeing a smooth winding and long haul reliability.

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