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SIHH 2018 – Christian Selmoni of Vacheron Constantin, On The New Collection

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Yesterday, we enlightened you concerning the spic and span FIFTYSIX assortment from Vacheron Constantin, which can be viewed as the brand’s initial significant raid into passage level pieces (generally speaking). In this video, live from SIHH 2018, Christian Selmoni, Artistic Director of Vacheron Constantin reveals to us somewhat more about what enlivened the FIFTYSIX assortment, just as a portion of the other models the Maison will present this year.

As Brice featured in the previous article, when you consider Vacheron Constantin you don’t commonly connect the name with passage level (otherwise known as reasonable) watches. Established during the eighteenth century, Vacheron Constantin is perhaps the most seasoned watchmaker on the planet and is notable for its profoundly commended, outstandingly complicated watches made in valuable metals utilizing customary strategies. Indeed, even grounded brands need to move with the occasions, be that as it may, and Vacheron Constantin is no exemption. The brand is quick to draw in new another age of watch fans, one whose pockets maybe aren’t however profound as their present customers yet who seem to be likewise enthusiastic and inquisitive about the brand.

To arrive at this new objective gathering of clients, Vacheron Constantin has built up a more contemporary plan for its FIFTYSIX assortment, yet taken motivation from a model the brand presented back in 1956 (thus the name). It is still very Vacheron in look and feel, yet a couple of vital choices, for example, utilizing developments that don’t bear the expensive Hallmark of Geneva and lodging them in beautifully downplayed steel cases, has prompted an all around situated offer value astute. Obviously, VC is likewise introducing something beyond the FIFTYSIX assortment at SIHH, as Mr. Selmoni clarifies in our video above, so there will be more to find from the brand on MONOCHROME in the coming weeks. As usual, stay tuned!

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