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SIHH 2018 – Chabi Nouri of Piaget, On The New Collection

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Records are made to be broken. However, the record, or really the two records, that Piaget just set will in all probability not be broken at any point in the near future. To begin with, there was the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P , which is currently the most slender programmed twisting watch on the planet, and afterward there’s the stunning 2mm thick Altiplano Ultimate Concept . Piaget’s enchanting CEO Chabi Nouri converses with us about these two stunners and the features of Piaget’s women collection.

I surmise I’m actually overwhelmed by Piaget’s technical achievement of what is currently the world’s most slender watch, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept. Being an idea watch, it won’t be available to be purchased, be that as it may, the brand made three of them and they are for the most part working consummately. Other than being an exhibit of the brand’s authentic accomplishments, super dainty watches is the thing that Piaget excels in, this additionally pushed them to grow new methods that can, and will, discover their way into the ordinary collection.

But there’s more, as Piaget likewise dominates in superbly made women watches. We’re not talking about watches from the men’s assortment that currently come with a jewel set bezel, yet genuine women watches that have been planned all things considered. Think tremendously created bracelets and genuine gems for the wrist that likewise tell the time.